Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 1 Episode 4

Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • We made it to the temple but I was running circles.

    Hooray for making it to the temple but what a sad ending! I didn't see the door open in the Throne Room and ended up going in circles. I was in the temple at midnight and I had been filming the episode since 6 in the morning. I should have demanded a redo! Originally, I was on the first episode as a red jaguar but my partner fell in the water and we were eliminated. They took the losers of the first few shows and put them on another show. My partner and I were reborn as a orange iguanas and took it all the way to the temple.
  • A hilarious episode!

    This is an episode that had me roll off the couch! During the Steps of Knowledge, Olmec asked "Which of these men was a friend of Wild Bill and later fought in the battle of Little Big Horn: General Grant, General Custer or Colenol Sanders?" A contestant answered, "Colenol Sanders"! Good thing I'm not him!
  • The Deadman's Hand

    The frontrunner didn\'t realize that the door to the left had opened when he sat on the Throne of the Pretender, and that cost the team dearly. Both players ran up and down between the Observatory and the Throne Room before realizing that there was a second exit. Even after correcting their flaw and progressing, they found that both doors to the Tomb of Ancient Kings failed to open. The production crew probably expected a bit too much out of the players in this run.

    Der Kommissar: This was the first episode of Legends ever recorded, and because of it, the producers expected WAY too much out of the players. The layout was simply brutal. Both players were forced to run up and down the center shaft of the temple, only to encounter dead end after dead end. Even once the players realized that the door into the Swamp from the Throne Room opened, neither one of the doors to the Tomb of Ancient Kings opened! Time expired shortly after. On a side note, some of the reasons I can tell that this was the first episode ever recorded include the fact that the players introduce themselves by first AND LAST names in the Temple Games, Kirk miscounting the first Temple Game, Dee Baker\'s voice being a little deeper and slower than normal (as HIMSELF, NOT as Olmec), and, of course, the wildly difficult Temple layout. Also, the Temple Run music ends in a slightly off key place - NOT where it normally ends. As a final note, the Swamp being a dead end probably meant that the doors leading upward WOULD have opened - and we NEVER see one of them open upward in the entire first season.