Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 1 Episode 4

Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Olmec: In the Old West, gunfighters used to say...
      Gunfighter: Speed is fine, but accuracy is final.
      Olmec: And nobody knew this better than the Prince of the Pistoleers, Wild Bill Hickok. He was tall and handsome with long hair and a moustache, and was quite a ladies' man. By the time he became Marshal of Abilene, Kansas, he was said to have killed more than 100 men. Wild Bill made everyone check their guns at the edge of town and asked lawbreakers to move along peaceably, but if they refused, he wasn't afraid of a shoot-out. After serving as Marshal of Abilene, he joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. One day, playing poker in Deadwood, South Dakota, he was shot from behind by an angry gambler. His Poker hand at the time was a Full House: Three Aces and two Eights. To this day, it's called "The Dead Man's Hand." Someone grabbed the cards off the table and they found their way to The Temple. Your quest is to grab The Dead Man's Hand and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. So where is The Dead Man's Hand?
      Olmec: The Dead Man's Hand can be found in The Mine Shaft.