Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 7

Brain Drain

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 03, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Brainiac 5 is forced to get ahead to lead two of his teammates to a planet where the only cure for his faltering IQ can be found.

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  • It was funny to see a blabbering Brainiac 5, but other than that, nothing much happened.

    So Brainiac became crazily retarded, Superman an ordinary guy and Timber Wolf miraculously turned out to be familiar with the icky terrain. I thought he was supposed to be a crazy scientist's son? This is all insane. Then again, I suppose that is what the episode is supposed to be all along. Brainiac 5 misses out on body parts and evil silly robots lurk everywhere. Or rather, robot insects. This may seem like I am mocking the episode, and truth be told, I am. I have never seen a more ridiculous episode than this one, and it goes way up in my Lunacy rating. Yuck!moreless
  • They did it... They touched on Brainiac fives "Random Insane Moments!"

    Well sooner or later they were bound to add more elements from the comics. Two intereasting tabs are Brainiac 5's father/mother Brainaic 4 and... those random insane moments he suffers that the other Legionaires have seen can led to problems. At the same time, Computo is informally introduced... Hmm... Could led to the classic "Evil Computer" moment from the comics at a later date.

    I like the explaination for Brainiac 5's insane moment. Its thought out and yet at the samne time, there is a hole that needs to be filled here (why DIDN'T B5 go back to normal?). We get more mysteries from B5 (yawn) about how much he knows about Superman but doesn't tell him. Its amazing that B5 gave away several things about Superman that because of his insane moment slipped by Superman. Surely by the end of the episode Supe's would have remember B5's "Superman shouldn't play with Red Ants" and "Too much red, Sun's need to be yellow, yellow, YELL-LOW!"... And possibly considered other random things he said might have been hints. But those are the highlights of the episode over and done with. Aside from this, this was just another episode that wouldn't have felt out of place in the Teen Titans (aside from the cast being different of course). Which considering this is a different show completely, isn't promising. The episode was fun, but it also wasn't great.moreless
  • Dissapointing.

    This episode was fine until braniac 5 started acting like someone on drugs(even though it was kinda funny in a pathetic way). I didn't like how slow the storyline of the episode moved like when braniac 5,superman,timber wolf and some others were near that portal. I also was dissapointed in the fight at the end with superman,timber wolf,and wierd braniac 5 battling some pathetic robot miners! One good thing to all this was when Timber Wolf was fighting those half people and half monster-things and running from them. Also very dissaponted on how braniac 5 never helps out superman by telling him of his past.moreless
  • A malfunction causes Brainiac 5's IQ to plummet. To save him, Superman and Timber Wolf head to Timber Wolf's home planet to find the element to save Brainiac 5. However, an accident causes Brainiac 5 to lose his body and for Superman to lose his powers.moreless

    This episode was very funny and made me laugh a lot. However, I felt that this episode went a little too fast and that we could have learned a little bit more about Timber Wolf's planet and about Brainiac 5's kind. What was also very interesting about this episode was that when Brainiac 5's IQ was falling, he kept on giving clues to Superman's powers and past. It was also cool to see Brainiac 5 still hiding Superman's past and how he said that he had to learn on his own.moreless

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