Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 11

Chain of Command

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 03, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Legion are en route to help a planet plagued by storms… Winath, home of Lightning Lad. The station that controls the weather is en danger of overloading from the storms and Lightning Lad is desperate to make sure his people are saved. The Legion Cruiser crashes on Winath and they take shelter, only to find their long-gone leader waiting for them: Cosmic Boy. Cosmic Boy has a new member with them: the masked Ferro Lad. Cosmic Boy quickly organizes the team and sends them on their separate assignments, although Lightning Lad isn't happy. Brainiac 5 tries to stabilize the system while Cosmic Boy uses his magnetism to stabilize the core. Meanwhile Colossal Boy and Ferro Lad try to get the generator working but it blows up. Cosmic Boy's team needs Superman to get the radioactive core away and Saturn Girl projects her mind to get him to arrive and toss it into orbit up through the storms. Saturn Girl loses contact with Superman and Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl fly up to recover the unconscious hero. They get hold of him and are forced to take evasive action through the storm, but make it. Without the core or the power station, there's no way to get the weather under control. Cosmic Boy wants to get the station under control while Lightning Lad disagrees and wants to deal with the disasters. The team splits up, with Saturn Girl siding with Cosmic Boy while Cosmic Boy's recruit Ferro Lad goes with Lightning Lad. Lightning Lad is skeptical of Ferro Lad, who conceals his face behind a mask. Bouncing Boy comes up with a way to predict the weather patterns but Lightning Lad overrides him. The still-weakened Superman leaves over Bouncing Boy's advice to help with the situation on Winath. While Brainiac 5 struggles to deal with the core, it becomes clear that Cosmic Boy has some feelings for Saturn Girl. Lightning Lad struggles to deal with all the damage but even with Superman's help his family farm is destroyed. Lightning Lad manages to get a picture of his family out just before the place collapses. Brainiac 5 repairs the power system so that the storm will reside. Saturn Girl goes to the shelter to assure the Winath people and bristles at Cosmic Boy trying to give her orders. Bouncing Boy detects another storm coming to hit at a hydroelectric dam before they get the core working, and the resulting damage will create a city-wide sinkhole on top of the shelter. Bouncing Boy tries to tell his teammates what's happening and with Triplicate Girl's prodding, comes up with a plan to stop the disaster if they do what he says. The other Legionnaires agree and work together to deal with the oncoming storm. Under Bouncing Boy's directions, they create a controlled flood and use the tornados to direct the flood waters. The power station comes on-line and the weather dies down. Lightning Lad meets with his parents and gives them the picture as Saturn Girl looks on. Later as the Legion Cruiser heads back to Earth, Lightning Lad confronts Cosmic Boy on his long absence, and they agree to an election for Legion Leader. When the votes are tallied, it turns out that Bouncing Boy is their new leader. Lightning Lad assures him that with their enemies all locked up, it should be an easy term. But as they depart, a massive ship arrives out of a space warp… ----- Cosmic Boy Cosmic Boy first appeared in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958) and is Rokk Krinn of the planet Braal. Like all of his people, he has the inherent ability to manipulate magnetic fields, but his abilities and control are more powerful than most. He helped to found the Legion of Super-Heroes and was one of the three members to recruit Superboy. Despite various retcons to Legion history, Cosmic Boy's origin remains basically unchanged. In the WB animated universe, Cosmic Boy first appeared in the Superman: The Animated Series episode "New Kids in Town". He later had a brief cameo in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Far From Home". Ferro Lad Ferro Lad was first introduced in Adventure Comics #346 (July 1966) and is Andrew Nolan of Earth. Andrew and his brother Douglas were born with hideous facial disfigurements that they wore masks to conceal. Each brother developed special powers, and in Andrew's case he gained the ability to turn his body into a mobile iron-like substance that gave him enhanced strength and rendered him highly invulnerable to harm. He served with the Legion for only short time before gaining the dubious distinction of being the first Legionnaire to die in action, delivering a bomb to the heart of a star-consuming creature. Post-Crisis, Ferro Lad was "rebooted" and became Ferro, with a similar origin but born in the 20th century. When the Legion time-traveled back to that era, Ferro Lad helped them and returned to the 30th century where he became a member in good standing.
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