Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 11

Chain of Command

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 03, 2007 on The CW

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  • Cosmic Boy returns...

    So, we finally get to met Cosmic Boy. Bit disappointment since he is a major Legionaire in the actual comics. Why he was put off until late in the season I don't know... But I was happy to finally see him and at the same time not. It felt like watching your father at work. He was mature in comparison to Lightning Lad, but too commanding. At times it felt like Cosmic Boy was just ignoring everything around him, he got the job done unlike LL. If fact Cosmic Boy's efforts this episode was summed up when LL hit it on the head at the end after he told Cosmic Boy what was on his mind. I felt it was like watching two Gorilla about to see just who is the alpha male right then... And couldn't stop laughing when Brainiac said "And our new leader is... Bouncing Boy?" as it wasn't expectant and generally funny that neither of the pair got the job. Guess the producers couldn't think of a future use of BB so decided to give a otherwise useless character a important role. And though he was just annoying in "Fear Factory", you actually feel you like BB this episode. I also add this is the first episode I've actually like LL in... On his own without Cosmic Boy, you are often left wondering what the hell he is doing in this show. Because you realise in comparison to Cosmic Boy, LL is more "human" so to speak. You can feel his desperation in trying to save what he can on his homeworld and protect everything. Saturn Girl also shines when she puts her foot down and just tells Cosmic Boy straight that she can handle herself just fine. Brainiac 5 was extremely distant in this episode from just about everyone... And the Trips just proved they are arm candy to BB. Man those girls really need some devleopment... I'm getting fed up with just seeing them there on set without actually doing anything, at least in the first episode they had a chance to do something... The new guy Ferro Lad seems pretty much average and as Colossal Boy, he was just a deer in the headlights all episode... Despite a lack of fight scenes, this is an important episode and if you like the series you have to watch this.