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Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 4

Chained Lightning

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 13, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Chained Lightning
The Legion faces off against Imperiex and his new ally Lightning Lord.

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  • This is one of my favorite episodes; tears and cheers!

    I have to say, this is my favorite Legion of Super Heroes episode. We finally find out Lightning Lad's past (and Mekt's). Both of the brothers are haunted by the lost of their sister, Ayla. When Lightning Lad and Mekt go at it again they each try to blame each other for their sister's demise. A momentary pause in their fight allows Imperiex to blow Lightning Lad's arm off ("Good news Mekt, you're about to become an only child!"). Ouch!

    When Mekt admitted to messing up and wanted to help Ayla any way possible, that made me smile. It was a great moment when the two brothers went back-to-back zapping the bad guys!

    When they rescued Ayla it was heartwarming to see the two's relief at having their sister back; their love for each other made me cry.

    This episode also had it's share of funny moments which mainly concerned Superman X ("I'm kinda parched") and Shrinking Violet and Brainiac 5.

    Overall it was well written and I will enjoy watching it over and over again!moreless
  • Wow, this show has never made me cry before!

    Well, I watch this show only because I'm a DC comics junkie, so I was pretty surprized when they actually added some emotion to the episode!

    It took off amazingly. Two boys and a girl on a deserted planet. Three giant alien monsters blast the children with lightning. The boys discover they have superpowers, but the girl didn't survive the impact.

    Flash forward ten years. The two boys are all grown up, as enemies. But it turns out the sister, Ayla, didn't die all those years ago, she was turned to and electrical energy cloud. I found it really amazing how, not only do the bring the long-lost sister back, but the older brother turns himself in!

    Well done episode!moreless
  • Best Lightning Lad episode ever... But...

    Okay, this was by far the best episode ever for Lightning lad but... 1)B5 + Shrinking Violet... What, your a lvl.12 intelligence Brainy and you don't check your team mates abilities? If I joined the a group the first thing I'd do is look up my team mates abilities to see what they do and know. Plus, you do a lot of plans in the team, you've clearly never thought much of her because of her ability. 2)Merkt, suddenly... Died... Personnelity wise. They should have kept the "twinless thing" but I guess it wouldn't be acceptable to a TV audience. 3) That arm of LL's... You lost an arm Lightning Lad. Come on. Give me at least "ITs not the same", the way you said that I was expecting you to offer up the other one. And they should have just made it act as a normal arm with the consideration that he can channel lightning through it. 4) No future prospects for Lightning Lass/ Light Lass. Ah... I know the 8 year old boys complained about too many females in season 1, but at least give us this. Come on, the Legion is the only mixed gender group in the DC universe that has always had its fair share of female membership.moreless
  • Lighting Lad and Lighting Lord's past revealed! Actions and emotion to boot.

    In this episode, the Legion is up to take down the Denominators giant lazer cannon, powered by an enegry field anomaly, which seems to remind Lighting Lad the day that he and his brother got their powers... and lost their sister.

    When Mekt takes his siblings, Garth and Ayla, on a joyride, they begin to loose power in the middle of the trip. Mekt comes up with the idea of the using a planet's Lighting Beasts. Long story short, Mekt and Garth get caught in the crossfire while Ayla disappears. Garth blames Mekt for Ayla's death, while Mekt accuses him of doing absoluately nothing, causing the tension we've seen before.

    That was the drama, now for the action. WHOA! Lighting Lad got his arm blasted off and it released a jumbo burst of energy and then gets a cyborg arm like in the comics.

    Overall, a great episode. It had comedy, action and tears. One of the best episodes of the series itself.moreless
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James Arnold Taylor

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Kari Wahlgren

Shrinking Violet/Ayla Ranzz

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