Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 4

Chained Lightning

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 13, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

On a distant planet, one boy holds off an alien monster while his twin brother and sister cower in hiding. The older boy, Mekt, tries to lure the electrical creature into powering up the ship. Garth tries to comfort his sister, Ayla. More of the creatures attack, electrifying all three of them. The creatures leave and the two brothers discover they're alive: Mekt's hair is white and Ayla has been badly injured.

As Lightning Lad in the present, Garth relives the whole thing in his dreams. Kell-El, who has overheard, wonders who Ayla is but Garth dismisses his interest. The team is on the mission with Shrinking Violet filling in for Superman. The group is investigating a space storm and believes the Dominators are tapping it to power a tachyon cannon. Lightning Lad thinks back to how Mekt landed them on the planet Korbal where the lightning beasts attacked them.

At the tachyon cannon, Mekt is there helping to recharge it… on behalf of Imperiex. Imperiex tells him to deal with the Legion when they arrive, and wonders if Lightning Lad's presence will be a problem. The conqueror warns he want a more final outcome to their battle.

The Legion arrives and tries to disperse the storm, when Garth seems to hear a message from his sister Ayla that no one else can see. Kell-El asks what Garth is worried about and Lightning Lad notes that they're near the planet where Ayla was killed. They're interrupted when the Dominions attack, along with Validus and Imperiex's destructo-bots. The Legion goes on the attack and Mekt confronts Garth. The two of them spar and the figure of Ayla appears in the lightning patterns between them. Imperiex arrives to dispose of Lightning Lad and fires an energy blast, badly damaging Garth's right arm. His electrical energy bleeds out and Imperiex orders a retreat.

The Legionnaires get Garth back to the cruiser and Brainiac 5 is forced to attach a cybernetic arm. Shrinking Violet enters the arm to attach the cybernetics to the nerve sheathes directly, completing the operation. Meanwhile, Mekt is furious that Imperiex intervened, but the conqueror tells him to complete refueling. They power up the tachyon cannon just as Lightning Lad revives and is impressed with his new arm. The storm itself reacts violently and the Legion concludes the storm cloud is sentient. They decipher the impulse and hear… Ayla's voice. Brainiac 5 concludes that the lightning beast attack transformed Ayla into energy and she's been growing more powerful over the years.

Garth contacts Mekt and explains the situation with Ayla, but Imperiex refuses to stop despite Mekt's wishes. Brainiac 5 concludes they can re-phase Ayla into reality by recreating the lightning beast attack but they'll need Mekt's help. The Legionnaires attack the tachyon cannon while Shrinking violet slips into the cannon. Garth confronts Mekt… who agrees to help on Ayla's behalf. He turns against Validus and the others and the Legionnaires retreat to the ship. Imperiex orders the cannon activated… and it blows up due to Shrinking Violet's sabotage. The energy storm is released and Mekt and Garth join forces to bring Ayla back. She appears… just as she was years ago as a child. Mekt agrees to make amends for his past.

Ayla and Garth return to their home planet, where they find a card for them from Mekt… where he is happily imprisoned in Takron-Galtos, making amends for his past.