Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 11, 2006 on The CW
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Lightning Lad enters the Intergalactic Games and must compete against his greatest rival.

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  • The episode “Champions” is another delightful, wonderful, and exciting episode. It is a must see for any and all Legion of Super Heroes fans!

    The episode “Champions” is another delightful, wonderful, and exciting episode. It is a must see for any and all Legion of Super Heroes fans!

    The writers have the Mother/Child relationship down so well I could just hear my Mother saying the same thing to me. Phantom Girl is an outstanding character and the Legion is lucky to have her. I do find it strange that she is the only super hero not get a metal. Yeah, I know what her Mother said but its also bad politics to forget the only woman hero there. Watching Phantom Girl drop out of sight as her Mother was talking was priceless!! How many times have you wanted to do the same?

    It was wonderful seeing Mekt Ranzz/Lightning Lord, Jo Nah/Ultra Boy, and Tenzil Kim/Matter-Eater Lad but very strange to see the difference. I fully expected the Legion to invite Ultra Boy to join. Hopefully, they'll do it in a future episode.moreless
  • This episode does not focus on Superman for once, but on the in-the-shadow guy, Lightning Lad.

    Not as much character development for Lightning Lad as I had hoped, unluckily, but this is still an awesome episode, if they would expand on it more. Brother rivalry is touched on here, with Lightning Lad against his brother, who does not seem to have very supreme powers, it would appear. We see many more Legionnaires who just would not take part in the story. This show really needs a drastic change of characters soon, it is starting to bore me with the same few everytime. We also meet Phantomgirl's mother, who is a president I believe, and this indirectly talks about a daughter trying to cope with a celebrity for a mother too. 1 word, neat.moreless
  • Lightning Lad! Lightning Lad!

    Seriously, two episodes of Lightning Lad would have ben enough. Oh well. Of the three Lightning Lad centred episodes, this was the most boring. Phantom Girl doesn't shine in this episode, she is better in "Child's Play". Her mother is more interesting then she is... Which is saying something really. Fatal Five's involvment is dull, aside from hiding the giant... Purple and white guy... (name spelling slipped my mind, gasp!), the disgusies were brilliant. Just another assasin attempt episode... But it left me asking; is this the BEST way the FF could have done this? Seriously, the writers could have written a more interesting plan, but they choose not too and the whole thing led to a stand still. The best moment was, however, P.Girl not recieving a medal from her mother and her mother's expla as to why.moreless
  • Not a bad episode of Legion for fans, but too many inside jokes.

    I am a longtime Legion fan, and I loved all the inside jokes in this episode. Seeing two of my favorite Legion members (Jo Nah, AKA Ultra Boy, and Tenzil Kem, AKA, Matter-Eater Lad), was a nice touch. And it was smart that Superman, Lightning Lad, and Phantom Girl could not beat the Fatal Five on their own. But for Legion newcomers, I can see this being a weaker episode. In order to show Ultra Boy\'s \"one-power-at-a-time\" ability, they had him yelling out what he was going to do next, like this was Dragon Ball Z. And watching Tenzil biting through everything in sight would seem extremely odd for anyone who doesn\'t know the character. If they took a few more seconds to develop these characters, I think the episode would have been much better. They should make them Legion members!!!

    That said, Champions was a fun episode of Legion, and I have really enjoyed this series so far.moreless
  • Pretty good

    not the best episode that i have seen from this show, but it wasnt that bad. Ok so the episode was about the intergalactic games. So Lightning Lad was entered in thw competition. However, his brother, who he always fiercely competes against was entered too. So the whole compition his brother was sabotaging the events. This was the theme of the show until the end. here Lightning Lads brother cheated to win and released the fatal five. In the end Superman, Phantom girl, Lightning Lad, and even some of the contestants beat. And they got medals for their great heroism.moreless
James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Mekt Ranzz/Jo Nah

Guest Star

David Lodge

David Lodge

Announcer #2/Tharok

Guest Star

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Announcer #1

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