Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 3

Cry Wolf

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 06, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Scientists gather for the Interplanetary Convention at Heisenberg-7 to hear Dr. Londo present his work on genetic mutation. He demonstrates his bio-golems that are keyed to his thoughts. A hooded figure addresses him from crowds, asking him abouit his human research. The hooded figure reveals he is… Brin Londo, Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf jumps on state then convulse in agony as he transforms into his bestial form. Dr. Londo sends the bio-golems after him but timber Wolf throws them aside then goes after his father.

The Legion has brought Timber Wolf to trial and confront him with the recording of the attack. Timber Wolf refuses to defend himself and the Legion find him guilty of taking a life and sentence him to life imprisonment on Takron-Galtos.

Chameleon Boy comes before the court to plead on Timber Wolf's behalf. Timber Wolf's regular teammates are across the galaxy fighting the Dominators and Cosmic Boy closes the case. Timber Wolf goes berserk, rips apart his bonds, and charges out the door as Phantom Girl looks on admiringly from the courtroom. The Legionnaires pursue but Timber Wolf ambushes them and manages to defeat several of them, but Cosmic Boy takes him down. However, Timber Wolf seemingly teleports a few feet distant then reemerges and runs away. The Legion bring him down but it's actually… Chameleon Boy, who switched places to give him a chance to prove his innocence.

Timber Wolf prowls through the streets and is hit with another headache, the latest of several he's had to the point he's had blackouts. Timber Wolf briefly considers whether he actually killed his father, but wonders if something might have happened.

The ret of the Legion hunt down Timber Wolf and Phantom Girl challenges them on it, but they refuse to concede the matter. Kell-El begins to wonder about Timber Wolf's innocence, but goes along with the others.

Timber Wolf goes to the apartment of a man who procured human subjects for Dr. Londo's experimentation. Brin finds his father's personal files, which say that his father intended to try and balance Timber Wolf's human and animal sides, but warns that the beast will take control. Timber Wolf finds the procurer, Professor Neerg, as he comes in and demands answers. Brin figures Neerg isn't smart enough to betray him but wants him to find a ship so he can get to the convention and check the evidence. Timber Wolf then senses the Legion as they come in. He attacks them and they knock him through the floor, where he appeals to the thugs in the bar. The Legion readily dispose of them but Timber Wolf makes a break for it. Cosmic Boy hits him with magnetized objects and Brin goes berserk, mutating into his animal form and taking out Cosmic Boy before escaping out the window. Neerg arrives with the spaceship and they leave.

Timber Wolf quickly realizes that "Neerg" is actually Chameleon Boy in disguise, and Phantom Girl is along as well. Timer Wolf grudgingly lets them tag along to Heisenberg-7. In his quarters, Timber Wolf wonders if he's starting to like the beast he's turning into.

At the convention center, the three Legionnaires slip into the building and Timber Wolf sorts through all the scents. He recognizes the attacker's scent as his own and remembers what happened. As he does, he reverts to his beast form and comes after his comrades. They try to calm him down and Phantom Girl manages to get through to him. The police arrive and Timber Wolf pushes through them. They try to arrest Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl phases them out to the spaceship… as it takes off without them. The Legionnaires are right behind them and warn that the Science Police will intercept Timber Wolf. Kell-El overrides Cosmic Boy and insists they follow Timber Wolf on their own.

Timber Wolf decides to head home to Rawl and his father's laboratory, and detects a familiar scent: his father, alive and well. However, he melts into a puddle of goo and his father speaks over the intercom, saying he used another clone to fake his death. Dr. Londo teleports in and shows how he used advanced nanites capable of moving through space and infecting Timber Wolf on Earth and activating his limbic system. He then summoned Timber Wolf to Heisenberg-7 to set up his faked death. Dr. Londo admits he wanted Timber Wolf back so he could help master his powers and become even more powerful. Brin's father talks of speaking with a powerful group of men and plans to use his bio-golems as shock troops and Brin as his general. He then uses a control band to drive Timber Wolf berserk, but the Legionnaires arrive and immobilize the first wave of bio-golems. Dr. Londo sends the berserk Timber Wolf and the other bio-golems after the Legion.

Kell-El battles Timber Wolf, trying to get through to him. When Timber Wolf knocks him out, Phantom Girl intervenes and manages to calm him down. Timber Wolf chooses to help his friends, defeating the remaining bio-golems and taking his father prisoner. However, "Dr. Londo" is another clone, and Dr. Londo projects an image saying he now has new sons and new plans, and teleports the bio-golems away.

Heading back to Earth, Timber Wolf starts to control his transformations but worries about what happens if he loses control. Phantom Girl assures him that he won't have to.
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