Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 12

Dark Victory (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 29, 2008 on The CW

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  • Well... That was different!

    Okay, hearing about the episode, seeing the preview pics and preview clips... Nothing could prepare me for this episode. I haven't been THIS excited in a LONG while. Last time I got this excited in fact, was seeing the Transformers animated movie for the very first time. And you know what... I felt the impact of this episode in my brain for two days afterwards. I am so overthrilled by this episode, that I clean forgot what I was going to write here, because I've got waiting part 2 stuck on the brain. Lets hope the second part doesn't let down the first.
  • Brainiac's ancient programming comes online and takes over the Universe!

    Imperiex has the ultimate plan; Awaken the dormant programming within Brainiac and with his assistance, take control of the Universe.

    The episode starts out with Brainiac struggling within himself to find out why his programming is malfunctioning. It turns out that Imperiex did something to awaken the dormant programming which he hopes will become dominant. Imperiex conjures a pre-emptive strike to complete his mission, awaken the REAL Brainiac. Superman, cognisant of Brainiac's inner turmoil, locks him in his quarters. During the battle, Imperiex's forces prove to be too much for the Legion until Brainiac shows up and destroys most of the attackers, forcing Imperiex to retreat. The Legion, puzzled by Brainiac's newfound power, asks what the deal is and Brainiac just insinuated that it was something he always had but never used. Soon after, the chaos within Brainiac is too much to handle and consumes him with him becoming the old Brainiac destines to fulfill his destiny in joining Imperiex. Brainy ends up taking out most of the Legion with his new agressive streak. Superman tried to disable him and did, but Brainiac tricked Supes, got the upper-hand and placed a kryptonite crown on him, forcing him to feel the coldness of space. Brainiac travelled to meet Imperiex, crossed him and took over his ship to do not Imperiex's bidding, but his own; to take over the Universe and end the chaos. Meanwhile, the Legion rescued Superman and placed him in intensive care, but it was too late. Superman was too far gone from the poisoning and apparently died. The Legion held a funeral for Superman and launched him into the sun. With Imperiex defeated, Brainiac in control and ready to fulfill his destiny and Superman dead, it looks bleak for the Legion of Superheroes.

    Overall, this was a fantastic episode that nearly promises to provide a fantastic series finale. Too bad this show won't be picked up by another network.
  • What a freaky episode. What happened in this episode was completely unpredictable.

    I knew since the beginning of the season that Brainy was going to turn evil, but this is awful. Infecting Superman with Kryptonite, killing him. I hope Superman comes back to life in the next episode. I was taken off guard when I saw Brainy kill Imperiex the way he did. I wanted Imperiex to be destroyed, but not in cold blood by a hero. Now it seems that Brainiac is now the main villain. That was unexpected, sudden, and horrifying. I am unsure if Brainy will ever turn back to normal. This though was a great episode, even though scary.
  • Brainiac 1.0 finally comes to surface....and it aint pretty.

    What a shocker! The original Brainiac is back! I cant believe what happens in the end! I dont know where to begin. (SPOILER ALERT) Imperiex unleashes an attack on the Legion and the Legion's powers were useless against the evil army. Brainiac unleashes a new power and destroys all of Imperiex' army. Once Brainiac realizes that hes pretty much unstoppable, he takes out poor Ultra-Violet, he knocks her out pretty bad, and a few others. That is until he faces Superman and takes him out too. with a Kryptonite-crown. Once Brainiac reaches Imperiex' lair, Brainiac kills Imperiex, and The Legion were unable to save Superman, yes...you heard right. Superman's dead...and he is because, in next weeks preview for the finale, they show the Legion sending off Superman in a coffin floating towards the sun! can't wait for the finale next week!
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