Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 13

Dark Victory (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 05, 2008 on The CW

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  • Brainiac 5 continues his takeover of the universe.

    What a way to end this too-brief series. Action and adventure wrapped up in an allegory of religious fanaticism. The robotic Brainiac 5 is perhaps my favorite Legion character, with his yearning to fit in. For some time, the series has been hinting at his darker side. That story arc concludes in thrilling fashion in this two-part episode. Brainiac 5's rogue programming takes over, leading him, like the Borg collective from "Star Trek," on a mission to perfect the universe. He intends to achieve his goal by digitizing entire planets and their populations. This, of course, sets up an epic battle with his former team mates. As he consumes more lifeforms, adding them to himself, Brainiac 5 becomes a massive, godlike being. Yet, what is most chilling about him here is his unyielding, methodical, "I-know-I'm-right-about-this" manner. The triumph in this episode is not so much the Legion's as it is Brainiac 5's. It's nice to see him get what he really wants at the end.
  • Adequate, nothing that special.

    Wrapping up the series...

    I liked the Pinochio theme for Brainiac, disliked bringing Triplicate Girl White back and wonder exactly where Kell-El is supposed to go. In many ways, a lot of characters never got really developed, I always liked Ultra Boy's past and his powers, but he never rated as much as a mention.

    As I dislike shipping, I see no connection between Shrinking Violet and Brainiac, its amazing how her funny voice turned into legions of worshippers. I am somewhat mystified how this rates as an amazing episode, its mostly explosions and poorly explained action, there were many episodes that had far more plot and meaning to me.
  • When I saw this episode and thought Superman dead, I actually cried, sadly. I had not seen the episode before cause I accidentally slept through it, but this was a very touching episode for me.

    When I saw this, I was moved to tears at the very beginning, where they have their last respects for Superman. It was also a touching thing to see that they were right by Earth and let his coffin out by the Sun.
    When I saw Kell-El saying, "I can't believe he's gone. I just can't believe he's actually gone." I was touched, until he revealed he was talking about Empirex. The next dialouge made me both shocked and confused and somewhat happy..

    Kell=El: "I don't expect you to understand, but my life's only purpose was to destroy him. And now that that has been taken from me by someone else...I just feel so useless." Timber Wolf: "Well I guess that's it then? You might as well just pack it in now, nevermind that Brainiac 5 is out there and we've got to--"

    Kell-El: "I've seen the future. Brainy wins. There's nothing we can do to stop him!"

    Timber Wolf: "You can try! Or are you going to walk out on the Legion, like a coward?"

    Kell-El: "How can I walk out on something I never was a part of?!" *Seals Timber Wolf up to his neck in Kryptonite-like Crystals*

    Timber Wolf: "You may have Superman's DNA, but you sure don't have his spirit!!" Kell-El: *Turns to respond then...* "Aaah!" *Clutches his head and falls to his knees, whatever it is passing after a moment* "Wanna bet?"

    This part had me confused, but it was a great moment between the two...

    Later on when Kell-El gets to Superman's Coffin right as it's melting that made me warm and fuzzy inside. I loved how they were able to get a transfusion working after Kell-El collapsed on landing on the Legion Ship.
    The Transfusion part again made me smile, yet when Brainiac 5 conquered both the World that looks like Hawkman's people, and his home planet, that was both epic and cruel..

    Though lastly I have to say my ultimate favorite part of the episode was the part where both Superman and Kell-El enter Brainy's mind and combine into Supreme Superman, putting up one hell of a fight with Brainiac 1.0 and Ultimately bringing back Brainy 5 right as Supreme Superman would have been killed, or worse.

    That's my take on this episode, and I give it a perfect 10!

    Though, is this the series finale? Cause the way they have it the 'Evil' Braniac can surface as a villan continual at any time..
  • this was amazing

    i cant belive what happend!!! first brainiac takes digitizes the thanagorieanns, then go's to his home planet colu to take over the hive mind and use the coluens as an army, mean while the funeral for superman is taking place. kell-el misses the sirvice and timberwolf goes to talk to him, he ses he cant belive hes gone but then it turns out hes talking about imperiex, he soooooooo loves imperiex but then kell-el feels that superman is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

    back on colu, the hive-mind is trying to re-programme Brainiac 5 but he over-wrides it and takes over the coluens and sets forth to digitize the galexy.

    Back on the ship kell-el is doing a blood-tranfution for superman and then superman wakes up, mean-while the battel is going on, brainiac 5 is winning and then superman asks saterngirl to project him and kell-el into brainac 5's mind were they find Brainiac 5 in pieces and Brainiac 1 controlling the body.

    superman and Kell-el merge together but are still losing and then they say " brainy may not have been human but he still had the heart of one, he was a hero, my hero!"

    and then Brainiac 5 pulls himself and attacks, he saves superman, and together with one last blow he says " ill tell you one last time, get.. out.. of.. my... head!" and he defeats his ancestor, he restores everything back 2 the way it was and then...................................................................................

    its robotic components fall of and hes.. hes human!!!!!!!!!

    back at legion h.q. superman walks into brainy's room, brainy says its hard to face the others after every thing he did, and he tells superman hes leving the legion. in the hallway kell-el in prepearing to return to the 41st century but superman asks him to join the team, kell-el agrees. during the pledge brainy is watching out the window and walks off with a couple of suitcases and in the hallway triplicategirls third part comes back .

    the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i loved how brainy is human now, i hope theres a third season and i hope brainy comes back!!!!!!!!!
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