Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 6

Fear Factory

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 18, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

A Legion team is forced to take refuge in a derelict space station but are separated and begin disappearing one by one.

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  • "Fear Factory" starts off as a wonderful homage to horror movies from the great classics to the modern day classics, such as Aliens.

    "Fear Factory" starts off as a wonderful homage to horror movies from the great classics to the modern day classics, such as Aliens. Bouncing Boy has a great interest and love for this genre and has his fellow team mates watching Aliens like movie. This sets the stage for all of them to be thinking about the various great classics.

    Once they enter the fear factory (an old space station), they begin their own version of the classic horror plots. Invited to dinner, told they can't leave, sent to their rooms, and finally being attacked, captured, and winning the battle, this episode uses the great plot devices. Along the way, we see many of the classics, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and of course Peter Lorre.

    In the end, we discover the truth of what is going on but the homage stays with us, even to the end with Bouncing Boy wanting to show another horror classic!moreless
  • Fear me!!!

    I like the pun the title makes!!!

    Superheroes in space that find a huanted house...or space station.

    OK,so the plot has been done before,but that's the whole idea isn't.

    I don't watch a lot of LOS,but this is the only episode that I can recall that I found interesting.

    The only thing that I find annoying is that the villain was not really used to any great exstent,but I can really only blame the TV stations who make show fit in to they're time slots. Though I have to say that the plot was vary sutal and only really made a reference to the end game once!

    Great episode with a under used villain!moreless
  • Talks about the greatness of Superman yet again.

    It seems the remaining Legionnaires cannot face their own fears, except for Superman. I call that weak. Brainiac 5 once again appears to be stronger than he seems, and maybe even better than Superman in terms of ability. However, this episode, at the very least, has some kind of tale to it, in a dreamy sort of way. We know more about the different characters, especially Brainiac 5 and what his home is like. I have only 1 complaint- get some character development in there already! We, the viewers, still have no comprehension of the characters' growth since the start of the series, and so many episodes have gone by already! Taking Teen Titans as an example, they started having good episodes from Episode 2 onwards, that is, Sisters.moreless
  • Haunted House? Nah, thats been done before right?

    I see a lot of comparisons on the internet between the episode "Fear Itself" of Teen Titans. I ensure you though, Fear Itself had you sitting on the edge, despite the typical horror feel to it. It was not knowing what was causing the problem and all the dark scary and freaky things that happened in it. As a horror cliche goes... Fear Factory lacks everything the Teen Titans episode had. You soon get the notion everything is explainable, which Fear Itself never pocessed... I mean you guessed the problem, but it left you guessing the fine details and one fast rollercoaster ride led to another bend. You can watch that episode and be scared... Because from the start of the episode it wasn't obivous what was going to happen next. You can't do that with this episode. What spoiled it was Bouncing Boy being so stereotype "I know its gonna happen... I just do" and the 6-eyed freaks whispering to BB in the dinning room. Yeah, thanks, you just give the whole dam episode is a horror and Bouncing Boy is the first target. Up until Brainiac 5 and Superman were left there was too many typical cliches going on. Saturn Girl needed a better fear, really. After B5 and Supe's started to head towards their bit, everything picked up suddenly. Lets face it, B5 is a robot, what typical horror film ref could you throw against him anyway? The answer is none, so we got a more orginal and enjoyable fear to watch. You can pretty much skip everyone else and go straight to these two alone. Superman's hesitant to end the existance of B5 was the most moving part of the episode, making a choice between ending the life of your close friend and everyone may not seem so a big discussion to make, but if you've read the comics you'll know if there one thing that seperates Superman from his villians is that he doesn't like having to kill anyone and he only does it if there is no other choice. Overall like Saturn Girl's fear, the episode went all the way up the boring tracks and came rushing back down again. Now if only it had actually been scary...moreless
  • Too similar to Teen Titans, Fear Itself.

    Summary: A Legion team is forced to take refuge in a derelict space station but are separated and begin disappearing one by one. Final Thoguhts: I really enjoyed this epsiode, although it had no action really, it ahd fear and unexpected things.

    Even though I really enjoyed this episode, I didn't give it a 9 or a 10 like previous episodes, even if I really liked it. The reason is because this episode was way to similar to Teen Titans "Fear Itself". The story begins when they are watching a movie and then thunder comes and suddenly the story begins. And the whole entire point of the episode was to face your fears. Which is pretty much the exact same point in the Teen Titans episode.

    Although I enjoyed this episode a lot, I hope the writers will not have an episode similar to Teen Titans or other DC comic shows.moreless
Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Ma Kent

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Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Space Warrior

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Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

The Butler/Captain Howdy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • As Brainiac 5 transforms you see his "skeleton" once again, yet this time all you see is metal. Previously, you saw his brain and other parts, now he is just completely green under there.

    • Brainiac 5's voice is robotic when he says "Quavermass 12 I presume", yet any other time he appears in his robot form he speaks normally.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Brainiac 5: Bouncing Boy's threatening to regale us with another ancient classic. I believe it is called "Reality Television".

    • The Butler: I'll inform the Master you've arrived. He'll be delighted to have you… for supper.
      Lightning Lad: You hear that, they're serving food.
      Bouncing Boy: And how much do you want to bet we're the main course?

    • Superman: There's the entrance, dead ahead.
      Bouncing Boy: Bad choice of words.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Bouncing Boy: Nightmare on Zombie Planet Part 4!
      This movie title references the Wes Craven horror movie series A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 onwards), starring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, who terrorizes a small town's residents in their nightmares.

    • Captain Howdy
      Lightning Lad's childhood clown "friend" references The Exorcist, both the book by William Peter Blatty and the 1973 movie. Captain Howdy is an invisible and intangible confidant of young Regan MacNeil's who everyone dismisses as simply an imaginary friend. However Captain Howdy turns out to be an alias assumed by the demon Pazuzu who eventually possesses the girl, forming the plot of one the most terrifying stories of all time.

    • Boris the Butler
      The creepy servant's name may be a reference to Boris Karloff, a staple of the old horror films. Also, he looks like he might have been drawn from a Charles Addams design--he looks quite a bit like the Addams patriarch Gomez (although he only had one set of eyes and no tentacles).

    • Bouncing Boy: Mars Needs Mummies...Part 6!
      This movie title references the 1967 film Mars Needs Women, starring Tommy Kirk and Yvonne Craig. The movie was, as the name suggests, about Martians seeking women.

    • Bouncing Boy: Oh, I told her not to go back for the cat.
      The first of many references to the classic horror/sci-fi film Alien. In this case, as in that movie, the heroine's obsession with rescuing her pet cat leads her into danger.

    • Boris: The last room on the left, sir
      A reference to The Last House on the Left, a notorious horror film from Wes Craven in 1972.

    • The Host: Quavermass 12, named for its creation.
      A veiled reference to the British 1953 mini-series and subsequent sequels featuring the adventures of Professor Bernard Quatermass, who became involved in a series of alien invasions and encounters, typically hostile. The series was readapted in 1953 and also spawned several, the best known being Quatermass and the Pit (aka Five Million Years to Earth (1967).

    • Bouncing Boy: Hasn't anyone seen "My Dinner With Android"?
      A pun/reference to the 1981 movie My Dinner With Andre, starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory as two guys who sit and eat, while discussing their lives.

    • Brainiac 5: Something called "Reality television."
      Referencing the late 20th century TV craze of shows that featured real-life people in (supposedly) unscripted games and competitions. Specifically the episode title which is a pun on the reality TV series Fear Factor.