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    apparently a 3rd season IS coming at the end of this year, about time! season 1 has been released on d.v.d, however season 2 hasn't and apparently never will be released. I've found the best website to watch all the episodes apart from sundown, part 2, and it is: http://www.peteava.ro/

    this is a post from a website:
    No, there won't. The show was cancelled after the second season.
    You are wrong, there will be another season, with all new members, like Shadow Lass and Ferro Lads younger brother. the creators are considering adding supergirl. they also said Braniac 5 will return as an organic being. they also said the are going to make the characters a lot older, and that Superman is going to be and adult. they said this season will air some time at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. they said it will take so long is because of Kids WB being sold.

    thank god, gettin a little sick of the first 2 seasons.=)

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