Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 11

In Your Dreams

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 22, 2008 on The CW

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  • Disappointing use of Dream Girl...

    This wasn't a bad episode... It just felt so generic. Like it should have been an early episode, then built upon later. The Dark Circle is more then how the writers used this episode... They could have taken it so far. How would I write this episode? I would have based it slightly on Reboot Legion's Dark Circle storyline, having Brainy meet his mother and have her try and kill him. That way, I could ref. this plot point in the next episode, which we see a preview of ad a pivot to expand upon in that episode. Dream Girl isn't my fav. Legionnaire... She is kinda dull. She is used to be a plot spurring, you know, push the storyline on in the right direction. Oh yeah... "You know Timbre Wolf might die this week, better watch out for him against this weeks main villian". This episode felt boring. I got more hype from the preview for next ep. then this episode.
  • Brainiac and the Legion plot to stop the Dark Circle from domination.

    The Legion of Superheroes recruit Dreamgirl to assist using her pre-cog powers to take down the Dark Circle. The problem is Lightning Lad doesn't trust her as he had prior issues with her regarding his family. Before Dreamgirl joined the Legion, she was posed as a Fortune Teller named Madam Mysterious who sometimes told half-truths to avoid delivering bad news. As Mysterious, she gave false predictions to Lightning Lad's Parents about their daughter which devastated them.

    The Dark Circle learned that the Legion was using a Pre-cog so planted a device that altered her dreams thus implanting misreadings. Once the Legion learned this, they devised counter-measures against the Dark Circle, but they kidnap Dream Girl after she tries to flee thinking the Legion will brand her as a traitor for the misreadings. Ultimately, Brainiac finds a way to alter what the Dark Circle sees by using a Hologram and the Legion finds a way to defeat the Dark Circle. Lightning Lad rescues Dreamgirl and with her help, dismantles the bombs that were planted by the Dark Circle to sabotage the United Federation satellite's dedication ceremony. Overall, this was a good episode that featured a new member of the Legion.
  • this was great

    this episode was not as good at message in a bottle but was ok, persanolly my favirout charecter in brainiac5 and i live in england and these havent aired here yet but i can watch them on you tube so thats good.

    i like it when starboy and timberwolf are play during the briefing and brainy says:

    "oh, im sorry, im i boring you two!"

    thats funny,

    in meny differnt episode exsept message in a bottle brainy dosent have a big part in the episodes, he mainly does the briefing and reports info so its ok.

    hey, has anyone else noticed that brainiac5 has a slightly differnt personallity in season 2 than season 1. in season 1 hes secritive and elosive but hes more into the gang in season 2.

    p.s. im sorry for any spelling mistakes, im rubbish at spelling and im only 12 years old.
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