Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 07, 2006 on The CW
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Superman makes a new friend, Alexis, but his new chum soon becomes obsessive about having Superman as her only friend and not sharing him with anyone else...including the Legion.

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  • Superman meets a girl named Alexis, who he seems to relate to pretty well. The only problem is that she wants him to be only HER friend, and won't let him spend time with anyone else--including the Legion.moreless

    I really liked this episode. Maybe Superman will realize that being in the Legion is serious business; he kept complaining about how "being in the Legion doesn't leave much down time", but if you join the Legion, you kinda have to realize that you have to committ yourself 100% to the life of a superhero. Yeah, that I know that sounded sorta weird. But I have something else to say. I felt so sorry for Brainy! :( All he wanted was for Superman to hang out with him and he couldn't even get that. Alexis, being the selfish girl that she is, always had to but her big head in and ruin it for him. Superman seemed to feel guilty about it, but he didn't do much to salvage lost time. Well, that's all I have to say.moreless
  • It's slightly better than Timber Wolf, but still not up to par.

    Maybe I set too high standards for the cartoons that I watch, but Legion of Superheroes sure has taught me to lower them. This episode's only selling point is the fight scenes. They were ideal, and all that a cartoon fan can ever wish for. However, the plotline was less than commendable.

    The idea of Superman befriending a rich, spoilt girl who turns out to be overly possessive sounds odd. A bit too tame, I may say. Of course, such storylines are best adopted in the beginning of the show, since I will most certainly throw a tantrum if this episode was aired as the last episode in the series, but it does not really highlight much about Superman's character, except that he really is not quite fit to be a leader, is he? Brainiac 5 seemed to be leading the whole time.

    Oh well, this episode might hopefully lead up to better appearances of Alexis and her conflict with Superman.moreless
  • Introducing the next Lex... The Fanboy version.

    I watch this show because despite being a kids show, it doesn't have that typical "superman beats people up" feel you've come to know of Superman. It actually feels like the characters are coming alive. Alexis has a GREAT development to her in this episode and this marks the start to introduction of the more intereasting built villians. Every Superman needs his Lex, unfortuntly due to the time era Lex is somewhat... Unable to be in the show. So what do you do, you introduce an alternative future version. Thats what is great about a show set in the future, you have take old villians, introduce descendands and let animators have fun building the character and slapping on the details and get away with it! Alexis is different to Lex, she is just a spoilt child, but the final closing scenes in the episode leave you thinking if she ever makes an appearance again she will be back bigger and better. On a side note, dam! There were some great Superman and fanboy Brainiac development in this episode. B5's fanboyism was annoying at first in this episode, but as Alexis played her obvession you saw an unimpressed side of B5. Out of 3 episodes so far in the series, B5 has had the most development. The trouble with early developing characters is they later get overshadowed by everyone else and you soon no longer see the point of them being there... Guess where this is heading folks! Phantom Girl also gets some nice bits in in this episode from her typical gossip intereast moment upon hearing Superman met a girl to her comments to Alexis about disliking her style. It smelt like one heck of a cat fight was about to happen then. I didn't like P.G. until now. She seemed too boring and flat, however she really made an impact this episode, every line was a classic. Lightning Lad's "Jack the Lad" moment in talking about Alexis early in the episode to Superman made me laugh. But otherwise, I didn't see the need for him to be there really. Some of the music in this episode could have been... Less annoying...moreless
  • Alexis, pretty much a spoiled rich girl. Haha.

    Summary: Superman makes a new friend, Alexis, but his new chum soon becomes obsessive about having Superman as her only friend and not sharing him with anyone else...including the Legion. Final Thoughts: Honestly, I thought this episode was really good even if it had a stupid plot. Like having a friend and stuff? Totally out of character in the show. But I'll admit, for a bad plot they made the episode pretty good.

    At the end of the episode was the most suprising one. Alexis just stabs the screwdriver in the symbol of the Legion, wow, people can tell that shes very aggressive.

    Quote: "If you can't be my friend, I don't see why you should be anyones..." *BLASTS*

    Oh please, stupid much?moreless
  • One way or another, it seems that Superman will never escape the name Lex.

    When I first saw this episode, I was annoyed over Brainiac 5's dayum whining. He was annoying the devil out of me, but soon things started getting interesting over how Alexia was wanting to Hog Superman all to herself. It got even better when she tried to destroy the Legion. The episode has some REALLY good fight scenes, which a good fight scene brings a smile to my face ANYTIME. LOL But I never paid any mind to Alexia until the end...when she lost her hair...and It all came full circle!!! It was a very well done story with a very unique twist on the Superman and Lex Rivalry. As Lex Luthor(Micheal Rosenbuam) said in Smallville to Clark (Tom Welling) "Our friendship will be the stuff of Legends." And this proves it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Phantom Girl: (about Brainiac 5) Ooh, looks like someone needs a grouchy chip removed!

    • Phantom Girl: Alexis, I never really liked your style, so kicking your butt is sorta like a dream come true for me.
      Alexis: You're welcome to try!

    • Superman: Alexis got me tickets to the pulthorn races! I have no idea what that is.

    • Superman: It feels like a thousand years since I just hung out and had fun like this.

    • Superman: I have a hard time making friends too. Most of the people the Legion meet wind up shooting at us!

    • Phantom Girl: (about Alexis) She takes the whole "privileged but misunderstood" act to a whole new level, and that's coming from an expert like me!

    • Superman: Something very strange happened to me.
      Lightning Lad: Let me guess. You accidentally walked through another transmitter gate and ended up on Mars.
      Superman: Very funny.

    • Lightning Lad: That girl's way out of your league.
      Brainiac 5: Nobody's out of Superman's league. He's Superman.

    • Brainiac 5: Didn't you read my report? Did any of you?
      Phantom Girl: Brainy, it was 150 pages long.
      Brainiac 5: It was 132…

    • Superman: I'm not so sure we should be doing this.
      Alexis: It's okay. I own the building.
      Superman: Then why are we sneaking around?
      Alexis: Nothing fun about a front door. Also, technically I'm not supposed to be here unsupervised. A few problems with an experiment. I don't know why the board of directors got so bent out of shape. The top ten floors look as good as new, don't they?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Alexis stabbing a screwdriver into the Legion symbol
      This act is a reference to the Revenge Squad, their symbol being a number of knives equal to current membership driven into a picture of the Superman "shield". The Revenge Squad is a group of Superman foes, membership varied, that want to destroy Superman, and have banded together to do so. This group also appeared in the Justice League episode "Hereafter".

    • Wodehouse the Butler
      Alexis' robot butler is likely named after P.G. Wodehouse, author of the 1930s Bertie and Jeeves books. Jeeves was such a exemplary servant that his name was commonly used as a synonym for a butler/chauffeur as in "Home, Jeeves." "Jeeves" is now too cliched for use and so "Wodehouse" was likely used instead.

    • Lobo
      The biker that Alexis "borrowed" the bike from bore an uncanny resemblance to Lobo - an intergalactic mercenary from the planet Czarnia. The antihero Lobo was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, first appearing in Omega Men #3 (1983). Lobo is the last of his race, having killed the rest of the Czarnians just for fun. He possesses incredible strength and can heal from practically any injury. Lobo has chalk white skin, black hair and is often seen riding a flying motorcycle that can carry him through space.

    • Lex
      Alexis shares many similarities to another of Superman's enemies - Lex Luthor. The name Alexis contains the name Lex, both are extremely wealthy, and both characters had friendships with Superman before becoming enemies. Also, in this episode Alexis loses her hair just like the bald Lex. Also Alexis's purple outfit is of a similar design to the one worn by Lex throughout much of the Silver Age.