Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 8

Lightning Storm

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 10, 2007 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Lightning Lad resigns from the Legion to join a new team, but soon finds himself caught in a conflict of interest when the two teams end up opposing each other.

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  • Lightning Lad quits the Legion and learns the grass isn't greener on the other side of the Superhero market.

    So we finally have some good solid character development on Lightning Lad. The main trouble with LL is he has been so far been just that "a lad" and all his comments have made him seem no different from you or me. We learn he does have issues unsolved with his own team, not because of individual faults, but because of what seperates them from him personnelly. He wants to be in the team that gets the job done, not the team that fails and then has a laugh over a burger later while pulling goofy faces. However things don't go easy when his big brother shows up and from there on you know LL has made a bad choice. First Esper reads his mind without premission (something which Saturn Girl tried to avoid), then he is left on his own to fight something without team support... Then he learns they work for pay and that they beat up the poor sap in trouble when they don't do that. The great thing about the group of villians this episode is their attitude overall. I compare them to episode one when you had to take in who the villians were and did not recieve the major elements that made them 3D. Overall, nice episode. A little slow paced but a good storyline. Something about the episode doesn't make you want to watch this one more then once or two... I can't place why I add. Perhaps, it was just the slow-paced feel to it. Or maybe it was the fight at end because wasn't too thrilling either, everyone was paired up with a clone power-wise of themselves. In fact you can skip this episode on not miss a thing because aside from devlopment on LL nothing happens.moreless
  • Lightning Lad starts to doubt the Legion and joins the Light Speed Vanguard, a group of heroes who he thinks are better and cooler. Howevever, this group isn't as great as he thought and he finds out the leader of this team is his brother, Mekt.moreless

    This episode was pretty good. It was really cool to see Mekt return, but I wish that Mekt could have actually beaten Lightning Lad. We see Lightning Lad's thoughts and what he actually wants. What was also cool was that we got to see Lightning Lass in a cameo and we got to see how Garth, Mekt and Ayla got their powers! We also seem to get a Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl relationship! I think that everyone in this episode got a small yet decent role, and it was interesting to see the Legion auditions, which will connect with the next episode, "The Substitutes."moreless

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