Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 8

Message in a Bottle

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 01, 2007 on The CW

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  • Superman (Kal-El) and some Legionnaires follow Imperiex who invades a 1000 year old Fortress of Solitude to steal a weapon from the bottled city of Kandor; the last outpost of Krypton, and Brainiac 5 must deal with crimes of his ancestor, Brainiac 1.0!

    This is probably THE BEST episode of LOSH yet, and definitely my favorite so far. I really loved this episode and this show definitely stepped up this season. So Superman (Kal-El), Brainiac 5, and several other Legionnaires follow Imperiex and his minions into the Fortress of Solitude which is now 1000 years old! So it turns out that Brainiac 5's ancestor; Brainiac 1.0, shrink the city of Kandor and was partly responsible for Krypton's destruction. Jor-El (Superman's father) built the Messenger (technology that held the planet together), and all was well until Brainiac interfered. Imperiex of course wants to use it as a weapon and inside the FOS enters the bottled city of Kandor; the last outpost of Krypton. Inside Kandor there's a red sun so Superman doesn't have his powers except for his flight ring but luckily his friends bring his solar powered suit that a Cyborg Superman inside the Fortress gave them. One of the huge highlights of this episode and my personal favorite moment was Brainiac 5 confronting his ancestor inside his mind. Corey Burton, who voice Brainiac in the DCAU (Superman TAS, Static Shock, JL/JLU) reprises his role and is as usual amazing! If Corey Burton hadn't voiced Brainiac I'm certain this episode wouldn't have been so successful. Anyways a superb episode overall and even if you don't like LOSH (though I suggest you give it a chance), you HAVE to watch this episode. The ending is incredible and my jaw actually dropped when I saw it. Using information given by Brainiac 1.0, Brainiac 5 using the Messanger RESTORES the planet KRYPTON! I never read the comics so I'm not sure if that actually ever happened in any version but if it did I guess that these are some of the good surprises you get from not reading them. Unfortunately Brainiac 5 wipes Kal-El's memory so he doesn't remember (for several reasons) and it seems that Brainiac 5 may have developed a darker personality after receiving his upgrade, since he has an evil smirk at the end of the episode. It seems that Kell-El's prediction may eventually come true that "Once a Brainiac, ALWAYS a Brainiac!"
  • For the first time ever Legion Of Super Heroes delivers a show worthy of the DC comics cartoon legacy.

    I have not enjoyed Legion Of Super Heroes as much as the previous DC cartoons of my lifetime, not because it no longer is DCAU canon but because it did not deliver the same quality. This episode finally after two seasons lived up to the legacy left behind by the DCAU. This is the best post DCAU DC episode between both this show and The Batman. I was shocked that they tackled the issue of Braniac 5 being a good guy and the others bad guys. I was even more suprised by the ending. I'm leaving this spoiler free just in case you haven't seen this episode yet. As a DC fan I give a stamp of approval to 'Message In A Bottle'. It was awesome. I hope that this is a sign of things to come and that my review for the show claiming it 'needs fine tuning' is rendered inaccurate by it continuing to improve. This episode defiantly was a huge step towards that improvement.
  • So this is how to write a story?

    Well this is a BIG episode, possibly the most important of all so far outside of eps 1 + 2. And let me just start by saying say thank everyone who made it happen that the voice actor of B1 revisited his role for this season. If he hadn't B1 wouldn't have worked!!!! When I say how Brainiac 5 became a android for this show I was one of those who went "Huh?" since he is flesh and blood in the orginal comics. This episode is interesting considering in "Fear Factory" we got the low-down from the Colu hollowgrams that B5 wants to simulate human beings. Notice the words "Open to New possiblities" was used by B1. Let me run something by the reader: humans are capable of both good and evil, what B1 did was remove the barrier that prvent B5 from becoming Evil and now he seems to have a hint of evil (going by the smirks he pulled off in this episode) in him from B1. Ironically, you must admit, B5 is more human now then he has but thats not a good thing in this case because we've got to remember B1 isn't human and his scope of evil is much greater then B1's. I always like how B1 said he has watch Brainy since he first came on-line, for some strange reason, that line just creeped me out completely, you know he has been plotting something behind the scenes all these years. One of the most common traits of B1 throughout the various DC universes is his ability to ALWAYS seem to find a way to avoid death. His had nicknames like "The Immortal Brainiac" because of this ability to seem to always be cheating death, especially the completely Android forms of him. Brainiac is smart and he seems to have big plans for B5. Vi seems to be playing more part in this show then Phantom Girl or Duo Damsel. Animators; just add her to the intro already and say she is important if your going to use her this much. The other Legionaires... They were literally cannon fodder. Though Vi's banging her head against the ceiling in the first fight with the big purple guy (never can spell his name) was a nice touch for someone like her. She is not used to being the giant. And the best line, which a lot of people will agree, is Imperaix's "I suggest we worry about unshrinking ourselves when there isn't an army of supermen baring down on us!". That really made the episode. Thank you writers and God bless you for the best line this season so far!

    Some parts of it were bad... B5 gets knocks down in the tunnel towards the messager and is suddenly back with the others without them shouting even a "Brainy is down!" moment which is disappointing, I was expecting that and then someone heading back to nab him before Imperiax got him. And seriously, the other Legionaires are chop liver here in this episode. Why were they there? They didn't even take sides with B5 or Supe's during their argument onyl act as silent bystanders. Disappointing but understandable since this episode put a lot into the time span it took up.
  • Best Superman (Kal El, that is) episode yet.

    I've been really impressed with "Legion" this season. I latched onto it when the Cartoon Network cancelled "Justice League" (JLA) in all its pop culture wisdom. I was so-so on the first season of Legion, but saw flashes of inspiration, which made me stick with the show. Being produced by the team behind JLA helped, too. Regarding this episode, I felt it was virtually perfect in every regard. The only quibble I have was not adding Supe's 41st century clone, Kel El in this episode. Kel El has history with Imperiex, he'd love to see the Fortress (and Krypton), and he foreshadowed a dark path that Brainy is going to take (more on that later).

    It's tough to play with established canon in any show, but I feel this episode did a great job of providing a standalone adventure and keeping the Superman mythos intact.

    Imperiex leads Validus and a divison's worth of destructo bots to the Fortress of Solitude in the 31st century. Superman, Brainy, and assorted pals race to confront our baddie.

    Imperiex, his cohorts, and Superman all get miniaturized and transported to the miniaturized city of Kandor, the surviving capital of Krypton stored in a bottle! Not having read every comic book there is has a bright side: getting great surprises in the animated series regularly. =)

    I had no idea there was a "messenger" crystal created by Jor El that had been keeping Krypton intact before Brainiac 1.0 shrunk Kandor and removed it from the planet--spelling the end of Krypton. Of course Imperiex would want the "messenger" as a weapon of mass destruction to destroy planets that dare to defy him. Again I wish that Kel El had been included in this episode. He deserves to see Kandor (not to mention Krypton) as much as Kal.

    The moment I saw the simulated red sun in the Kandor "sky," I knew Superman was in it deep against Imperiex. Seeing him wrestle with a failure of his he hadn't experienced yet (not restoring his fellow Kryptonians and their city to their normal size) was awesome. Brainy and company bringing up the cavalry and giving Superman a power suit was a nice development. Superman having his power suit broken just before the major confrontation with Imperiex was a great reversal in an episode full of twists and turns.

    And watching Brainy face his demon (Brainiac 1.0) was the stuff of the highest drama. The second he input the info about restoring Kandor from his early generation "evil" ancestor, I knew there were going to be consequences down the road. Brainy's "smirk" immediately after the download and after he wiped Superman's memory to remove the temptation for Superman to restore Kandor in the 21st century and preserve the timeline established for the Legion.

    The memory wipe is another great story twist. Watching the Kandorians supercharge and go mano a mano with Imperiex's goons when Brainy turns the sun yellow was loads of fun. And seeing Krypton restored and Kandor returned to the planet and back to normal was a fitting climax.

    It's awesome when animated writers show they understand great characters and storytelling, better even than many film and TV writers.

    The moment when Kel El confronted Brainy with the line "Once a brainiac always a brainiac" in "The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow, Part 1," I knew we were going to have a subplot to run in parallel with the main storyline of stopping Imperiex from creating a 31st century empire.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of the season.

    Some episodes are much better than others. This is one of the great ones. Boris
  • Braniac 5 finally reveals to Superman about the original Brainiac

    Wow, this season of L.O.S.H. has been one great episode after another, a major difference from season 1, In this episode we learn that a city from Krypton is well populated with over 2 million people and has been shrunk thanks to the original brainiac, and it is now kept safe in Superman's Fortress of Solitude and Imperiex wants the original Brainiac to help him win the war in the 30th century, many cool scenes between Brainiac 5 and Brainiac 1.0, Superman and Imperiex. It was great seeing and hearing the old Brainiac's voice again, and again the animation was top notch, the last minute of the episode was really cool especially with Brainiac 5 at the end which i won't spoil.