Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 8

Message in a Bottle

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 01, 2007 on The CW

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  • So this is how to write a story?

    Well this is a BIG episode, possibly the most important of all so far outside of eps 1 + 2. And let me just start by saying say thank everyone who made it happen that the voice actor of B1 revisited his role for this season. If he hadn't B1 wouldn't have worked!!!! When I say how Brainiac 5 became a android for this show I was one of those who went "Huh?" since he is flesh and blood in the orginal comics. This episode is interesting considering in "Fear Factory" we got the low-down from the Colu hollowgrams that B5 wants to simulate human beings. Notice the words "Open to New possiblities" was used by B1. Let me run something by the reader: humans are capable of both good and evil, what B1 did was remove the barrier that prvent B5 from becoming Evil and now he seems to have a hint of evil (going by the smirks he pulled off in this episode) in him from B1. Ironically, you must admit, B5 is more human now then he has but thats not a good thing in this case because we've got to remember B1 isn't human and his scope of evil is much greater then B1's. I always like how B1 said he has watch Brainy since he first came on-line, for some strange reason, that line just creeped me out completely, you know he has been plotting something behind the scenes all these years. One of the most common traits of B1 throughout the various DC universes is his ability to ALWAYS seem to find a way to avoid death. His had nicknames like "The Immortal Brainiac" because of this ability to seem to always be cheating death, especially the completely Android forms of him. Brainiac is smart and he seems to have big plans for B5. Vi seems to be playing more part in this show then Phantom Girl or Duo Damsel. Animators; just add her to the intro already and say she is important if your going to use her this much. The other Legionaires... They were literally cannon fodder. Though Vi's banging her head against the ceiling in the first fight with the big purple guy (never can spell his name) was a nice touch for someone like her. She is not used to being the giant. And the best line, which a lot of people will agree, is Imperaix's "I suggest we worry about unshrinking ourselves when there isn't an army of supermen baring down on us!". That really made the episode. Thank you writers and God bless you for the best line this season so far!

    Some parts of it were bad... B5 gets knocks down in the tunnel towards the messager and is suddenly back with the others without them shouting even a "Brainy is down!" moment which is disappointing, I was expecting that and then someone heading back to nab him before Imperiax got him. And seriously, the other Legionaires are chop liver here in this episode. Why were they there? They didn't even take sides with B5 or Supe's during their argument onyl act as silent bystanders. Disappointing but understandable since this episode put a lot into the time span it took up.