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  • Litteraly! Honestly though I did thoroughly enjoy this first episode. I can't wait to see future members/what else is to come from the Legion of Super Heroes. Until Next Week then...

    I thought this show made a very interesting first impression and a turn for the better when the theme song started. I mean seriously that was one of the best theme songs I've seen in a long time. I was glad that the episode was very good, which is surprising for most series premieres. I have high hopes that this show could become the next Justice League/Teen Titans/The Batman/every other show that's awesome that is out there. I want nothing less then 4 seasons of this show and I will happily be this shows only supporter if no body else likes it but that seems very unlikely. Please continue to support this show and it could be the next big thing to hit Kids' WB.

    the legion of superheroes is a great show set in the 31st centry montropolis. its characters include:

    lightning lad
    superman X (season 2)
    camelion boy (season 2)
    saturn girl
    phantom girl
    bouncing boy
    and my favirote, brainiac 5
    & many other characters

    the legion is a group of teenaged superheroes who have banned together to fight evil. the series is mostly based around a friendship between superman and brainiac 5, who is a desendant of supermans 21st centry arch-foe brainiac.

    now the important bit:
    this series has been ended on a cliff hanger wich has left hundreds of legion fans devestated. this cliff hanger is made when brainiac 5 has finally got his dream of being a human but leaves the legion, superman x joins the legion.... and in the last scean we see brainiac 1.0 get a body and declare revenge... the series ends there.
    i think this is exstremly unfair leaving the legion like this, in the final episode we see brainiac 5 tell superman hes leaving but he also says the will return when he feels ready, i belive many legion fans around the globe will agree with me in saying this is very much stupid leaving a great series like this.
    so now i conclude with this statement:
  • teenage superheroes of the future recruit superman to help them and help him further understand his powers, awesome show!

    This was a really awesome show and i really miss it. it seriously needs to be brought back on the air!!! definately for a third season! the character "interactions" were fine but a little more couldnt hurt, right? both seasons were very good but personally i liked the second one better because the characters were older and more grown up plus there was the addition of many characters to major plots. Final words: disagree with me or agree? Legion of Superheroes should most definately come back on the air... straight up, no questions asked, hands down.. etc. ?? what do you think? :) *~*
  • A doomsday weapon is mysteriously activated.

    I missed the entire first season of this show and just got around to watching the last episodes on DVD. The teaser opening of this ep suffers a bit from predictability but is nicely done. The real story begins when the team gets a distress call from an uninhabited star system where weapons of mass destruction have been stored. One of the weapons has somehow become activated. The Legion arrives just as the weapon is forcing its way out of the secured facility. The scenes where the device slips past individual members of the team are suspenseful. They discover that the device is a Sun Eater, weapon that destroys stars. It breaks into open space and promptly devours the system's star. There's another suspenseful, and eerie, scene involving a robot saboteur that cripples the Legion's ship as the Sun Eater sets a course for earth. Loved the cliffhanger.
  • A solid show but a lack of any real threatening antagonists and character development really holds back this show into becoming a truly great animated program.

    In the future, Superman is a worldwide celebrity that is praised universally as the greatest entity to ever lived. Though with his presence long deceased, and evil running around without a single hero able to match its strength, the Legionaire fly into the past to retrieve Superman. Unfortunately they went back a little too far when he was still a teenager, before the world even knew Superman existed! However, it was something they had to work with. The Legionaire, adding its newest and most important member Superman, save the earth in its future from various natural disasters and enemies.

    It almost seems like with Teen Titans ending its legendary run, they had to animate another big name superhero, and who better to centralize a cartoon with than Superman? The show does everything that Teen Titans has basically did except with different characters and in a more universal (literally) setting. That's not a setback however; Teen Titans was a good show and copycat programs aren't anything to dog a cartoon on unless it copied another show while doing a poor job of it. Legion of Super Heroes has good execution.

    The problem with this show really dwells within its characters. There was never really a point where you have a connection with them. They just feel like these vessels on a daily cartoon show exchanging blasts and punches with its enemies. It also has a very weak supporting cast; many of these random superheroes are often introduced with almost no background for us to know more about them. The only thing we do really know about these extra superheroes is their names and powers. A lack of real character development within both the main characters and its supporting cast knocks a lot of points off for this show.

    Plus the lack of a major antagonist establishes Legion of Superheroes a show to watch whenever it is on. Most of the individual episodes concerns a very non threatening villain with a predictable ending to how they are dealt with. The antagonists are just as important as the main characters, and it is pretty disappointing to see that there really isn't any inspiring villains in this entire show.

    Still a pretty solid show despite its setback of any real character development, though sadly the characters are always the best part of a show. You can have a bad storyline and some wonderful characters and it can still be a classic. Still, if you have some extra cash or time, Legion of Superheroes isn't a bad choice, but it's not good enough to really go out of your way to get or watch.
  • Legion of Super Heroes was a quality show, but not a commercial success. This underappreciated gem had great animation, though, and exciting storylines.

    Legion of Super Heroes was a well-done show that never really caught on. It was a fascinating attempt to update a 1950s comics franchise for today's 21st century kids. It didn't succeed commercially, but it was quality series.

    Legion of Super Heroes is about a team of super-powered teen-agers from the 31st Century. They travel back in time to enlist the help of a young Clark Kent, aka Superboy.

    The animation quality is very good and the character designs are sharp and iconic. The large ensemble cast made it difficult to keep track of who's who though. Legion of Super Heroes has dozens of character and each episode would only focus on a few. I think this made it difficult for kids to latch on to any particular character. Most shows have a small cast with a few heroes that don't change from show to show.

    Legion had tons of action and great animation. But the heyday of the Legion comic was many years ago, so today's kids have no idea who Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, or Lightning Lad are.

    It was a good attempt to update the characters, But it didn't catch on. Perhaps if they had a tighter focus on just a few characters. Or perhaps today's kids aren't as excited by the 31st century premise.
  • Bye Bye Bye!

    Can't say I didn't see the end coming, don't get me wrong this was a good show and it definitely had potential but watching it on Kid'sWB killed the buzz, I literally waited two months for a new episode until I couldn't wait any longer, and for the whole of the second season I just kept waiting for Saturn Girl to come back, I would have loved to have seen how the show ended but I missed it, it was a good show but it was also going downhill fast, hate to be the one to say it but it wasn't likely that it would last as long as Teen Titans, Justice League or The Batman.
  • Clark Kent is prematurely plucked from the 21st Century to help out the incompetent second rate heroes of the 31st Century.

    The show in itself is bearable but its just a cheap replacement of Teen Titans with Superman as Robin, Saturn Girl as Star, Phantom Girl as Raven, Braniac 5 as Beastboy and Lightning Lad as Cyborg (Personality wise, not in terms of powers of course). They even need other less significant characters to pick up the slack. They bring shame to the Legion comics by turning their characters into this brat pack post-pubescent pretend super heroes.

    The WB probably realized what a huge mistake they made in canceling Teen Titans for no apparent reason! This is their mediocre attempt to fill the void.

    Second rate at best.
  • A good combination of character development and action, Legion of Superheroes shows that DC Comics is indeed strong with its cartoons.

    Legion of Superheroes follows the trend of previous DC Comics TV programs of depicting superhuman beings in their efforts to make our lives a little safer, and thankfully the trend is not showing a downturn.

    Among the big standing points for Legion of Superheroes is character development. Watching the characters and seeing them acting not like superheroes but as people really makes you feel for them. Even villains get moments in the spotlight, whether you hate them or not. But whatever the case, each character is unique and makes the cast colorful and likable (mostly).

    Action sequences are also the forte of DC Comics cartoons, and Legion of Superheroes is no slouch in the department. It's very likely that when you watch one of the heroes dish out a beating to a villain or take a beating, you'll be at the very least entertained. But in my eyes, watching how the violence has been upgraded a bit is a wonderful sight, bringing back fond memories of Batman: The Animated Series. Though presented somewhat in the style of Teen Titans, it has enough variation from its predecessor to stand on its own.

    Needless to say, Legion of Superheroes is a staple DC Comics cartoon that fans should watch. The only letdown for the series is that it only lasted two seasons. It definitely could've gone for longer.
  • Legion of Super Heroes is a series of a legion set around a century after Superman's time who need help and rebring back Superman from the past. In Season 2 a new Superman a century after that of the Legion who reveals to be a clone comes in need of help!

    This show is quite good, although it's about Superman which I'm not a massive fan of, they've managed to make it quite interesting, also the fact that it's not only based around him, but the other characters and the problems and powers of the other characters also help create an interesting story and plot to the series.
    I also like the different types of characters to and how they make it that there's one episode that makes or gives the seemingly less important part one of the most important parts that end up actually saving the others, helping to give out the message that no matter what tpye of person you are, you are important and even though you may not be the most popular one at school/work etc you shouldn't let them get to you as it could be that one time they might need help from you or you could be a big influence on them due to the way you are like.
    This show is really smart, inspiring and quite well written.
  • Its very entertaining. Hope Wb knows how good the show is especially here in the philippines.

    Its very entertaining. Hope Wb knows how good the show is especially here in the philippines. Almost everyone even adult watches this series. Its the best since justice league unlimited. With the interaction from superman to the new heroes...it was awesome. And superman kinda brought his boy scout attitude with this one. He was good in justice league but he's kind a bossy in there.Because he is one of the founder of the league. But here in legion of superheroes, he is just trying to fit in which is kinda fun to watch. he discovers his powers. and his place in the world.
  • LOSH follows the adventures of a group of teenage superheroes one thousand years in the future who must travel back in time to recruit Superman, the greatest superhero of all time, in their fight against evil.

    I love LOSH. It's really the only reason I get up on Saturday morning. I hate those cheesy cartoons that always have happy endings when some guy comes in and saves the town from a lame villain. Those always bugged me because it was basically the same plot for every episode throughout the show: a bad guy shows up, the good guy has to run in and stop him. Legion of Super Heroes isn't like that. Each episode has an original, maybe complicated, well-thought-out plot and leaves me in suspense for next week. The characters are wonderful, with exceptionally good voice acting. Surprisingly, one of the biggest things I like about this show is that it doesn't always have a happy ending. Life doesn't always have happy endings; that's why I hate it when in some shows every single episode turns out all joyful and resolved and everyone's cheerful and happy. LOSH can sometimes be dark and even grim, which makes more sense to me. I love how the characters are all so different; they have a favorite character for everybody who watches the show. Now if only we can prevent cancellation...
  • Don't let it end!

    At first, it seemed like Kids WB was trying to revamp their Batman/Superman hour, but when I started watching the Legion, I developed a taste for it. I was a little aggrivated that they always needed to bring a version of Superman into the battle, but the show still remained interesting. I would have liked it if they had taken it further. It would be great if they would at least team up with Supergirl. There is also a large range of villains that they could still be fighting (such as Darkseid) I just hope they reconsider. I've seen too many comic book hero cartoons that could have kept going on Kids WB.
  • Sad it's over.

    I am really gonna mis this show. I really enjoyed watching this show. I didnt get to see much of season 2 because something was wrong with my WB network, but I eventually caught up. It is a really great show. I have yet to see the last episode, but from what I hear, it was awesome. My favorite character was Brainiac 5 before he went all human. Superman X was also cool. To be honest, Brainiac had to be really strong to take out Imperix. I really would have wanted this sow to have a third season, but all good things must come to an end. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!!!!!
    I dare you to say that five times fast.
  • justige league unlimited as kids...

    this is one of the few good shows that they have on kids wb. i dont know what happened to this showi havent seen an episode since august 2007. this is basically justice league when they were teenagers but still a great show. it shows new super heroes(along with old ones) and has a great story plot. the main characters are super man, the lightning kid, braniac, the bouncy ball guy, and this girl with psychic powers. oh yeah! lets not forget that girl that can go through solid objects and wilderbee, their first new team member. this is a reat action fighting show and if u liked justice league, give this show a chance.
  • Please read review. My summary was too long. Sorry! ;)

    This was meant to go in the Summary section, but it was too long:

    The Legion of Superheroes is set in the 31st century, long after the common heroes that we have come to associate with the 21st century. Batman, Wonderwoman, the Green Lantern, and Flash are all a distant past that no one can remember. Only the legend of Superman remains, and most don't even believe he was real. In LOSH, Brainiac 5, a descendent of the original Brainiac turned good, brings Superman to the future, introducing him to the world and proving, once and for all, that he was and always will be real. Brainiac 5, Lightening Lad, Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy, and (later on) Timberwolf, among other additions, make up the Legion of Superheroes, the 31st century version of the Justic League. Together, these heroes learn the importance of leadership, combat the evil around them, and forever fight in the battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!


    All in all, I give LOSH an 8 out of 10. It is a refreshing change from the comics, but yet similar enough to be interesting. I liked the first season better, when everyone in the league was younger and better looking. Superman was sweet and ignorant, Brainy had a funky hairdo, and Lightning Lad was cute. I think the buffer of the boys in the Legion look rather "primate" in the second season, but as long as intriguing storylines keep arising, I shall continue to watch LOSH. Yes, I agree with the majority of the population when I say that Brainy and Superman have something going on (even though Superman hasn't quite noticed yet). I laugh everytime I watch Brainy in that simulator, dying in Superman's arms. And I always say the next two lines with the computer,

    "Music terminated. Simulation... complete."

    ^_^ LOL!

    Two thumbs up for this show. Keep 'em coming!
  • Underappreciated and hopefully will continue running for a long time.

    I just recently got into this show, and I didn't think I would like it, but once I watched the first episode I just kept watching! I don't think that people realize how few real superhero shows are left, and I really appreciate that this show fills the gap that so many other shows left when they ended (Justice League Unlimited, X-Men Evolution, Teen Titans, etc.) The first season started off with a group of teenagers fighting the Legion of Supervillains and eventually a SunEater. The second season so far is great, the characters have matured with the show. I liked that the second season started pretty sad, because it added emotion and depth to the storyline (*Spoiler if you haven't watched yet*: with Saturn Girl in a coma and Triplicate Girl becoming Duo Damsel). This show is funny, entertaining, and not just a mindless cartoon, and I really appreciate that. I hope it gets signed for a third season if it hasn't already!
  • The Legion of Super Heroes is a group of superheroes in the 31rst century that looked up to Superman as a role model. The Legion is in a way a younger futuristic Justice League, with many heroes with their own unique powers. *some spoilers in review*

    I'll admit one thing right away, although many of the writers and creators of the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) are part of this show, it's not the same but still good in its own way. The stories are different and there are always new original plots. The Legion of Super Heroes travels back in time to recruit Superman/Clark Kent before he goes off to Metropolis. In the first season he learns his various super powers, history, gains experience fighting villains like the Fatal Five, and even his weaknesses. I also have to say that season 2 is AMAZING right now. I like it so much better than season one. I originally thought this show was a bit stupid and didn't like how Clark Kent would be Superman (though really it's more like Superboy) before he actually donned the tights in Metropolis as an adult instead of a teenager. But I gave this show a chance and actually liked how things turned out and how the mythos still lines up very nicely. In season 2, everybody is now a young adult and has grown a lot from the first season where most Legionnaires were teenagers, which is a lot better IMO and the LOSH (Legion of Super Heroes) also gets a visit from a 41rst century Superman clone (Superman X/Kell-El) which is an interesting storyline and introduces the villain Imperiex. I also like how you see parts of the DC comics mythology not seen in other cartoons and yet see things that are similar so it's still fairly familiar. Anyways, a fabulous show and I think everybody should give it a chance and watch it because you may end up liking it like I did.
  • this show is ver underappreciated indeed

    this is one of the few good shows that they have on kids wb. i dont know what happened to this showi havent seen an episode since august 2007. this is basically justice league when they were teenagers but still a great show. it shows new super heroes(along with old ones) and has a great story plot. the main characters are super man, the lightning kid, braniac, the bouncy ball guy, and this girl with psychic powers. oh yeah! lets not forget that girl that can go through solid objects and wilderbee, their first new team member. this is a reat action fighting show and if u liked justice league, give this show a chance.
  • This series has greatly improved from last season. One of the best animated series out there right now.

    Last season this series was a somewhat of a bore, but season 2 started with a bang and each episode is one great explosion after another, very original storylines, superb animation, and voice acting is really well done.
    The whole Imperiex storyline for season 2 has left me not missing one episode, it all connects, its like a 13 part mini-series, anyway for those who have never watched this series, you must give it a chance, i say you start watching now, you don't know what youre missing. Rumor has it that Darkseid will be a major villian in season 3.
  • A coherent overarching plot!? at last!

    First off, I have to admit, I did rather enjoy season 1. It was good fun with enough subtle references to the comics to make any comic geek appreciative. However, my main problem with series 1 was the lack of an over arching plot, Superman was enlisted to help with one threat and the problem is solved within the first few episodes yet he remains to deal with other random threats just because well.. he can. Season 2 remedied this tiny complaint by providing not only a so far fairly intellegent villian but by providing a consistant storyline, one main villian to defeat over 13 episodes. The addition of new characters makes the legion feel much bigger than season 1 which is great, it was always meant to be a legion not some small club of 8, the increased cast will hopefully be utilized to full potential.

    Character designs have altered in some cases (lightning lad, B5) and for the better says I. B5 now looks a little more like his comic counterpart and is even behaving a little more arogantly (and we all love arrogant B5!), Lightning lad's become a lot less irritating and Cosmic boy seems to have aquired a major personality defect, man he's a jerk. It's nice to see characters developing and becomming more refined. The 4 episodes aired to date have been entertaining enough, and less childish in feel than the previous series which seemed to be aiming at kids but included too many subtle comic references for children to understand. This series while still aimed at kids feels a little more coherent, nods to comic cannon and fun with time travel have me excited, I can't wait to see what it is B5 does in the future. Here's hoping we get to find out aye? I always said he shouldn't be trusted.

    The second season adapts and builds on what came before to great effect. Even the cliche cloned superman is a joy to watch for his venomous comments. I just wish Shrinking Violet would stop laughing, eugh.

    My only real criticism of series two is the leadership status. Is Bouncing boy still leader as he was at the end of season 1? Because he certainly doesn't seem to be acting like it at times. If not, who was elected leader? Perhaps this will be covered in later episodes, till then, I eagerly await episode 5!
  • This show is the best ever produced!!!! It should last for at least more than 5 seasons.

    The Legion of Super heroes is he best animated show ever. This show should at least stay on for more than 6 seasons, unlike Teen Titans and Justice League unlimited.

    Cast: Lightning lad Superman
    Saturn girl Superman X
    Phantom girl Ferro lad
    Bouncing boy
    Timber wolf
    Duo Damsel
    Chameleon boy
    Sun boy
    Cosmic boy
    Matter-Eater lad
    Collasal boy

    Season 1 consists of 13 episodes and is pretty amazing.
    It consists of various themes such as humour, action and seriousness. It is not dark or somewhat scary like season 2.

    Season 2 is the bomb, so far, I love it. Imperixex is an amazing villain unlike the sun eter i the previous season. Its plot is ay better than season 1 which had episodes of diferent storylines which did not affect the finale. Season 2 episodes lead to the finale by the actions of the legionares as well as the villains like the Justice league unlimited storylines ( season story arcs)

    In short, The Legion of Super heroes is a must watch and is truly spectacular.
  • I'm not too impressed with this show yet, but no doubt I will have cause to change my mind after some more episodes.

    I know this is not the best time to review a show, just after watching the first episode, but I thought that if I wanted to make an unbiased comment about any show, now's the greatest time to do it. It has much potential to be in the ranks of Justice League and Teen Titans, but as of now it is still a meagre Fantastic Four, judging from Man Of Tomorrow. However, the characters seem pretty fun and diverse, probably a little mundane but still with room for character development. I can't say the same for the Fatal Five, though. Putting aside the ridiculous name, the team don't seem to have much power except for Emerald Empress' hideous green eye, which doesn't even link with her socket. They were easily flattened and lack any killer intent. They basically downgraded the show to a mere children's programme.
  • eh...

    Frankly, HUGELY inferior to Bruce Timm's Justice League project. The animation is not as good, not the character designs. Also features but a very SMALL portion of the Legion. Not some of my favorite characters either. I would say it has promise, but that it nneds to be taken back to the drawing board and read the ealy 70s and mid 80s comics. THEN, bring it to the screen. Keith Geffen's work on the book MADE the Legion, as did Mike Grell's a decade earier. This new version is but a pale, pale comparison to what was. C'mon Bruce! Use the League as your example!
  • I wish this was one when I was a child...

    Strong personnelities... Varity of powers... The show has mix of all kinds of elements, some good and some bad. Anyone who doesn't watch the show or says its bad really needs to be tested, because there are a lot of bad shows out there for children - but very few of them are near this level of goodness. This is the kind of show we had back in the 80s before everything went sour in the mid 90s, only better.
  • A great show shown on Kids WB!

    This is an awesome show. full of action and adventure. I
    can't wait for season 2 to come out in fall 2007,This is one of the only good shows shown on Kids WB! I watch it all
    the time on saturday mournings at 10AM. I even taped a few episodes of TV on VHS. I have two tapes featuring all together 8 episodes. Anyway great show on Kids WB! I just enjoy watching it! I hope in the future that Kids WB! shows better cartoons just like this one because Kids WB! needs more great cartoons just like this one and I really mean it!
  • Complete waste of Animation, Time and Space.

    I couldn't even watch this show as it was playing, WHY? is the animation so bad ?, WHO are those other characters with superman?, I can't get with this cartoon at all, its not funny the animation is corney and it doesn't interest me at all. I just happen to be watching the other cartoons on the channel when this cartoon was about to come on and I had to turn the channel because I wasn't gonna waste my morning watching a cartoon that is jacked up. They could of done such a better job with this cartoon and Superman could look better and the characters around him could look better also.
    This Cartoon gets no stars from me if you end upo with this cartoon on your TV turn the channel.
  • Charming and worthy of DC Animated Shows

    I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this show but surprisingly, I did. It picks off on the fancy computer-friendly teenaged team of “Teen Titans” with some bows to the Silver Age canon material of which it is derived. (Unfortunately, I never read the “Legion” comics but others have commented on it.) Surprisingly, there’s none of the wacky visual Anime puns that "Titans" was reputed for. There ARE some funny tongue-and-cheek lines, typical cartoon fight scenes, and a great flashy 60's opening theme like that from Disney's “The Incredibles”. There are also serious undertones like sibling rivalry and child abuse but when dressed up to superhero status, only the nitpicky viewer will be concerned. Nevertheless, the show keeps itself afloat with a likeable cast. The pre-initiated Superman is charming for his slight naivety and bewilderment in a future Metropolis. (“Play some checkers?”) He’s obviously come very far from Smallville. If anything, it is about his coming-of-age in this mysterious place and the interaction between him and his fellow teammates. All of the other characters work off one another for their diverse personalities. Saturn Girl possesses similar psychic powers to Raven of "Titans" but with none of the gothic anguish. Saturn Girl is a loyal and committed friend. Lighting Lad balances cockiness with boldness while Braniac 5 is adorable as the neurotic pint-sized “twelfth level intelligence being”. Combined with other colorful teammates and determined to protect their city from all bullying adversaries, this show manages to pull itself off with some charm and entertaining wit. Is this on par with the medieval majesty of “Batman: the Animated Series”? I think not. But it is enjoyable to watch and parents need not be concerned about any unsuitable material. And the rabid fan boys will get a kick or two out of this show.
  • ok not my best show but its still interesting

    at first i thought the show was really not that good but that was before i even watched it so i gave it a try as you cant hate it until you try it so i started watching it and was good. the story is about ordinary farm boy clark kent getting a visit from future super heroes they ask if he wants to join and thats how it all starts. He then names himself superman and they battle evil villians to help save new matropolis. I would think this show is ok but not one of my top faves.
  • Loosely based on the classic comic book series, LSH is an excellent animated series considering a large part of its target audience is in the 8-12 age range. It's no Bullwinkle, but it kicks Captain Planet's butt.

    This series is an excellently done adaptation of the classic LSH comic book characters. Utter purists will be displeased (although one should point out to such snobs "which" version of the LSH they thought should be adapted, the 60s childlike version, the 70s revoltomatic, the 80s perfections, or the 90s darkathon...), but, all in all, it is exceedingly well done for something which must also appeal to kids 8-12. It certainly lacks the subtle intellect of, say, Bullwinkle, but it is still quite competently done, and manages to have a strong appeal to anyone who can allow for the fact that there won't be deeply complex emotional characterization considering the primary target age range. The characters are engaging if not overly complex, the plots, so far, are interesting riffs off of classic LSH plotlines, and the animation is adequate for series TV. Add to that a rockin' title theme and the result is, if not classic TV, certainly a nicely done adaptation of what, with over 25 regular members, 30 years of history and a vast plethora of villains, is one of the most complex superhero groups in the comic books.
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