Legion of Super Heroes

The CW (ended 2008)





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  • A doomsday weapon is mysteriously activated.

    I missed the entire first season of this show and just got around to watching the last episodes on DVD. The teaser opening of this ep suffers a bit from predictability but is nicely done. The real story begins when the team gets a distress call from an uninhabited star system where weapons of mass destruction have been stored. One of the weapons has somehow become activated. The Legion arrives just as the weapon is forcing its way out of the secured facility. The scenes where the device slips past individual members of the team are suspenseful. They discover that the device is a Sun Eater, weapon that destroys stars. It breaks into open space and promptly devours the system's star. There's another suspenseful, and eerie, scene involving a robot saboteur that cripples the Legion's ship as the Sun Eater sets a course for earth. Loved the cliffhanger.