Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 12

Sundown (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 28, 2007 on The CW
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The ancient organic weapon known as the Sun-Eater has been unleashed, and it lives up to its name. It heads toward Earth's sun and not even the Legion can stop it.

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  • My brother screamed to the world when the To Be Continued title cam up at the end.

    I used to think that Legion OF Superheroes was a luke warm DC cartoon that really hasn't worth the effort to watch.

    But lately after watch reruns in the holidays with my brother,I have been proven wrong, and here was the turning point.

    It started off, lets be honest...predictable (seriously did anyone not see that simulation coming) and the whole Bouncing Boy as team leader took a lot of getting used to.

    But I liked the epic feel that this one had and for once they didn't secede threw another one of Brainy's plans, but instead lost, failed and were left with an even bigger problem to solve next episode. To Be Continuedmoreless
  • A doomsday weapon is mysteriously activated.

    I missed the entire first season of this show and just got around to watching the last episodes on DVD. The teaser opening of this ep suffers a bit from predictability but is nicely done. The real story begins when the team gets a distress call from an uninhabited star system where weapons of mass destruction have been stored. One of the weapons has somehow become activated. The Legion arrives just as the weapon is forcing its way out of the secured facility. The scenes where the device slips past individual members of the team are suspenseful. They discover that the device is a Sun Eater, weapon that destroys stars. It breaks into open space and promptly devours the system's star. There's another suspenseful, and eerie, scene involving a robot saboteur that cripples the Legion's ship as the Sun Eater sets a course for earth. Loved the cliffhanger.moreless
  • David Slack does it again!

    Ever since Teen Titans, I have always had a great fondness for the master writer, David Slack. His works are exciting, thought-provoking and entertaining to the end. Although I still prefer his Teen Titan creations, I must say I was pretty impressed with his 2-part work. The full power of the Legion of Super Heroes was unleashed, with no Legionnaire taking a bystand, and the enemies, though confusing, are very powerful. The part about Bouncing Boy learning how to become a leader may be pretty redundant to the main plot, but it adds a bit of ingenuity and creativity to the show that only Mr Slack can pull off. Go Sundown (1)!moreless
  • We have a slight problem...

    Don't know how I feel about this episode. A lot to take in, a lot to just accept and live with. Brainiac 5 instantly knows something again upon sight... Yeah I noticed that his vast knowledge contains stuff goes a long way back in history. Nothing we haven't seen before by now... As I said in an earlier review I wrote for this series, now B5 has exhausted himself as far as development goes and there is nothing new to add to him now. Bouncing Boy gets to play leader at last and at first he sucks candy pop! Can't get the simulator to go his way and panics too much. A lot of things he does early in this episode was just guesswork and suggestions (IE get the other Legions to just go about their ways) he really wasn't putting much thought into things. However, I could live with him acting as leader by the end of the episode, he did everything he was suppose to do and he was a lot better then Lightning Lad's "one of the boys!" approach or Cosmic Boy's "I'm the mature one!" leaderships. Whatever the event, things seemed to work out just fine whatever the case, the results were always intereasting, such see Brainiac 5 method against those other androids when he was put up to handle them by BB. You actually saw the other Legions breaking from their normal program somewhat as a result. I was expecting B5 in particulaur to try to talk to the other androids, instead he resorted to transform and show them what they were messing with which seemed a little off somewhat. The look he gave BB when he pushed him forward, that was priceless. You also feel the desperation as it builds in this episode. The Superman fight inside the ship although, that bit didn't go smoothly, the low-powered Superman bit wasn't the problem. Its the following bit where BB walked in and started off about how he decided to think about what Supe's said. That could have been handled a little less arkwardly. The cliffhanger at the ending leaves you asking for more, which is good for any two part storyline.moreless
  • Save the sun. Save the world. Time for the Legion of Super Heroes to save the world... again! A Sun-Eater is unleashed and that means problems.

    I thought this episode was well done. The start with the simulation was predictable and i feel like it's been done before. So I was disapointed with the start, but little did I know how far this episode would go from the boring start.

    We dive into the real action of the episode where a Sun-Eater is unleashed, it is revealed that the Controllers (who created it) may actually be behind it's activation! The Legion tries to stop it but they fail.

    The Legion fails at stopping the Sun Eater. Then the Sun-Eater goes on to eat the closest sun, which is a red sun (too bad for Superman). The planets orbiting the Red Sun are thrown out of orbit and go off to meet their icey doom.

    With it's power fully recharged it's heading off to another target. Sol.

    Now it's up to the Legion of Super Heroes to save the sun and Earth before it spins off to its icey doom.

    I think they're doing a great job with this story. For anyone who reads the comics it's very reminiscent of the Sun-Eaters first appearance in Action Comics #352. In that storyline the Legion had trouble defeating the Sun-Eater and teamed up with Villains from that era to face this impressive threat. Superman tried to stop it but due to the Sun-Eater's Red Sun absorption failed and it led to Ferro Lad defeating it but sacrificing his own life. Most likely this will be the same storyline used for this Legion episode.

    If the series really is willing to go as far as the comics and sacrifice a character so soon in it's run then I feel that there could really be great potential to the series. Even Justice League never went as far as killing off a hero. This could really be the start of something good.moreless

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