Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 13

Sundown (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 05, 2007 on The CW

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  • My brother a went threw 24 hours of agany.

    The bouncing Boy leader thing, thank goodness, paid off. It worked and that was a big surprise to me.

    I have seen my fair shear of superhero cartoons, so I get pretty good at guessing the end of the plot not far into the episode.
    But this one managed to fool me!.
    I didn't think that they would have asked the Fatal Five for help, (Oh,and what moron put them in the same prison?), I liked how the Superman's subplot did seem like just filer.

    Lastly, I liked how,...ummm,oh I forget his name, they made a character that wasn't even that well fleshed out and made his sacrifice heartfelt.

    Good two partier and I'm glad that I stuck it threw the alright episodes to get this.
  • The Legion confronts the Sun Eater.

    There are great battle scenes here. The bulk of the team tries to destroy the Sun Eater that is about to make Earth's star its next meal. In the meantime, Superman goes after the rogue being who activated the sun destroyer. With all this action, the writers still manage to squeeze in some character development as Bouncing Boy overcomes his doubts about being team leader. And, at the end, one team member--still torn over a pivotal mistake he made earlier--makes a wrenching sacrifice. But the episode suffers from having too many characters. Many of the team members don't speak a single line and flash through scenes so quickly your brain barely has time to register their appearance. Still, this is a great ending to the first season.
  • The best episode of the Legion of Super Heroes that I have ever watched.

    Ferro Lad was not a very important Legionnaire, so his sacrifice, although touching and noble, made no great impact on me as, say, Brainiac 5, would. However, his death was handled very expertly and told viewers that even the Legion cannot be wholly invincible, they require the help of even their enemies, and some sacrifices on their part, to solve any problem. I like the way all the vital characters in the tale were shown, and the speech made by Superman, plus his return, really convinced me that this was the end. It was a great ending, even if Man of Tomorrow was not a very adequate beginning.
  • To defeat the Sun-Eater, the Legion asks the Fatal Five for help. Together they build a missile to destroy it while Superman faces the Controller who's behind all of this. When the missile malfunctions, Ferro Lad sacrifices himself to save Earth.

    This episode was amazing!!!! It was interesting, exciting, adventurous, and suspenseful! What I liked about it was that the Legion had to ask the Fatal Five for help, and how Superman saw Alexis. It was also interesting to see the Fatal Five and Legion working together to build the missile. What I also liked was that we got to see new members, and almost every member of the Legion had a part in the episode. Bouncing Boy also seems to be a good leader since he created the plan and he knew the Fatal Five would betray them one way or another. I really wasn't expecting that! What I also liked about this episode was that Superman doesn't go ahead and save the Earth like always. However, he still had an important role, too. The Controller also seemed interesting and he was a good villain. When Ferro Lad sacrificed himself to save Earth and when he said "Long live the Legion" it made me and my sister sad. We think that he might be alive because of his body on the asteroid. It was interesting to see Superman go back to the past too. I can't wait for Season 2!!!
  • The season finale of the first season! What a shock!

    As the episode begins it seems that the leggionaires don't have much hope for their success. And so they set out to break the Fatal Five out of jail. With the aid of the Fatal Five they go about creating a weapon that should destroy the sun-eater. All the Legionaires and the Fatal Five go about getting the parts for the device, exept for Superman, who Brainiac and Bouncing Boy have sent to find the Controller.

    Superman finds the Controller who believes that perfection lies in chaos rather than order like the rest of the Controllers.

    Meanwhile, the Legion and the Fatal Five go against the sun-eater. They manage to break through the sun-eaters shield but the device fails. The Fatal Five reel but the Legion already had plans to stop them.

    With the device failed, the Legion believes they can't stop it.

    The Controller laughs as he beats Superman.

    They realize that the device was missing a conductor. Ferro Lad sneaks away from the rest of the Legion before they can stop him and heads to the de ice where he acts as the conductor, saying "Long live the Legion" as he dies.

    In his rage Superman takes down the Controller, who flees, but not before Superman warns him "ever step foot here again, and I'll finish what we started."

    At Ferro Lads funeral Superman gives a speech, but we see the body (possibly living) crashed into an asteroid.

    Superman is leaving in a time bubble and says "Metroplolis of bust." He arrives right before he left.

    I thought this was a very good episode. It's not often that you see a group of Super Heroes lose hope. It showed that there really was a threat to deal with.

    It was nice to see Superman go back to Smallville, hopefully he'll be back for the next season though, just older and more mature with his power.