Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 5

The Karate Kid

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 27, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

A classified prototype is delivered to a space station, but a figure emerges from the delivery ship and uses a net to ensnare several of the guards. Using a holographic projector, the intruder uses chains to capture the rest o the security team then take the prototype… only to be attacked by Superman. The masked figure uses his chains to drop a girder on the guards and Superman is forced to rescue them. Cosmic Boy and Chamelon Boy give pursuit but Cosmic Boy is caught in a non-ferrous net and Chameleon Boy distracted by another hologram. The intruder escapes, much to Chameleon Boy's dismay.

Later, Cosmic Boy gives Chameleon Boy a hard time but Superman notes they're low on manpower. There's only one thing they can do: test new applicants. Calamity King's demonstration of his bad luck abilities goes all too well and they send him away. The next applicant, Nemesis Kid, has been tracking the thief, Grimbor, on behalf of the Science Police. He also has a superpower, the ability to neutralize other superpowers. Cosmic Boy has Nemesis Kid replace Chameleon Boy, much to the latter's irritation.

Superman takes Chameleon Boy with him to Asteroid K-19 to recruit another new member. The asteroid has houses a battle arena and they spot the guards tossing out one human. Superman enters the ring to fight the champions and test their abilities, and finally only the human, "Karate Kid," is left. He takes on Superman, despite his lack of superpowers, and manages to knock him out of the ring by using his momentum against him. The crowd is even more impressed when Superman revels who he is… and extends an invitation to Karate Kid.

Superman introduces Karate Kid to the rest of the team, but they're less then impressed with the fact that he has no super powers. Karate Kid is assigned to support duties collecting laundry. Meanwhile, Nemesis Kid reviews security tapes of the equipment that Grimbor has stolen but hasn't been able to figure out what the connection is. Chameleon Boy is happy at Nemesis Kid's failure, but Superman notes that Karate Kid is spending all of his spare time sparring with a holographic Grimbor.

Chameleon Boy and Karate Kid are on the bridge when they get word of another robbery. Chameleon Boy suggests they go in on their own and they chase after Grimbor. Grimbor disables Karate Kid's jet scooter as the rest of the team arrives. Grimbor ensnares Chamelon Boy then blinds Cosmic Boy and knocks out Nemesis Kid. Cosmic Boy frees them both but one of the nets is rigged to explode. The other s leave by flight ring and Chameleon Boy is forced to protect Karate Kid, who doesn't have a ring. Unimpressed, Cosmic Boy sends Karate Kid home.

Cosmic Boy and Nemesis Kid have tracked a clue Grimbor's lair but Chameleon Boy is suspended and he chats with Karate Kid as he leaves. Even Karate Kid has lost his determination until Chameleon Boy gives him a pep talk. The rest of the team arrives at Grimbor's base, unaware that he knows they're there. Meanwhile, Chameleon Boy and Karate Kid have figured out that Grimbor left deliberate evidence to lure the team into a trap. They can't get through due to background radiation so head off on their own

Grimbor goes after Timber Wolf and uses a weapon to strip him of his powers before enchaining him. His weapon proves equally effective against Lighting Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Superman. Nemesis Kid arrives but Grimbor reveals that his power is based on Nemesis Kid's power and subdues him as well. Grimbor reveals he is working on Imperiex just as Chamelon Boy arrives… and loses his power as well.

Only Karate Kid is left and is immune to Grimbor's power-draining weapon. Karate Kid subdues him fighting with his bare hands, but Imperiex's destruto-bots arrive. Grimbor escapes while Karate Kid takes on the robots. Chameleon Boy realizes that his double-jointedness lets him escape from the bonds, and he then restores the others' powers using Grimbor's weapon. Karate Kid goes after Grimbor, triggering an explosive device on his belt and seemingly destroying him when his chains are caught within a shaft.

Later, Chameleon Boy is working off punishment for his disobeying of orders and Nemesis Kid arrives to provide some support duties for Karate Kid. Finally, Karate Kid is awarded his flight ring and is sworn in as a Legionnaire.


Karate Kid

Val Armorr first appeared in Adventure Comics #346, created by Jim Shooter. He first joined the Legion as one of four members, along with Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad, and Nemesis Kid. He was subsequently framed as a traitor working for the Khund invaders, and cleared his name by revealing that Nemesis Kid was the traitor. Karate Kid went on to serve term as Legion Leader and train many of his fellow Legionnaires in hand-to-hand combat.

Karate Kid eventually married Princess Projectra and they retired to her home planet of Orando. The Legion of Super-Villains invaded the planet and Karate Kid sacrificed himself to defeat their plans after being beaten to the point of death by his rival Nemesis Kid. Post-Crisis, he has returned in at least two Legion reboots as of the time of this episode airing, not substantially different from his original incarnation.

Karate Kid has no quantifiable super power, and relies solely on his skill and training. He is the reputed master of every known martial art form and with proper concentration and focus, can shatter even near-unbreakable substances like inerton. He is capable of (briefly) holding his own against metahumans as powerful as the pre-Crisis Superman. He is also a master of meditative techniques, making him resistant to mental domination.

Nemesis Kid

Hart Druiter first appeared in Adventure Comics #346, created by Jim Shooter. He possesses the alchemical ability to defeat any one opponent, but his power fails him when he's confronted by multiple opponents. He became a member of the Legion but it was revealed that he was actually an infiltrator sent by the Khund Empire as a prelude to invasion. He framed Karate Kid as the traitor but was eventually revealed and made his escape. He later returned as a member (and eventually the leader) of the Legion of Super Villain. After fatally injuring Karate Kid, he was executed by her husband Queen Projectra. This is his first appearance in the animated universe.

Grimbor the Chainman

Grimbor first appeared in Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes #221. A master craftsman, he came into contact with Charma, who possessed the psionic ability to dazzle men into loving her. Together they captured the Legion and attempted to blackmail R.J. Brande, but were foiled by Shrinking Violet. Later Charma was killed in prison and Grimbor swore revenge, first attacking the Legion and later putting the Earth in energy chains. The Legion thwarted him and he was imprisoned in one of his own cells.

Grimbor has greater-than-average strength and endurance, possibly from coming to a heavy-gravity planet. His greatest ability is his talent for forging chains, cells, and traps capable of restraining any and all opponents regardless of their super powers.