Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 5

The Karate Kid

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 27, 2007 on The CW

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  • So Karate Kid can Beat Superman... Riiiiight...

    Karate Kid is the one character in the legion that low tier villians and henchman cannot beat. He is able to match up to the likes of Timber Wolf on skill alone but he'll never beat some others... Like Superman. In fact half the legion (that is those without brawn to back them up) cannot take on Karate Kid without resulting to use their powers against him. So while he is a normal everyday joe, he does have his reason for being there. He beat Superman, but he didn't use Kryptonite and his battle with Superman was really weak. He beat superman out of luck really. Disappointing, there were overall too many weak moments like that this episode. Cosmic Boy was just annoying and continues to be a prize winning jerk in this season. Overall Superman might as well have not been there. Disappointing as his clone has been centre stage all season, in fact the Supe's as a whole might as well have not been in the show so far outside the first episode. I which they'd had shown more then one moment with the additions where things went horroribly wrong, that was so much fun in the last season. Oh and N.Kid, why do I have a feeling later on in the season Imperix is gonna use you to beat the future Superman? Considering you turned against the Legion in the comics, lets start beating how long your recruitment will last shall we?
  • The Legion gets their version of Robin: The Karate Kid.

    Due to the fight with Imperiex, the Legion has been spread out thin. To solve this, they Legion decide, to much as Lighting Lad's horror, to hold Auditions. They get Nemesis Kid, who can negate Super-powers (rather than counter them like in the comics) and is a kiss-up to Cosmic Boy. Superman goes out of his way to pick up a 30th Century version of Robin, Karate Kid.
    The episode is mostly around Chameleon Boy, which is fine. The episode shows us that we have have to learn to our natural powers, like hand-to-hand combat, rather than superpowers( Wait, aren't the powers of the Legion are natural to them?)Love the idea of Karate Kid trying to live up with people with powers. The only problem was when Karate Kid left the Chain-man to be blown up, sure it was 'mystery' death, the kind that anyone in comics can live through, but didn't TimberWolf almost got expelled from the Legion for 'killing' his old man? Maybe this case is different because the Chain-man was a convicted bad-guy. A pretty average episode at best.