Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 5

The Karate Kid

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 27, 2007 on The CW



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    • Superman: (about Karate Kid) His powers might not be super, but his attitude is.
      Chameleon Boy: His attitude is just too perfect. And guess what: It's annoying!

    • Grimbor: These traps are an extension of my will. I find everyone eventually succumbs to them.
      Lightning Lad: Oh, yeah? Talk to the hand! (fires lightning).

    • Nemesis Kid: The name's Nemesis Kid.
      Lightning Lad: Look, unless you have the power to make us forget this day ever happened, go home. We're done.

    • Superman: Please state your name and superpower.
      Calamity King: Well, the name's Calamity King. I cause a little bad luck wherever I go.
      Cosmic Boy: And exactly how does this power manifest itself?
      (Chameleon Boy suddenly trips up, spilling his drink on Lightning Lad)
      Lightning Lad: (sighs) We'll get back to you.

    • Chameleon Boy: Nowhere to run now, buddy. (attacks a hologram Grimbor, and the real one escapes) Except maybe to that exit.

    • Karate Kid: For every obstacle there is a solution.

    • Cosmic Boy: Inspiring, but this isn't the Legion of Guys Who Try Really Hard.

    • Chameleon Boy: Tough break, you must be pretty bummed.
      Karate Kid: I was. But then, I just reminded myself there is a solution for every obstacle.
      Chameleon Boy: Yeah, did you get that from the motivational posted in the break room?

    • Chameleon Boy: So, laundry's part of your greater destiny. The universe sure works in mysterious ways.

    • Karate Kid: For every obstacle, there is a solution.
      Chameleon Boy: Oh, thank you for that, Lacking-A-Firm Grasp-On-Reality Lad.

    • Karate Kid: I don't have a super power to help.
      Chameleon Boy: But you do. It's your determination. And it's just as good a power as flight, strength, or heat vision.
      Karate Kid: Even as good as shapeshifting?
      Chameleon Boy: You wish.

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    • Buffing:
      At one point in the episode while doing menial chores for the Legion Karate Kid takes a buffer and uses it to wax and buff. This alludes to the Karate Kid film series named after the comic character and Mr. Miyagi's line from the movie, "Wax on, wax off."

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