Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 1

The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 22, 2007 on The CW

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  • A little diapointing.

    I liked the new designs for most of the character.
    Brainy looked more mature and a little older which I found was a good move.
    Also ,Lightening Lad's new look made him seem as if he'd grown up considerably and his usual hot head self was gone some what.
    But that aside I found this a little furan and for some reason I missed the real Superman and found that his clone didn't cut it, though I think that's what you were supposed to feel.
    With the added bonus of a new villain that I'd never see before, it was a little crowded, even though not much really happened in it plot wise.
    With a goal of bettering Sundown,it never really had a chance, but it's an OK episode.
  • So the "Superman" clone plot reappears.

    Seriously, over the years the number of clones of Superman has gotten out of hand... Instead of supplying the viewer with yet another examples of someone trying to improve on Superman, they you have invented another character. Oh wells... A lot of this episode is just nod and accept it as it hits you in the face. Its not good for a season to start off this rushed as the viewer gets spoon fed data, but at least its a two parter this time. And whereas in the last season, B5 was the one holding secrets on Superman's past, now it seems the future Superman is holding secrets to B5, a reverse of roles almost. B5 seems to get an idea as to what he means at least without getting the details and came back with his own comment to Supe's about what he is suppose to be. So the contining theme of B5 secrets carries on into season 2, I expect as this season is destiny revealing we'll learn more later. And if B5 doesn't go into villian mode this time round, expect it in the next two seasons. The vibes from this are that strong. Overall, nice animation, which is a plus to any new series season. Lets see where this goes.
  • Hey, fun stuff!

    Well, this first episode was, interesting.. Can't help but feel that DC comics are really trying to create new material from old stuff.

    Anyways, it's a comic and for what it's worth, it's entertaining, in the way DC's the Batman, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, etc... are.

    It's funny to see how they are playing with the character's styles, hairdos, etc..

    The story line has a few plot holes, as usual, such as, Superman Clone? with vastly different powers, binding kryptonite to his genes, to make him not vulnerable to it?

    LOL, that was funny, especially since kryptonite kills any kryptonian cells. But heck, it's all in good fun :) Perhaps this clone is BASED on Superman's DNA, not MADE, and that would go better :)

    Anyways, bottom line, it should be interesting to see how they play with the various Legion mythos :)
  • This episdode is very true to the silver age comic books as far as the change in triplicate girl. However the term "Jumps the shark" is when Fonzie jumped the shark on Happy Days and the show went down hill. This episode DOES NOT Jump the shark.

    This episdode is very true to the silver age comic books as far as the change in triplicate girl. However the term "Jumps the shark" is when Fonzie jumped the shark on Happy Days and the show went down hill. This episode DOES NOT Jump the shark. There is a website www.jumptheshark.com where you can rate different shows and if and when they jumped the shark. As far as this episode goes I am anxious to see how much older superman will be when he returns to the future and if they will make any references to his appearance on The Batman this season.
  • when a new superman from the future emerges, the legion finds their way fighting for the survival of their reality against Imperiex the Conquerer

    There is only three words that can truly sum up this episode: Holy Freaking crap! but since Tv.com requires at least 100 words, I'll do my best.
    Lets start out with the beginning of the episode (I'm not even gonna touch that weird "training sequence"). The new opening sequence really set the mood and got me a little excited. The conflit between "Superman" and Brainiac 5 was really compelling and even set the stage for the rest of the series. the origin of the superclone was good, but not groundbreaking. Imperiex was great, but Im positive he'll become even better for the rest of the season. The episodes high point was its action, but over all the episode was just a set up for what I hope to be one of the greatest DC show seasons ever
  • i don't know what Jumps the Shark means, but it's great

    this Episode is GREAT. it's totally new. the kids have grown up, and new characters have come aboard.
    Where's Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy? i guess they are on a mission. (she doesn't have a profile on the intro, but does appear in a line-up). I hope the blue girl joins(ShadowLass?).
    I don't like how Timberwolf looks like Michael Jackson from the 90s. i Don't like how Brainiac and SupermanX bicker when they need to focus on getting out alive. I'm sad for Triplicate Girl (no spoilers here), but glad for more elements of reality, and how dangerous being a hero is. Upon rewatching the beginning, i see the change to her is going to be permanent.
    This is totally great, even better than season 1, and more appealing to non-kids.