Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 2

The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 29, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

The Legion realizes that they've arrived after Imperiex made it to the past, and Brainiac warns that Imperiex will have to cause even more devastation to disrupt the future as they saw. They find an unconscious Phantom Girl buried beneath the rubble and she warns that it wasn't Imperiex who attacked their base, but… "all of them." Elsewhere in the city, the Legion is fighting the Fatal Five, and the Light Speed Vanguard (now the Legion of Super-Villains).

The future team arrives and helps their overwhelmed comrades. Emerald Empress' Eye is damaged by Matter-Eater Lad and her teammates leave her to teleport away. The injured Legionnaires are taken to the hospital and Triplicate Girl (now Duo Damsel) finds herself unable to explain to Bouncing Boy what happened. Saturn Girl and Matter-Eater Lad are out of action, and Emerald Eye explains that Imperiex freed her and the other villains from Takron-Galtos, and imprisoned the Legion team sent to recover them. Kell-El insists on going after Imperiex but the other Legionnaires insist on regrouping with their comrades. Bouncing Boy suggests they contact Superman from the 21st century to reinforce their numbers. Brainiac 5 travels back into the past and returns second later with an older Superman from several years in his future from the last time they met him.

Kell-El is not impressed with his "ancestor," especially when he backs up the other Legionnaires in their plan to recover their teammates. An upset Lightning Lad broods over Saturn Girl's comatose body. While Brainiac 5 prepares, Duo Damsel's remaining two selves try to come to terms with their loss, with Bouncing Boy's help.

Imperiex attacks the Legion headquarters to access Computo, and Brainiac 5, Superman and Kell-El go after him. However, Imperiex has held Validus in return and teleports away. The group goes after him but Imperiex overrides their self-destruct and the Legion Cruiser blows up. Fortunately, the remaining Legionnaires are nearby in a battle cruiser and rescue them. Kell-El goes off again on his own, while Bouncing Boy tries to reassure Duo Damsel that she's still a valuable part of the team.

The team gets to Takron-Galtos and finds their comrades imprisoned… and also the villains waiting for them. Lightning Lad goes after Esper in revenge for her attacking Saturn Girl, while Duo Damsel finds herself off-balance without her third. The villains take her hostage to force the others to surrender. They prepare to kill them but Kell-El arrives and frees all the Legionnaires. Kell-El admits he came back to get reinforcements, while the combined heroes take down the villains. Lightning Lad defeats Esper Lass and prepares to kill her, but Phantom Girl convinces him not to kill. Duo Damsel also recovers as Bouncing Boy promises she can always lean on him.

The villains are imprisoned and Emerald Empress is reunited with her teammates in prison. Brainiac 5 thanks both of them and rechristens Superman X as Kell-El.

On a distant planet, Imperiex and Validus arrive to recruit the Dominion into their intergalactic army.