Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 2

The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 29, 2007 on The CW

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  • A super-duper bad guy has escaped from the future to the um, closer future. Yes, and on his tail are the legionaries and Superman X. They obtain Superman the original from the past and then start attempting to kick butt.

    For some reason, I'd never heard of this show until today. Considering that I'm a semi-big fan of superhero shows, that's not really a good sign. But the show isn't awful, surprisingly. Or at least, it's not as awful as you might think from watching the beginning to the second season. Putting aside Brainiac's supercrush on Superman, the show actually becomes somewhat interesting. It has a huge cast for starters, of which only half are annoying. Superman X, in particular, is definitely a cool character, possibly because, as Superman the original mentions, he's a lot like Batman. And we all love Batman, even though his kids WB show is beyond dumb. Other characters, such as Lightening Lad and Triplicate Girl are fun, even if they are cliche. Triplicate's big issue with losing one of her triplicates is a bit baffling at first, because, um, hello? It's not like she's dead. And she doesn't appear to have lost anything substantial from the attack, though her fighting skills are a bit hampered. Bouncing Boy comes through for her, involving some very cute dialogue. Most interesting of all to me was Imperiex, who seemed to be a mixture of Darkseid and the original Brainiac. He makes a good villain, if a bit of a flat one. After all, neither the original Brainiac nor Darkseid were ever known for having great character depth. All in all, I might watch this show if I'm bored, but otherwise there's probably better things for me to watch. Like JLU for the fortieth time.
  • Ah and now for the serious stuff

    So we begin the second episode find half the legion is taken out... Matter-Eater Lad made me laugh. It was nice to see B5 rush in after Superman, some serious action this episode. But the icing on the cake was definatly Dou Damsel and Bouncing Boy. Don't kill me, but DD looks better then TG, even if she isn't whole. In the comics she goes on to futher loose her 2nd self and get that one back later on... Don't know if the writers will go that far but her moments are the best part of this episode. Lightning Lad + Phantom Girl's involvment with finishing off Esper Lass didn't thrill me. Seriosuly, that was the most 2D moment in the episode and could have been done better. I would have made P.Girl be a little more serious, add a tad of dramaticness, like have her hair flicker a bit as she put herself between Lightning Lad and Esper. You know, just to make that a more interesting scene then a pretty speach. The kick afterwards, just didn't bring home the bacon.
  • Wow, They really fixed this show up nicely. People who make "Smallville",take a hint from these guys.

    Very nicely done, this show is really starting to mirror the comics, which is what the fans want. The death of Ferro Lad, The Sun-Eater, The creation of Duo Damsel,and the introduction of the Dominators was a really nice add-on to the series. Now they just need to bring in Valor/Mon-el and that would work out great.

    Now 2 minor things that kept me from giving a perfect score.

    1. That is not Imperiex. Imperiex is DC's version of Galactus, he is bigger then a planet, even his drones are larger.

    2. Instead of introducing Superman X here, they should've just brought in Superman 1 Million from the comics. He has a very similar origin to Superman X but the fans would've loved it more, and it could've opened the door to more DC 1 Million characters on the show.

    But all in all this episode and the previous one have been spectacular, ever since episode 10 of the last season this show has been steering away from being a kiddy show that real comic fans would balk at, to more like the Justice League Unlimited Series which was a smash success.

    This show proves that if you write a comic book show for the actual fans of the comic you will do well. Keep up the good work and the good shows.
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