Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 9

The Substitutes

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 17, 2007 on The CW

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  • This should be my favourite episode in Legion of Superheroes.

    I have been sorely disappointed by the lineup of episodes provided by the show, Legion of Superheroes. However, I found a new reason to watch the show thanks to this episode. Not every superpower is great, cool and worthy of mention. Some, like Colour Kid, are very useless, pointless, and even silly, but that does not stop these superheroes from doing what they do best- saving the universe.
    I especially like Bouncing Boy's encouragement towards the failed auditioneers- that a setback is not permanent. Once they had proven their worth, the Legion was actually extending an invitation for them to join the next audition. However, them deciding to form their own team was the right thing to do, I felt.
  • Ah! When you need a Superhero... Just call the Substitutes!

    A group of failing Superheroes didn't appeal to me when I first read the info on this episode, but the GREAT thing is the way they were handled. You can laugh at their failures, cry at their sorrows and enjoy just watching them. It also highlights even the seemingly "perfectness" of the major Legion members, creating a nice contrast. The Substitutes constant bungling leds you to realise how far the Legion itself has come and makes you realise how little attention they pay to small details... Like where the creatures are coming from in the first place. And when the Subs find out, it highlights another problem with the Major Legionaires; the inablity to listen to the little guy when he is trying to tell them a critical detail. It wasn't they didn't want to, it was Brainiac and co didn't think they were going to say anything important becuase they were busy. So by the end of the episode, you can live with the idea that there is a bungling "team b" in the Legion and not find it a problem. The other great thing about this episode is seeing different Superhero powers put to use, from the show-off demostration of Matter-Eater Lad to the uselessness of Colour Boy's powers, just the variety is unbelievable. It was also nice seeing the Subs trying to find a use for their otherwise "useless" abilities in a situation clearly out of their league. You don't have to watch this episode - but you MUST watch this episode.
  • When the Legion is busy fighting monsters that are eating the Earth's ionosphere along with two new members, a villain named Starfinger attacks the city. Now its up to the rejects of the Legion audition to save the day, but can they?

    This episode was alright. It wasn't the best of the episodes so far, but it was still pretty good. What was interesting was to see a lot of new characters from the comics like Star Boy, Element Lad, Sun Boy, Tyroc, Blok, Matter-Eater Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Infectious Lass, and Stone Boy. It didn't seems to have as much excitement and adventure like the previous episodes, but it had a good plot and theme. The episode had some funny moments but Starfinger seemes pretty weird. If his character was made a little more serious then it would become much better. He reminds me a lot of Control Freak from Teen Titans. It was cool to see the auditions and the new members of the Legion. Now the Legion of Substitute Heroes has finally formed. Overall, it was a good episode but not the best.
  • A hilarious look and the 'B heroes' in the DC Universe

    This episode is exactly why I love super heroes. Anybody can save the world, all it really takes is enough heart and guts and you too can save the world! This episode taps into one of the main attractions of shows like this, superhero adventures. Everybody likes to think they could save the world, given the right opportunity...just look at what Bouncing Boy told them. Well this episode proves it is in fact possible, even when not in the best of circumstances. Left without the Legion to fall back on, this rag tag group rises to the occasion and in a hilarious caper, saves the world! Astonishing even their idols, the Legion of Super Heroes