Legion of Super Heroes

Season 1 Episode 2

Timber Wolf

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 30, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

A scientist asks the Legion to help him capture what he claims is a dangerous creature, but both the creature and the scientist have a dark secret.

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  • Very very unoriginal... I cannot count how many times I've watched episodes about people being mutated with animals.

    I confess, this episode is the limit. It was much worse than Man of Tomorrow and basically repeats what has been mentioned in other shows. I gave it a pass simply out of the fact that it is a new show and I do not want to rate it too badly yet. There were hardly any villains in this episode save for the scientist who does not really do much anyway. I do not understand why the robots went insane and attacked them either- did the scientist not hire them to subdue Timber Wolf for him? The major fight scenes were centred around these lame robots and that giant octopus/squid creature in outer space. Bleah. I hope future episodes peak up or else I may be forced to fail them, which I have never done before.moreless
  • Introducing Timber Wolf!

    Well... Saturn Girl + Timber Wolf was standard "Beauty and the Beast" type standard plot used in other shows, which kind of let the episode down. Not very orginal. Bouncing Boy and Brainiac 5 get some development on the side line which was the second highlight of the episode other then Timber Wolf. Incidently Brainiac 5's "vilation of personnel space" on Bouncing Boy was one of my favourite moments. Having been used to freakish strenching necks from Mr Fantasic of Fantasic 4 and Luffy from One Piece, I didn't find it disturbing when Brainiac 5 stretched his neck. What was disturbing was how Brainiac 5 ended up entangled and bounced everywhere when the ship hit atmosphere while he was stretched out like that. We also learn a little more about Saturn Girl's abilities other then the standard minder reader/controller etc.

    As for Timber Wolf. I'm not a fan of characters like him, but he has a cool character, right now he feels flat due to being introduced as another "parent experimented on me" character. That changes in later episodes I might add and he soons grows on you.moreless
  • Legion Gains a Member and Gets More Serious

    Having not read the “Legion” comics, I judged this as a cartoon watcher and was impressed. Aside from the usual action sequences and humorous remarks, there was some good quality story-telling here. Saturn Girl’s intellect and understanding are able to break through to a disturbingly vicious looking creature that the Legion encounters on their next mission. However, this creature and the scientist who reports it are not all that they appear to be.

    Braniac 5 is charming as ever for his flawless expectations that get ruffled up by Bouncing Boy’s humor—“Improvising!!” If anything, this is what separates the humans from the droids…and the humans from the animals.

    Coming from a critical view, I found the subtext harsh. “Children expect their parents to protect them. The only thing I was to you was a science experiment,” Brin accuses his father. There’s a lesson on child abuse. And even when he remarks, “Never again”, I was reminded of the motto of WWII survivors who survived the menacing tortures of Nazi death camps and were subjected to becoming experiments. Aside from this brush with parallel history, it’s a good episode. The Legion gains a new member, Saturn Girl’s abilities prove to bring out the best of others, and Braniac 5 can happily decide on how to program his next spaceship navigation system.moreless
  • Hurray! New character!

    Summary: A scientist asks the Legion to help him capture what he claims is a dangerous creature, but both the creature and the scientist have a dark secret.

    Final thoughts: Good episode, took a step down from the pilot but this episode is reccomended to all Legion fans!

    Timber Wolf, is a great addition to the team. He quick, strong and fits in with the rest of the members.

    It's really sad, how his own father, used him as an experiment.

    Anyways, I'm very curious about all the members as Timber Wolf was doing his pledge. I wonder which one is which. Triplicate Girl and Phantom Girl appear at the back. But I know which one was Cosmic Boy. I hope he appears in a future episode.moreless
  • Welcome to the team Timber wolf

    This is the first episode that Timber Wolf is in. And he joins the team in this episode aswell. It all starts when the legion gets a call that a professor is in trouble. So they rush all the way to the planet, crash land, just to find that all he wanted was for them to find a creature of his that got lose and was destroying his work. The legion agrees, but when they find out that the creature is the professors son they have a change in heart. In the end Timberwolf wrecks the lab, leaves his dad and joins the legion.moreless

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