Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • Argh... Not good episode.

    I don't know who came up with this one... Now I expect the last 5 episodes of any series to be a hyped up event. In other words, the best of the best a show could produce. It looks like they got to "In the beginning" and fell dead on how to end this series.

    Okay, Legion has run over 50 years now. In those 50 years, there have been plenty of villians and stories to grasp upon, Like the Fatal Five and Time Trapper. We got the Fatal Five, but no Time Trapper, or any of the other many villians (I'd name others if I could spell their names). when we get a villian, he is throw away, you know, like those cheap James Bond Villians you see in his movies. Of course they were going to die... They were created to be one offs! They wasted this eps villian... The big powerful wizard who could have been so much, yet turned out to be so little. This guy is capable of incredible things... Yet he was down-sized thanks to some cheap plot. And where was the explaination as to why Kel-El couldn't say such a simple word. Just one "I can't get my tongue around it!" or something better then that would have done... Instead we're left to believe the difference of an IQ of a chimp isn't much better then Kel's IQ.