Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 7

Unnatural Alliances

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 17, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

On a barren planet, several rocket-cycle riding men approach a farm. The man approaches the woman owner and demands Abel, but the woman denies knowing who Abel is. When the man prepares to shoot her, the Legion intervenes. They attack the intruders, the robotic Terra-Man and his henchmen. The villain manages to confine Kell-El then go into the house to confront Abel: a young boy. Terra-Man prepares to kill Abel but Kell-El bursts free and flies the boy to safety while the remaining Legionnaires take out the others, burying them under rubble. The boy hangs on to Kell-El, while the others determine that the woman guarding him is dead. After the Legionnaires depart, Terra-Man and the others emerge from the rubble. En route on a Legion cruiser, Brainiac 5 and Duo Damsel examine the equipment to get a clue and suggest Kell-El look in on Abel. Brainiac 5 realizes that the metal is self-regenerating and comes from the 41st century. They're interrupted when destructo-bots surround the Legion cruiser and Imperiex demands they turn Abel over to him. The Legion refuse to surrender him and Kell-El gives Abel his Legion flight ring. Bouncing Boy takes the cruiser through the line of robots but some of them board the cruiser. Kell-El and Star Boy go outside to fight them while Terra-Man and his henchmen burst into the ship from a separate angle. Bouncing Boy gets the cruiser clear, but Terra-Man boards and distracts them with a hologram. He gets to the bridge and grabs Abel, then entangles the Legionnaires and escapes through the hull. Kell-El and Star Boy confront him but Terra-Man ensnares them as well. He reveals that he's not working for Imperiex, who arrives and attacks Terra-Man. The two fight and Terra-Man is knocked away. Imperiex grabs Abel and flies off, with Kell-El flying after them. Star Boy uses his gravity powers to form a planet around Terra-Man. Kell-El confronts Imperiex, who reveals that Abel will develop the technology that will lead to Imperiex's own creation. Kell-El realizes that Terra-Man is on the same mission that he is: to destroy Imperiex. Kell-El refuses to kill Abel, even though his death would eliminate Imperiex from the time stream. Imperiex notes that Kell-El has gone soft and blasts him away, then leaves with Abel and sics his destructo-bots on Kell-El. Star Boy comes to Kell-El's aid and together they defeat the destructo-bots and head back to the cruiser. The others are conducting repairs and Kell-El wonders if he's grown weak. Duo Damsel points out that he's learned compassion and is finally acting like a hero. Outside, Terra-Man breaks free of the planetoid and Kell-El confronts him. Terra-Man reveals that he was part of another plan by Kell-El's creators, in case he failed. Kell-El insists on going with him and allies with them to incapacitate the Legoin cruiser so they can go off on their own to finish their mission. Imperiex takes refuge on a planetoid and tells Abel the story of how he was once a slave but rose to conquer a galaxy, and was merged with technology to become the ultimate warrior, the destroyer of galaxies. Terra-Man finds Imperiex and sends his robotic henchmen in, only to discover Kell-El has destroyed them. Kell-El confronts Imperiex and suggests another purpose, now that he's used Terra-Man to track Imperiex down. They ally to protect Abel. Terra-Man attacks them both and knocks down Kell-El and Abel comes to his aid. Imperiex attacks and weakens Terra-Man, then he and Kell-El combine forces to destroy the robotic bounty hunter once and for all. Imperiex attacks the weakened Kell-El but the Legion arrive and knock him back. Satisfied that his future is safe, Imperiex teleports away and Kell-El is happy that they've found Abel a new home. ----- Star Boy Star Boy first appeared in Adventure Comics #282 and was created by Otto Binder and George Papp. Originally Thom Kallor of the planet Xanthu, Thom had the power to increase any person or object's mass. The character as seen here is based on Mark Waid's 2004 Legion reboot, but has the power to decrease mass. Terra-Man In the DC comics, Toby Manning was a boy living in the 19th century Old West outlaw killed by an alien criminal. The alien adopted the boy and erased his memories of his father's death, but Toby remembered a clue his dying father left. The alien trained Toby to use alien futuristic technology, which Toby adapted to suit what he remember of Earth. He eventually killed the alien and returned to Earth to seek out the world's greatest "lawman." Due to time dilation he arrived 100 years later and fought Superman from the back of his alien pegasus-like horse, Nova. Post-Crisis, Toby Manning first appeared in Superman #46 (August 1990) and was an environmental terrorist who ruthlessly fought to protect animals and took any steps against humans to do so. He dressed as a cowboy and possessed technology giving him super-strength and the ability to project tornadoes. Other then sharing the name, the character seen here bears no resemblance to either comic book incarnation.
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