Legion of Super Heroes

Season 2 Episode 7

Unnatural Alliances

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 17, 2007 on The CW

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  • A team of bounty hunters arrives from the future to kill a small boy who is key to an upcoming catastrophic event.

    Exciting episode. It has a revealing and completely unexpected twist that results in the most unlikely of alliances being forged. We get a look inside Kell-El and Imperiex that makes both characters more sympathetic than I would have thought possible. The robotic bounty hunters are awesome and virtually unstoppable, making for some of the most impressive opponents faced by the Legion. Smash them apart and they self-repair, then keep coming. The plot is straight out of "The Terminator" but it is very well written and is given enough of an edge to liven up the premise significantly. Definitely one of the better episodes, out of a very good season.
  • This episode is a lot like The Terminator, But thats OK. This episode is awesome!

    This episode is really very cool. It's a lot like the Terminator. There are these dudes that come from the future to kill a little boy because he does something agaist them when he grows up. But is this great thing for good, or evil? I really like this episode, it has some more character development for Kell El. We also learn more about the Leagons most feared enemy, Impereax. The bounty hunters in this are very cool. They also look very scary and tough! This episode has Star Boy talking, which is cool. The only bad thing in this episode is it has lots of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. I don't like either of them. Overall, Great episode!

    The battle between Imperiex and The Legion continues. Theres a gruop of bounty hunters that are set to kill a boy who later creates Imperiex, i won't reveal anymore spoilers cause it gets better. I really enjoyed this episode, it had the best animation i have seen in a long time, really good music and an excellent story line, and surprisingly violent and somewhat disturbing scenes, which i liked.
    we learn alot of Imperiex origin, and the "DARK SUPERMAN" grows a heart, really cool fighting scenes too.
    this show is very promising now, unlike last seasons.
    this show keeps getting better and better.