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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Chapter 19
      Episode 11

      Is David Haller a good person or is he heading down the path of evil? The big showdown between David and Farouk begins. Melanie and Oliver are happily reunited. Filled with love and hate, Syd intends to intervene with David's plans but Lenny comes to his rescue. With the future in mind, Cary and Syd confront David with a plan to help him which results in a surprise outcome.

    • Chapter 18
      Episode 10

      Reunion, ruination and rage. Without his parasite, David struggles to trust himself with his immense power. Melanie makes her case to Syd that David doesn’t love her and that he needs to be stopped as he is a danger. Lenny, Cary and Kerry arrive in the desert of Le Désolé. David confronts Oliver when Syd goes missing. Clark's task force arrives with the device David requested. Farouk achieves what he's been seeking and releases the Minotaur.

    • Chapter 17
      Episode 9

      The pieces of David's yet to be revealed plan are coming together even as Melanie, wallowing in her vapor, is manipulated by Farouk and/or Oliver to foil that plan including eliminating Clark.

    • Chapter 16
      Episode 8

      David and Farouk resume their hunt for Farouk's body. Learning where the body is buried, David devises a plan and psychically implants pieces of the search into the minds of the others. Although he knows where to go, David doesn't know how to get there.

    • Chapter 15
      Episode 7

      A delusion starts like any other idea, but it ends in disaster when the fear of a perceived threat is a greater threat to reality than the focus of said fear. Farouk alienates David and the race for Farouk's body is on. David agrees to some ground rules for interacting with Future Syd. With the line between hero and villain blurred, Farouk and Future Syd enter into an agreement. Ptonomy’s delusion spreads within Division 3.

    • Chapter 14
      Episode 6

      What could have been...the many possibilities that David's life could have taken.

    • Chapter 13
      Episode 5

      Villains take the spotlight and Lenny is in the center of it all. Her sudden physical resurrection has David and Division 3 suspicious and concerned. Farouk discusses morality with Oliver as he sets his plans in motion. Oliver has become a vengeful empty space who tells the Shadow King that one day he will kill him. David's reunion with Lenny leads to a shocking truth.

    • Chapter 11
      Episode 3

      While David communicates with Farouk, Division 3 goes into crisis mode when the monk breaks out of the quarantine chamber and the psychic virus spreads. David must travel into the minds of his colleagues to pull them from the mental mazes that leave their bodies totally incapacitated and their teeth chattering. Farouk reveals what happened after he was defeated by David’s father in psychic combat. Lenny is desperate to escape from Farouk's mental prison.

    • Chapter 10
      Episode 2

      After dealing with proxies, Oliver and Lenny, David meets his greatest enemy, Amhal Farouk, on the astral plane for a conversation about reality, power, and being gods. Farouk wants David to embrace his full potential so they can shape the world together. David makes contact with future Syd. Admiral Fukyama and Clark grow suspicious of David. David is frustrated by the Shadow King’s violent methods. Cary and Kerry have trouble merging.

    • Chapter 9
      Episode 1

      David has returned after being sucked into the mysterious orb and things have changed. The Summerland crew is now working with Division 3 in the quest to track down Oliver Bird who's been possessed by Amahl Farouk aka The Shadow King. David claims to have no memories of where he's been, but David's keeping secrets that threaten to pull apart his relationship with Syd.

  • Season 1