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  • Legit show, illegitimate cancellation.

    This was a fine show, one of the most humane and human on TV. Instead of giving it a decent run and letting it build an audience, what do they do?

    They run it in two short seasons, at an odd time of the years, then trash it.

    Sometimes people need time to find a show. They also need time to develop a kinship with the characters. Some of the most successful shows in television history took time to find their audience and their niche.

    This show never got a chance.

    Big studios and tv stations are wondering why they are struggling. Its not all because of the internet. Its because there are no longer smart people running the show. There's no one left in Hollywood who has any idea at all where the everyday people are at anymore. They don't have a clue.

    This show, had it been allowed to run, would have become an international favorite for years to come.

    Instead, we're probably just going to be handed more reality trash or boring propaganda shows that are neither funny nor smart.

    And Hollywood wonders why they can't find the new Archie Bunker, or Fonzi, or Mork, or Dick Van Dyke, or Mary Tyler Moore. Well, its because they've all been tossed in the trash before they get a chance to prove their worth.

  • Best comedy on TV, extremely underrated

    For the past season and a half, I marveled at the fact that only one episode out of them all was borderline boring. All the others featured TOP NOTCH acting from all the actors concerned, genuinely funny stuff, genuinely cringe-worthy stuff, and some good emotion as well. Fingers crossed that it lasts as long as possible. Check it out if you haven't - smart, ridiculous and funny at its best!
  • This is a great show

    I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a show this much. It's funny, sorta clever, a little cringey but best of all it's got heart. It makes me feel good and gives me a chuckle and it's far from sickly sweet. I really hope this sticks around ....... please.
  • Going to Hell

    When I laugh sometimes I feel like I may go to hell for laughing at the jokes on this show. But I fell in love with the show. It's rude and funny as hell. Not everyone's type of comedy but if you love comedy that is just wrong then you'll like this.
  • A clever, humane and versatile show

    It took me a while to get interested in the show, but after about four episodes I watched them all. I love how they treat another interesting topic in each episode, and I also find it very funny.

    Above all, it is not offensive at all, as some proclaim here. On the contrary, it is one of the most humane shows I know. It strengthens the rights of all people to be just "normal" human beings with all their strengths and weaknesses. For example, it's just great how Billy about always turns out to be the bravest of them all, but of course also often has the biggest mouth. If you don't understand it, I can't help you - but hey, you don't have to watch it, just return to your family sitcoms of the 90s!
  • There are no good things about this show.

    If you love "jokes" about how the protagonist is an asshole, you will love this show. I am putting "jokes" in quotes because most of the time there are no actual jokes, there is just the main character being his lousy self. This is a completely misunderstood "Louie" through the lens of someone who does not understand basic drama.

    He's mean to a guy who's dying. He's mean to hookers. He talks in front of strangers about how he wishes his future wife would die because he's a lousy husband but a great father. It's hilarious, because he's an asshole! Get it?

    I have nothing against offensive humor, in fact Louis CK is one of my favorite comedians of all time. What the author of this series fails to understand is that things do not automatically become funny just because you are being overly offensive.

    Everyone who were involved in making this series should be ashamed for not pulling the breaks.
  • so bad they need to do fake reviews...

    Not funny at all, and before leapingjudas starts telling me what I should go back to watching, I know what quality comedy is.

    Arrested Development

    Flight of the Conchords (how dare you compare them to this crap)


    Parks and Rec



    Legit is like one long fart joke, poorly acted and delivered.

    Oh and check out coffeerush122's other reviews. All spam for legit. Says something about the quality of a show when you need to sink to those depths...
  • WOW FX

    Moving Along
  • Can't Miss

    I didn't really know who Jim Jefferies was before I saw this show, but he's seriously funny. I watched the show without know anything about it mostly because I like the other FX shows so much, and I think this my new favorite. the guys stand up is funny, on youtube, but the show is so well written with the other characters and has a lot of emotion. I feel like they can get away with so much stuff because at the end of each episode so far it's really sweet. I looked it up and they're getting lots of great reviews like Louie. Here's one in case anyone wants to read it. I got it off the shows twitter page today. anyway... I think it's really funny and think people should watch it
  • Quite enjoyable

    I've been a fan of Jim Jefferies' stand up for quite some time so I wasn't going to miss this show. The first episode's story was based off one of his stand up stories but changed up a bit and most of the jokes had all been used plenty of times in stand up so it wasn't that enjoyable for me.

    I continued to watch the show regardless and was glad to find that it started to gain a footing.

    I find the show hilarious, especially Jefferies, and a breath of fresh air for comedy shows.
  • Humorous, Touching

    Very witty writing, strong characters. Anyone who doesn't see the heart Jim Jefferies is wearing on his sleeve in this character should have their eyes checked. Sure, he's annoying, but it's not malicious or even loud - his humor is hard, but it is funny. I'm a huge fan of DJ Qualls and even moreso as he goes through his career picking really unusual, tough characters to play, and doing it while making it appear effortless. I like the show so far and I hope others will find enjoyment in what I consider very heartfelt, touching humor along with an extra helping of spice.
  • Happy I tried out anyway!!

    GREAT show Laughing my .... off.

    Great performers of every actor in the show, and what a humour.

  • A brilliant, original, fresh, brave comedy

    I am not quite sure what "elyrly" was watching, however she seems to be a little sheltered. Perhaps Legit isn't the kind of show she should be watching, she may be more at home with something starring Ray Romano.

    Jim Jefferies is brilliantly cast as Jim in this irreverent yet touching comedy that somehow manages to circumvent traditional American political correctness and the need for canned laughter.

    Jim's accent - a requirement given that he is playing an exchange student (I am not sure that this Hotz character could have pulled it off) - might have something to do with the fact that he is a producer of the show, and an Australian.

    Legit is a fresh, welcome breath of air in the tired, damp, slightly humid swamp of American "comedy", and probably the best thing to happen in the US since Flight of The Conchords.

    "Elyrly", you would be advised to stick to reruns of Friends.