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  • A brilliant, original, fresh, brave comedy

    I am not quite sure what "elyrly" was watching, however she seems to be a little sheltered. Perhaps Legit isn't the kind of show she should be watching, she may be more at home with something starring Ray Romano.

    Jim Jefferies is brilliantly cast as Jim in this irreverent yet touching comedy that somehow manages to circumvent traditional American political correctness and the need for canned laughter.

    Jim's accent - a requirement given that he is playing an exchange student (I am not sure that this Hotz character could have pulled it off) - might have something to do with the fact that he is a producer of the show, and an Australian.

    Legit is a fresh, welcome breath of air in the tired, damp, slightly humid swamp of American "comedy", and probably the best thing to happen in the US since Flight of The Conchords.

    "Elyrly", you would be advised to stick to reruns of Friends.