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  • There are no good things about this show.

    If you love "jokes" about how the protagonist is an asshole, you will love this show. I am putting "jokes" in quotes because most of the time there are no actual jokes, there is just the main character being his lousy self. This is a completely misunderstood "Louie" through the lens of someone who does not understand basic drama.

    He's mean to a guy who's dying. He's mean to hookers. He talks in front of strangers about how he wishes his future wife would die because he's a lousy husband but a great father. It's hilarious, because he's an asshole! Get it?

    I have nothing against offensive humor, in fact Louis CK is one of my favorite comedians of all time. What the author of this series fails to understand is that things do not automatically become funny just because you are being overly offensive.

    Everyone who were involved in making this series should be ashamed for not pulling the breaks.