Lemonade Mouth

Disney Channel (TV Movie 2011)


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  • The music was great BUT the movie... not so much.

    I was really hyped up for this movie (well... not totally hyped up but I was kind of excited to see it). I was very disappointed in this film "Lemonade Mouth" though. It could have been a better film. I didn't expect this film to have so much drama. The drama in this film was not Disney material in my opinion and I would prefer that this movie would just stick to being a music/comedy film instead of a music/drama film. The music in this film was great though and it's music that I would probably want to have stuck in my head all day. I'm gonna be a movie critic when I grow up so if this film released in theaters then I would have given it 2 out of 4 stars because this film was just okay. Music was great but the movie...not so much. Bridgit Mendler did a good job acting in her serious role because I think that she is a good actress. Adam Hicks was pretty good too. I'm also happy that Tisha Campbell-Martin was in this film as the teacher because she did a good job with that role. Anyways, this film wasn't that great to me... I'm not saying it's bad because it's not... but it's barely an okay film and they could have used a better script. I would recommend the music in this film to everybody but the storylines in this film... I probably wouldn't. I guess I can say that this film is more for teenagers which kind of angered me because this was suppose to be a fun film for kids and everyone else to enjoy. I ONLY recommend it to teenagers. Kids will probably be bored with this film. I was bored this film and I thought it needed to have more music and less storylines. Overall, the music was great but the movie barely rates as okay. 5/10
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