Lemonade Mouth

Disney Channel (TV Movie 2011)


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  • The only Disney Channel movie I'd every watch the full thing of.

    This is the greatest Disney Channel movie of all time. It beats all other of their musical series like Starstruck, Camp Rock or High School Musical. It has so much heart in it and the music is great, too. It is based on a book which 99.99% of the people who watch this movie don't know. It is a perfect adaption of the book and I look forward to seeing sequels to this film. I don't think there's anything in this movie that I'd change besides the fact that it's filmed on location, but that doesn't bother me too much. I think this should have been released in theaters, that's how good it is. Unlike all of Disney Channel's other movies this one has heart, good story, great music and great acting. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I think anyone who doesn't like this movie needs to either watch it again or probably doesn't like it because of the music or that it's Disney, but honestly I see NO reason not to like this movie. I heard about this movie from my sister and if she found out that I love it, she would probably make fun of me. But there's nothing that I would change about this movie and I strongly recommend it. So in conclusion, just watch it and I think you should watch it. I think the drama made the movie much better and I think it actually could bring some people to tears and it doesn't matter if it didn't have enough humor or else it would probably be bad like Camp Rock or High School Musical. So in conclusion, this is the greatest Disney Channel movie of all time. 10/10 PERFECT