Less Than Perfect

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Season 4
    • After listening in on Lydia's phone call, Claude realizes that Lydia's about to cheat on Jeb, so she intervenes... but she later comes to regret it. Meanwhile Owen decides that he's going to seduce Lydia; and Jeb's plan to roast his boss takes a drastic turn when he loses his voice and sends in Kipp to give his speech.moreless
    • Banished and Famished
      Claude's annoucement for the 22nd Floor hits the rocks when Lydia adds a list saying that the 4th Floor workers are banned from the snack bar, which forces Ramona and Owen to eat in their office.
    • I Hear An Ear
      I Hear An Ear
      Episode 11
      Claude and Kip get into an argument as she as about to become assistant to Jeb and Lydia.
    • And The Award Goes To
      When Lydia feels like she doesn't get enough recognition, Jeb and Claude concoct the idea of giving her a fake award. But, the pair get too over their heads after Lydia gets too excited by the award. Owen shows off his carpentry skills to various employees. And Claude accidentally belittles Carl, which puts a strain on their relationship.moreless
    • 8.1
      Owen helps Claude deal with a moody Lydia. Carl finds out he's related to Romona. Or is he? And Kip finds that Jeb is picking on him because he is a weak target.
    • Kip Steadman's Guide To Dating
      When Kip reveals he lost his apartment with his trust fund, an unwitting Carl takes him in. Kip then gives advice to Carl about dating Claude. Kip reveals, through their hatred, he knows a lot more about Claude then he thought. Ramona and Lydia listen to Claude talk about her and Carl's relationship. Meanwhile, Jeb receives a watch from Lydia that he hates. But in the hands of Owen, it's not safe.moreless
    • Red Carpet Claude
      When Jeb is described as boring, Claude decides to get him publicity. But instead ends up getting it for herself.
    • The Owl Specialist
      Claude has owls living on her apartment roof and does her best to protect them, but gets distracted by Lydias dog, who ends up scaring them away. Meanwhile Owen tries to get someone to be his emergency contact, but no one wants the responsibility since hes so accident prone.
    • Flirting with De-feet
      Claude is concerned when Carl doesnt seem to be affected by her flirting with Ethan (Joey McIntyre), the copy repairman. Meanwhile, Ramona finds out that Kipp is making money on the side as a foot model, and she demands to get involved. Owen takes the photos of their feet together, but when they find them online, it turns out that someone has turned their shoot into a bizarre sexual scene.moreless
    • Why Are You Hurting Claude?
      Ramona detects with her "laydar" that Claude and Owen are sleeping together. Owen's in the dark until he walks into Claude's bedroom -- where it's not dark. Meawhile, Jeb & Lydia are constantly fighting at work, and Kipp loses his trust fund and looks to Ramona to help him budget his money, and Owen shops for a new doorknob.moreless
    • A Crush Grows in Brooklyn
      After a long week, Claude, Carl, Ramona and Owen enjoy a night out for happy hour at their favorite bar. A little tipsy, Claude and Carl head home and, when one thing leads to another, they end up in bed together. They decide to keep it a secret from everyone at work to protect their friendship, but their attraction to each other makes it difficult. Meanwhile, Jeb incites a power struggle between Lydia and Kipp to keep them both distracted and out of his hair.moreless
    • The Devil Wears Burberry (2)
      After quitting as Lydia’s assistant, Claude is back to “floater” status. However, the only spot available is working with Lydia, so Claude reluctantly agrees to work for her, but with conditions. Lydia’s first major assignment is to produce a complicated segment for the news. She pretends to have everything under control, but ends up breaking down and begging Claude for her help. Claude saves her only after she’s given a raise, a promotion and an apology. Meanwhile, Ramona gets a call that she may need to quit and return to the National Guard, leaving Owen and Carl freaking out.moreless
    • The Devil Wears Burberry (1)
      Upon returning from vacation, Claude learns that her boss, network anchor Will Butler, has resigned, leaving her jobless. Luckily her trusty friends, Owen and Ramona, have secured her a position as a temp on the 4th floor, right back where she started three years ago. Jeb Denton, the new anchorman, has promoted his wife, Lydia, to producer, and Claude's worst nightmare comes true when she's offered a job as Lydia's assistant. She hesitantly accepts the job on condition that she be given more responsibility, but working for Lydia proves to be a dangerous bargain. Meanwhile, Owen becomes addicted to Carl's new soft serve ice cream machine.moreless
  • Season 3
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