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  • Less Than Perfect, is almost perfect! Thus the 9.5 rating. *teehee*

    I don't often watch sit coms, but this one was a real treat. The characters were a lot of fun and the cast was so talented. It's was one of those funny little shows that never found an audience. Or at least it wasn't big enough for ABC.

    The snobs (Kipp and Lydia) try to under mind the sweet new girl (Claudia). They try to put her in her place. But Claude rises to their challenge and prevails. Claude also has very good friends that help her keep the snobs at bay. This formula is very much like what is used on Ugly Betty.

    The stand out performance is Zachary Levi as Kipp Steadman. The guy has talent to burn. And he is so cute. I was stunned when I found out that the guy that played the snarky Kipp Steadman is the same guy that plays the sweet geek on NBC's Chuck. The smiles and body language are so different.

    Bring it back! Or at least offer it as a download.
  • worste show ever

    What i dont get is how people could even consider this as a good show. The actors are bad and there jokes are even worse. Its bad seeing funny actors like Sherri Shepherd and Patrick Warburton being wasted by this unfunny show, i almost feel bad for them on how they embarress themselves by having to read out the worste and most embarressing lines iv seen on a show. If you havent ever seen this show before then DONT because it will just annoy you mostly on how the audience laughs hysterically when there not even meaning to be funny or just telling a really bad joke, personally i dont know whats the difference. I only watched this once and that was because its on after some decent shows. My rating for this show is so low beacuse after 30 minutes of watching an episode i did not laugh once. iv seen more laughs out of an horror film than this show, dont know why they would even consider this a comedy.
  • Was cancelled too early.

    Less Than Perfect, wasn't definately more than perfect, but it had tons of potential. It had a great cast, mildly good writing, and was on an okay network. However ABC decided to cancel it way too early, and they really should've done more promotion with the show. I only remember seeing Sara Rue on Ellen once to promote Less Than Perfect, and whenever Sherri Shepard was on The View they never asked her about it. Andy Dick was no help either, as well as Eric Roberts. I really think had the show caught on like Desperate Housewives, or Grey's Anatomy it might still be on. It probably wouldn't be on par with those hot shows, but it might still have possibilities of getting rating for ABC. Honestly, instead of bringing Cavemen on air, or keeping Hope and Faith for too long, they should've left Less Than Perfect on air, because it was actually an entertaining show.
  • Died with the time change

    "Less Than Perfect" was a really cute show that was doing fairly well until the fourth season when they pulled it off the air. When ABC brought it back, no former fans could find it. Is it any wonder that Eric Roberts had jumped ship?

    For its first three seasons, the show was about the two sparring factions in the office: Claude the good and her friends versus the evil Lydia and Kipp who were always trying to put her down because she wasn't as good as them. It was a cute commentary on social mobility without being at all heavy-handed.

    The show wasn't the same when it came back, and the loss of Eric Roberts really made a big difference for the worse. However, it should be remembered for its first 3 seasons, not its last one.
  • Funny comedy!

    I basically didn't see this show until one day i was flicking throught the channels and came to abc1. I'll tell you - abc1 and has non stop comedy all day, literally! so i sat down and watched it and i just couldn't stop laughing!

    It is a very funny show! Claude just makes me laugh, the way she dithers about after Will! haha, and her two friends are right blond ditzes! haha!

    I think Lyida is my favourite character, she is just so awful to everyone and i love it! lol, and Kipp is just such a dork! haha! lol!
  • This show is More Then Perfect.

    This show is just amazing. It's one of the few comedy shows that really makes me laugh from the bottom of my heart. I like Sara Rue. She is just absolutely great and faboulous. What can i say about Ramona. She makes the show even perfect. I remember Andrea Parker from The Pretender. I don't know but i think the comedy role like this is more suitable for her. Zachary Lei is good choice for the show. About Andy Dick I am not so sure but he is not bad too. I will miss the show a lot really a lot.
  • Found this while channel hopping and i'm glad i did.

    While "Less than Perfect" is indeed, less than perfect in some peoples eyes, it's still a great show and very entertaining. Sara Rue, as Claude, is perfect for the character but her slight lisp can get annoying. The first episode was full of fat jokes and some still appear, which had the opposite effect intended--it wasn't funny. Andy Dick as Owen is the highlight of the show. If you don't tune in for anything else, you should watch it because of Andy's hilarious performances. Little things that he does are the most hilarious, like while Claude is talking, in the background Owen scratches his eye with a stalk of celery. Doesn't sound that funny, but Andy Dick somehow makes it weirdly hilarious and memorable. ABC showed some episodes out of order that dealt with Claude's office boyfriend, which was confusing and annoying. The show's shortcomings are more than made up for by Andy Dick's portrayal of Owen and the many scenes that ARE funny.
  • It's a show that no one thought would be as fabolous as it is.

    No one ever thought a tiny little show as "Less Than Perfect" would be even more perfect than other shows. It's a show about life, working together as a team at one community and dating.

    Less Than Perfect should be definitely renewed for another season...and should be appreciated more than others.
  • This is definately the best show on television ever!

    I can't believe it took so long to bring this show back on Aussie TV. It was supposedly cancelled a few episodes after the second season premiere but now it is back everyday, can you believe it? I have to tape it as it is on during school which is great because on the weekends when there is nothing to do I get to sit back and enjoy it. Easily the best show on Aussie TV to date much better than classics like Friends. If they put on DVD and bring it down under I would definately line up for days just to buy it because it so creative and hilarious.
  • It's one of those shows that you shouldn't like but you can't help it.

    Less Than Perfect is centersd around Claude Cassey and her friends. I can't help but love this show. She is working in an office and makes some very self absorbed arch enimies. Thier a big part of the reason I watch this show that and the fact that I can deffenitly relate to Claude. I wonder if it's going to keep coming on. For a while I thought they had canceled the show. I was like how could they do that. It was one of my regulars and I was really into it and then big cliff hanger. Like that it was gone. For a while. I'm glad it's back for now anyways.
  • More than Perfect!!!

    This show is awesome! The ating is super and the characters are witty and funny!!! I enjoy every minute of Less than Perfect bacause it is a enjoyable, funny comedy/docementary series! All the episodes I've seen are clever and different than some others you'd see on Tv. Its a fun show and I recommend anyone to watch it because its very very funny!
  • Will Sasso and Andy Dick in the same Sitcom, WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING?????

    The show started as a way for the lead actress and star of the show to be a pretty but normal looking American(meaning fat) but Sara Rue has turned from a plus size beauty into a COMPLETE BOMBSHELL. WOW! She has really lost weight and looks amazing. The addition of Will Sasso made the show even better, he is perfect on this show as the clod neighbor and then as the cafeteria manager, Andy Dick is funny as always and the rest of the cast does a great job as well. As always with good shows, the ratings aren't that great and the network moves them around so you have to hunt to find the show and that causes even less ratings. I hope that ABC brings this show back for more seasons because it has been a delight to watch and I want to see more of Sara Rue and that HAWT nubian princess with the giant rack Sherri Shepherd, WOO!!!
  • i think this show is one of the funniest on tv

    i love this program. i have only just recently started watching it but i was instantly hooked on it. claude is my favourite but i also love owen, ramona, lydia, kipp and carl. will is funny aswell. i haven't seen that many episodes but the ones i have seen are absolutely hillarious. i think it is brilliant. i think sara rue is one of the funniest people on tv. i love all the stories and all of the characters. i think it is brilliant how the 4th floor and the 22nd floor are always argueing and how claude goes in between. just plain brilliant
  • i like ramona

    Sara Rue stars as Claude Casey, an enthusiastic assistant who loves her job working for GNB Network news anchor Will Butler. Kipp and Lydia have been determined to get rid of her. Lydia is obsessed with her upcoming wedding to Jeb and is sharing all the details with everyone at the office especially Claudia and Kipp needs Claudia's help as he struggles with his new job as Jeb's assistant. Fortunately Claudia still has the support of three friends at GNB: Ramona, Owen, and Carl. but then will bultler quits and ramona and owen find her a job as lydia's assistant.
  • I love it it's sooooooooo funny

    I love this show i thought that after friends, Frasier and just shoot me ended that will and grace would be the only funny show but Less then perfect fills the void perfectly. I hope to see it go on for more seasons. I also love the main actress she was great in Popular.
  • Hasn't it been gone long enough?

    Less Than Perfect is a sleeper hit. It has never had large amounts of publicity, and in turn only moderate ratings. It has an audience though- and we want it back.
    Comedy shows just aren't that funny anymore.
    Welcome to the era of My Name is Earl, Four Kings, and the office.
    They try so hard being 'different' and groundbreaking, that they forget what has made us laugh for decades.

    What makes "Perfect" work is the great ensemble cast. They each have well-developed characters, and always something interesting going on. The show has a heart too. Claude is that sweet, endearing character that too many shows don't have anymore, opting instead to promote meanspirited characters.

    I sincerely hope that Less Than Perfect returns to the airwaves--soon! It deserves more. And frankly, so do we.
  • ive only just started watching this programme but it has really caught my interest and is extremely funny.

    I've only just started watching this programme but it has really caught my interest and is extremely funny.all of the characters work well with eahc other but my favourites are owen,lydia and kipp.I dont think there is a dvd of this programme yet but if there was i would probaly buy it.overall it is a great programme with lots of laughs
  • love it

    less than perfect is the best sbc show to date i dont get why they made season four mid-season that was really stupid hurry up and bring back less than perfect its a must see tv show itd defeny more than perfect trust me watch one episode and your hook
  • God, this show is hilarious!

    I saw this show when my sister was watching it. When she stoped watching it, it was me who want to watch it! This show is hilarious, I like it a lot! Too bad I can't watch it anymore, it would be great if they would bring it back again! I loved the storylines they had, it always made me feel like I hád to watch it! By the way, the name "Less Then Perfect", good choice ;). I think this show will do it perfect on tv, when they would send it out in Holland again! Hope they'll do it once again! :D
  • Just the show i needed

    Less than perfect is also another one of my favorites. I mean it's like a almost "less than perfect show". (haha)Between the office setting, the great cast, and the plots in every episode it all equals up to one great show. To some it up Less then perfect is a great show to sit down to after a hard weeks work.
  • Eh, why not?

    This show isn't bad let me just state that. However it doesn't do much for me. Andy Dick is probably the only reason I watch the show. I mean let's face it, what makes it different than any other show. Not the jokes I'll tell you that. Still better than most comedies now.
  • a

    I don't understand why people thnk this show good. The plots of the episdoes are terrible and the actors are too. The only reason I gave the show a 3 is because the black woman's lines are funny. Ohter than that though this show is horrible. I almost feel bad for the actors because they are totally embarassing themselves. I also don't even kno why it's still on the air. so basically, don't ever watch this show if somehting else is on. Even if nothing else was on I still wouldn't watch it. It should be called less than funny.
  • Needs some fine-tuning, but other wise it's great.

    From it's great ensemble to it's sparkling witty dialogue to a lush look and office comedy set that actually looks like it plans to be around for awhile, 'Less Than Perfect' was the best and most promising new sitcom of the limp 2002 TV season. A season that could go down as one of the worst on record without exaggeration. As it moves into it's 2nd and now 3rd seasons it starts to cheat it's original concept and the laughs come fewer and far between, but even so this is still one show that knows how to be a good sitcom.

    From the outset 'Perfect' had something different. Not quite a cookie-cutter series, it has some effort and a real vision put into it. In the beginning we follow Claude Casey (introducing Sara Rue, practically perfect in the role) an average girl who is given the opportunity to advance from her friends on the 4th floor (Andy Dick, in usual vogue mode, and Sherri Shepard) and take a fulltime secretarial position for anchorman Will Butler (perennial lifetime movie villain Eric Roberts) on the prestigious 22nd floor. Claude must contend with the 22nd floor snobs and it's there where we find the best part of this ensemble. Introducing Zachary Levi (who sounds like he graduated from the Ryan Reynolds school of acting) in what should be the show's breakout character, Kipp and Andrea Parker as Lydia. Both are hysterically funny with Levi giving Kipp a complex and intriguing undercurrent and Parker (aside from being about as hot as the surface of the sun) getting to show off an amazing comic talent you'd never know she had from 'The Pretender'. It's in the moments where Kipp and Lydia are dispensing some great 1-liners (the show can really write them) and riffing on each other and everyone around them, that 'Less than Perfect' succeeds at being the kind of bombastic ensemble comedy that hasn't been prevalent since 'Newsradio'.

    But the show doesn't have the focus or confidence to keep it up and later starts overcompensating by throwing new characters on top of the already sizeable ensemble. Carl (Will Sasso, 'Mad TV') sticks out like an obnoxious hangnail you just wish would go away. Patrick Warburton, the hardest working guy on TV (Dave's World, Seinfeld, Newsradio, Family Guy, The Tick), is always funny, but his presence only reminds me of how many times he was brought on board to liven up a show in it's dying years. With the additions, 'Perfect' strains to juggle all the characters and real talents like Levi, Parker and Dick get jutted to the side of the stage. Now they either only show up to make a wise-crack or the episode will give everybody a little story made up of a scene or two and none of it comes to any sort of head at the end.

    In the shuffle, the edges of the best characters have all been ground down. Zipp and Lydia in particular are now reduced to miserable, pathetic beggars, while Claude and her friends are elevated to enviable status, often needed to help them out their snobby brethren. The show has concocted a phony backward world in this regard trumpeting the lives of it's leads and make fun of Lydia's materialism as if it wasn't already trampled ground. Its previous sharp class warfare comedy has gone out the door for more familiar sitcom fair.

    But worst has been what the show has done to Claude. I just don't believe the character anymore. When the show began creator Terri Minsky was quoted saying that 'Less than Perfect' would be like the anti-'Friends'. That it would be (paraphrasing here) about regular, working class people, where Claude is like a female 'Drew Carey' (my description) because, as she asked: Does anyone actually believe the situations that Jennifer Aniston gets into each week. Well, it's high time somebody said it. Problem is, a Rachael Green character is exactly what Claude has become. Now, everybody loves Claude (and not in the ironic vein of 'Everybody Loves Raymond') and her character has lost all touch with the ground. Then again, what can you expect from the creator of 'Lizzie McGuire', another show so star-enamored it tries desperately to make it's attractive lead seem "average" to the viewers, all the while putting her in one unbelievable situation after another.

    Sara Rue is probably too cute for the role, but the show could just as easily ignore that or play up Claude's funny-loser qualities. But instead Claude now wears high-class designer outfits and ends up juggling men mid-way through the first season – one of them being that year's 'Bachelor' who gives Claude a rose to win her over in a bit of shameless ABC cross-promotion. I am Jack's raging bile duct. 'Perfect' is as close to proof as it comes that we are never going to have a "funny female loser" character on TV. No matter how average or put-upon the show sets her up, everyone will fall in love with her in the end. It must be tough.

    But even with these reservations, the acting and writing on this show is better than good. And it's funny. That along with my hope that it can even itself out, makes it worth a recommendation. If only the show had the guts to stick with its original concept it could have really been something to write home about.
  • Less Than Perfect is perfectly hilarious and I disagree with its title! This show is perfect!

    Less Than Perfect's hilarious cast and perfectly outrageous storylines combine to make it one of my favorite shows. Sara Rue is an absolutely fantastic star and the show would be nothing without her. Never have I been able to watch an episode without laughing the whole time! I hope the show goes into syndication so that I can see the first two seasons and that it gets released on DVD. But more importantly, I hope that the show continues past its short fourth season--I would be devasted if Less Than Perfect got cancelled.
  • Sure, it's less than perfect but does it really deserve to be slated so much?

    Patrick Warburton is probably the reason. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good sitcom to watch on a Friday night but boy, has he ruined it.

    I have a special place in my heart for traditional, well-executed sitcoms that fly under the radar for longer than you'd expect them to (Wings). It's not groundbreaking but still very funny and the performances are all great - though Will Sasso can be a little grating. Less is more with him.

    The critics hate the show however, and so does America according to the ratings. Still, ABC has decided to give the show another season. With Jack & Bobby cancelled, there's one less thing to be devastated about.

    Kip and Lydia are still two of the main reasons I'm watching this show. From the very beginning, they were just great together and so perfectly cast too. When I found out that Zachary Levi had signed onto another sitcom earlier this year, I was upset and saw this as the end of LIP. But fortunately, all is well and good Less Than Perfect-wise and Sara Rue is still one of my favourite actresses in the business today.

    What do you think? Private message me with any comments.
  • Claudia Casey is trying to make it in the business, but she has to get past the other people that want her job.

    To sum up my feelings for this show : I love this show. It is not a perfect show, mind, which is why it gets a 9.9 and not a 10. But it still counts down as one of my favorite shows ever. Quite possibly even my second favorite, following Family Guy. The cast is a group of really young, fresh talent. Sara Rue stars as Claude Casey and she does a wonderful job. Sherri Shepherd and Andy Dick are both awesome as her friends and Zac Levi and Andrea Parker are great in their evil roles. The writing on the show is great, but at times cheesy. The cast does a good job with it, though. I am glad this was renewed for a fourth season and can't wait to keep on watching!