Less Than Perfect - Season 1

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • The Umbrella (1)
    The Umbrella (1)
    Episode 22
    Claude's new suede jacket is ruined because someone stole her umbrella, forcing her to go out in the rain. When she returns to the building, however, she runs into the guy who stole it and confronts him, only to find out later that he's Ted Elliot, the new executive producer. With her job on jeopardy, Claude has a change of attitude, but Ted is such a jerk to everyone that she stands up for her morals. Impressed, Ted offers her a job as his assistant, leaving Claude with a dilemma: does she continue to work for her beloved Will Butler or does she dump him for a job with a much more promising future ahead of her?moreless
  • Will hosts a benefit dinner for a squirrel clinic, but nobody buys a ticket. Meanwhile, Carl coerces Owen into placing bets -- which results in major trouble with a bookie. Also, Kipp and Lydia use Will's name to score free merchandise from various corporations.
  • 5/6/03
    Claude's brother, Bobby, shows up at the office and sweeps Lydia off her feet, though Claude learns that Bobby's feelings may not be reciprocal. Meanwhile, Owen tells a little white lie in the office newsletter (that he beat Will at chess), thus inciting the wrath of Will.
  • Oh Papa
    Episode 19
    Learning that Owen has "sired" a child, Claude tries to arrange a get-together between Owen and the dad he's never known. Meanwhile, "braces guy" gets a promotion, so Kipp decides that he needs a gimmick to get noticed -- he becomes "bicycle guy." Also, a bad photo in the paper has Will feeling self-conscious about aging, so he recruits Lydia to make him over.moreless
  • The New Guy
    Episode 18
    Will's contract is up for renewal just as the head of the network arrives, flaunting a new anchor. Fearing that Will's job is in jeopardy and they'll be replaced, the staff bands together to pull of "The Gum Caper" to ensure Will a new contract.
  • 3/11/03
    In celebration of two years in NY, Claude decides to throw a party at her place. But when Will says he'll go (a direct result from his publicist's attempt to popularize his image), she changes her party from casual to fancy. The only thing she wasn't counting on was Will showing up in casual clothes and turning her party into exactly what she wanted to avoid. In the end Ramona questions Claude about the reasons of her sadness and shows her that even though her party might not be the fanciest people sure are having fun.moreless
  • Breaking Up
    Episode 16
    After breaking up with Charlie, Claude gets sucked into escorting Will's fiancée, Dani, to a bridal shop. When Claude has a meltdown in the dressing room, Ramona orchestrates an impromptu break-up/slumber party, led by Lydia. Meanwhile, Owen and Carl scheme to crash the slumber party across the hall; and Kipp tries to ghostwrite Will's autobiography, but Will can't seem to come up with any useful stories.moreless
  • Valentine's Day
    Episode 15
    Owen falls for Deidre, the new office supply rep, but her interest is only in finding a man to father a child. Meanwhile, Claude uses Will's office to have phone sex with Charlie, not realizing that Will's trapped in the adjoining bathroom. Also, Lydia receives two dozen roses from a secret admirer.moreless
  • High Maintenance
    Episode 14
    Will's got a new girlfriend, Dani, who insists on having Claude run errands for her. Ramona and Owen convince Claude to put her feet down and stop being a pushover for Dani. When she finally confronts Will's new girlfriend, she imposes him to choose between her and Claude. Although happy to see Dani out of her life, Claude has to put aside the pride and talk her into getting back together with Will, who's been miserable without her. Meanwhile, Lydia and Kipp start sucking up to Ramona and Owen when they find out they have access to the VIP area at an important party.moreless
  • Telephone
    Episode 13
    When Will goes out of town, he leaves his apartment in the care of Claude and encourages her to invite friends over. Kipp, who blatantly stole a story idea from Claude, invites himself, much to the dismay of Claude -- and himself, when he discovers his mother's phone number on Will's speed-dial. Meanwhile, Lydia becomes obsessed with finding a crystal gazelle that she gave to Will -- and after she finds it, she spends the whole evening trying to rescue it from the fish tank.moreless
  • 1/7/03
    Claude and Charlie try to keep their relationship a secret, but that's difficult with Owen and Ramona around. Meanwhile, Lydia asks big shot Norma Craft to be her mentor, but she only succeeds in becoming Craft's confidant. Jealous over Lydia's newfound mentor, Kipp asks Will to be his mentor.
  • 12/17/02
    Claude tries to make nice with Kipp by producing a demo of him showing off his anchorman capabilities... but unbeknownst to Kipp, the demo is disastrous. Meanwhile, Lydia desperately tries to remind Will of the anniversary of their fling; and Owen imitates his TV role model, Dr Phil.
  • 12/10/02
    It's the office Christmas party, and nearly everyone arrives with an agenda. Kipp intends to snag a better job; Owen intends to be a social butterfly; and Lydia plans to land a man, but she's upstaged by belle-of-the-ball Ramona. Meanwhile, Claude thinks that she offended Will by trying to give him relationship advice, so she spends the rest of the evening trying to get into his good graces... while oblivious to the budding crush of co-worker Charlie.moreless
  • 11/26/02
    Claude goes out with Charlie from the travel department and has a wonderful time. While awaiting an invite for a second date, she winds up going out with Will's Godson, Oliver (Aaron Buerge, "The Bachelor"), and is soon juggling the two men. Meanwhile, Kipp sucks up to the network president's young son, in hopes of landing a promotion.moreless
  • Meet the Folks
    Episode 8
    Claude's parents (Cindy Williams, Martin Mull) come for a visit and are smitten with Will -- until they discover that he blew off their dinner invitation. Meanwhile, Kipp falls for a college student who idolizes him.
  • Future Shock
    Episode 7
    Claude inadvertantly brings down the wrath of Roz, the assistant to the network president, and when she attempts to reconcile, Claude realizes that the disgruntled assistant may be an older version of herself. Meanwhile, Kipp finds himself broke after buying an Armani suit, so he reluctantly pawns the suit to Owen... though Owen isn't clear on the meaning of the word "collateral." Also, Will works on his autobiography, and Lydia becomes obsessed with finding out if she's cited in it.moreless
  • The Pole
    Episode 6
    Tired of living in constant competition with Lydia over Will's attention, Claude decides to attend Ramona's "strippercize" class to develop her "uh-uh". Claude quickly gains the self-confidence that she's been lacking, so she and Ramona go out for drinks, where Claude finds herself competing for men -- against Lydia. Meanwhile, Kipp asks Owen to take a good picture for his ID card, and Owen obliges... but Kipp soon discovers that Owen is too much of a perfectionist.moreless
  • The Vacation
    Episode 5
    Ramona tells Claude she has to use her vacation days in the next few days or else she'll lose them. Claude refuses to leave Will even for a week, and Ramona (trying to be a good friend and give Claude a break from her overbearing work) sends a memo to Will about Claude's vacation. Forced to take a break, Claude pretends to go to Niagara Falls and sneaks around the office when she meets her temporary replacement – who she thinks might take her job. Ultimately, Will reassures her she doesn't have to worry about her job; he wouldn't trade her for the world. As for Kipp's dream job of becoming an associate producer, well, that will have to wait a little longer. Torturing Claude with lies about Luke's resume might have given Luke a promotion he never expected in such short notice.moreless
  • Queen of England
    Episode 4
    Claude thinks that Will's irritated by the sudden constant presence of Ramona and Owen, so she winds up alienating her friends. Meanwhile, Lydia schemes to get her hands on a Prada handbag that wound up in Ramona's clutches. Also, Ramona, Owen and Claude have a bet going on when a fellow office worker will finally change his pants.moreless
  • Claude the Liar
    Episode 3
    When Claude is forced to lie for Will, she finds it difficult -- but after some mentoring from Kipp, she becomes a pro at it. Soon, however, she finds herself struggling with morality issues associated with the lies. Meanwhile, the employees attend a companywide meeting where they have to pick a "floor buddy" -- Lydia gets paired with Owen and Kipp with Ramona.moreless
  • 10/8/02
    When Claude is unexpectedly asked out for dinner with Will, she quickly cancels her double-date plan with Ramona. But when the "date" turns out to be less of one than she anticipated, Claude finds solace in the company of Lydia -- who assumes that Claude slept with Will. Meanwhile, Owen tries to assert authority over Kipp and the two feud over an expensive pen.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Claude's dream comes true when she moves up from temp to a permanent position as the assistant to news anchor Will Butler. But all is not quite as she had imagined when she realizes that new co-workers Kipp and Lydia will stop at nothing to sabotage her. Meanwhile Claude's trusty friends Ramona and Owen begrudgingly help her transition from the comfort and safety of the fourth floor to the battlefield that is the 22nd floor, while Claude tries to hide her crush on Will Butler, who is just less than perfect.moreless