Less Than Perfect - Season 2

ABC (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Claude On One Knee
    Claude On One Knee
    Episode 24
    Claude nudges Jeb into marrying Lydia, so she'll stay home and be out of her hair for good. Meanwhile, Jeb instructs Kipp to recruit guests for a post-proposal "man party."
  • The Pimp Hat
    The Pimp Hat
    Episode 23
    Claude is heartbroken when Mitch goes on assignment to Budapest, so Owen and Carl try to lift her spirits with a game of "Pimp Hat," where everyone picks a name out of a hat and sets up a date for them. Kipp joins in the game, secretly plotting to ruin everyone's evening, and Lydia becomes jealous that she and Jeb don't have a good "first date story."moreless
  • Claude's Roxanne
    Claude's Roxanne
    Episode 22
    Will hires Claude's old friend Roxanne Fiedler, as a new secretary, even though she's totally unqualified for the job. Meanwhile Kipp is assumed to be going bonkers Gaslight-style, thanks to some pranks by Carl, Owen and Ramona.
  • Arctic Nights
    Arctic Nights
    Episode 21
    As Claude takes over editing the company newsletter due to the death of the previous one, she hires Owen to write a review comapring Carl to Eddie Smirkoff, the new sandwich guy. Meanwhile Will Butler orders her to destroy videotapes that she thinks are old pornography, but turn out to be evidence of his early career as an actor on a Canadian soap opera.moreless
  • Dating Protocol at GNB
    When Mr. Schmidtline holds a "Respect in the Workplace" seminar and cracks down on office romance, Claude fears for her relationship with Mitch... so she sets up Ramona with Schmidtline. Meanwhile, Jeb recruits Carl as a soundman to capture a taped confession from Lydia that he didn't coerce her into their relationship. Kipp calls Owen "four eyes," which he should come to regret when he loses a contact and is caught wearing glasses - but Owen can't muster a clever remark.moreless
  • Riding in Cars With Falafel
    During a transit strike, Claude borrows Carl's beloved Buick Riviera and sets out on a quest with Ramona and Owen to find a better lunch... a quest that promptly ends when Claude wrecks the car. Meanwhile Lydia talks up Kipp in front of Jeb, who promotes Kipp to his assistant and Lydia fears that Kipp will reveal unflattering secrets about her.moreless
  • 22 Minus 1 Equals 4
    22 Minus 1 Equals 4
    Episode 18
    Mitch uses his power to bump Lydia off the 22nd floor to make Claude happy. Even though Lydia's transfer has made life on the 22nd floor serene, Claude tries to bring her back from the 4th floor to ease Owen and Ramon's suffering. Meanwhile, Carl is angered that they're using his cafeteria to hold a blood drive, but he changes his tune when he meets a gorgeous nurse.moreless
  • Claude's Apartment
    Claude's Apartment
    Episode 17
    Claude invites Mitch to her apartment for some dinner and romance, but her friends convince her that her décor is a bit childish. Kipp's mother, Diane (Lesley Ann Warren), steps into town to meet Will Butler for a fling of her own, and swipes one of Claude's childhood drawings to pass off as Kipp's. Meanwhile, Owen gets a motorscooter, Ramona gets tickets to a Mary J. Blige concert and Lydia makes spa reservations for herself in Diane's name.moreless
  • The Crush
    The Crush
    Episode 16
    Lydia agrees to watch Jeb's son, George, when he comes for a visit, but she quickly pawns him off on Claude. But when George develops a raging crush on Claude, Lydia fears that it will hurt her standing with Jeb. Meanwhile, Ramona finally recieves her grandmother's prized tomato seeds from probate and schemes with Owen and Carl to plant them outside of Jeb's office - but they have to contend with Kipp.moreless
  • Love Stinks (Sometimes)
    Claude sets her sights on Mitch, the new segment producer. In preparation for their date, Claude starves herself to get into a dress, but problems arise when they get to the restaurant and her drink instantly kicks in. Meanwhile, Will goes to great lengths to get Carl to trade Shaq to him in the office "fantasy basketball game," and Jeb and Lydia each try to determine if they are an exclusive couple.moreless
  • Two Camps
    Two Camps
    Episode 14
    When Kipp stirs up a competition with Claude over whether Jeb is a better boss than Will, it escalates until Kipp discovers that Jeb's job is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Carl gets a thermostat installed in Owen and Ramona's office, which Ramona demands that Owen keeps set on high heat.... leading Owen and Carl to hatch a revenge scheme that goes awry.moreless
  • What About That!
    What About That!
    Episode 13
    After an altercation with the paparazzi, Will enlists Claude to write a public service announcement in hopes that it will clean up his tarnished image. Claude is ecstatic until she learns that he granted Lydia the opportunity to write one too. Meanwhile, Owen and Carl bask in the luxuries of the VIP men's washroom at GNB, but fellow tresspasser Kipp tries to keep them from invading his turf.moreless
  • Santa Claude
    Santa Claude
    Episode 12
    Claude takes on the task of personally shopping for all of Will's Christmas presents for staff and later for his girlfriend, Dani. Her efforts start to go awry when Lydia and Dani's gifts get switched, making Jeb jealous and offending Dani.
  • Claude the Terminator
    Will tells Claude to fire his interior decorator, but Claude doesn't feel up to the task so she enlists Ramona to help... but Ramona quickly becomes drunk with power and begins going beyond the call of duty to help out Claude. Meanwhile, Owen reveals to Carl that Lydia is his "fantasy girlfriend," so Carl claims her too - and Kipp overhears their conversation.moreless
  • The Girl Next Door
    The Girl Next Door
    Episode 10
    Carl asks Claude out for dinner, setting into motion the rumour mill... and leaving Claude questioning Carl's motives. Lydia, who's found herself deeply in debt, enlists Ramona as her financial advisor -- which doesn't bode well with Kipp. Will's neice, Kaitlin, gets an intern job at GNB, and quickly gets pawned off on Owen.moreless
  • Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving
    Claude is throwing her first Thanksgiving for all her friends. Owen's two lesbian moms (Valerie Harper and Joanna Kerns) come to visit and share the holiday. The only problem is that his moms have always assumed that Owen is gay Hoping to keep up the ruse, Owen asks his friends to play along, including asking Carl to pose as his lover. Meanwhile, Lydia and Kipp both get invited to Will's Thanksgiving party, where Kipp is briefly the star attraction.moreless
  • Roomies
    Episode 8
    When they travel to the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC., Claude and Lydia get stuck rooming together with an uninvited Kipp. Lydia has a lot of advice for Claude on how to conduct herself in the nation's capital, but everything changes when Lydia runs into a childhood friend who exposes her middle class background. Meanwhile, Ramona gets upset when Owen blows her off to hang out with Carl, but the situation worsens when Owen invites Carl to share their office.moreless
  • All About Claude
    All About Claude
    Episode 7
    When Vicki Devorski, a former temp who once stole Ramona's boyfriend, comes back to the office, Ramona jealously guards her current boyfriend. But when Ramona begins to neglect her friends, Vicki tries to make them her new best friends. Meanwhile, Carl and Owen discover their mutual obsession with catfights, and Kipp gets stuck throwing a birthday party for Lydia.moreless
  • Rules
    Episode 6
    Claude gets the phone number of a man who she met in an elevator and decides to wait 48 hours before she calls him... though a wrench is thrown into the works when she sells her jacket with his number in the pocket. Meanwhile, Kipp and Lydia buy illegal cheese, which may be lethal, to impress their superiors.moreless
  • Shampoo
    Episode 5
    Claude uses her high school's website to hook up with a down-on-his-luck former classmate and the sparks instantly fly -- until Claude discovers that he's better off than she realized. Meanwhile, Kipp and Lydia fight to get a $100 bottle of shampoo, and Carl gets his feelings hurt when he implements a suggestion box in the cafeteria.moreless
  • New York Evening
    New York Evening
    Episode 4
    Claude finds an invitation for a Vogue retrospective at the Guggenheim museum in Will's junk mail and decides to take Ramona and Owen with her to a glamorous New York evening. But their plans hit a snag when Claude makes the last-minute decision to invite Carl. Meanwhile, Kipp makes a list of his ideal mate's qualities, which gets left on Lydia's desk... where Jeb finds it.moreless
  • It Takes a Pillage
    It Takes a Pillage
    Episode 3
    When Claude's apartment is robbed, Owen and Ramona move in, and Claude tries to organize the building into a little community. Meanwhile, Lydia shamelessly flirts with anchorman Jeb Denton, though it appears that her attempts are in vain.
  • From the Office of Will Butler
    When the videostore that Carl works for goes out of business, Claude agrees to turn in an application for him at GNB. She types his resume on stationary that reads, "From the Office of Will Butler," so his application is rushed through and Carl recieves a job as the cafeteria manager -- but Claude fears his performance will reflect badly on her. Meanwhile, Kipp's plan to climb up the corporative pyramid backfires when his elderly target ends up wanting him for sexual purposes.moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 1
  • Choices (2)
    Choices (2)
    Episode 1
    At Will's urging, Claude takes a job as Mr. Elliot's assistant, leaving her position to be filled by Kipp -- who Will can't stand. Meanwhile, Lydia unsuccessfully tries to impress Mr. Elliot; Ramona and Owen fight over a lunchroom meal plan; and Carl hangs around the office because he locked himself out of his apartment.moreless