Let's Bowl

Comedy Central (ended 2002)


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Let's Bowl

Show Summary

"Let's Bowl" is a show that is described as "Bowling For Dollars" meets "The People's Court".

Two contestants meet at the lanes with a complaint to settle such as Player #1 kept stealing Player #2's lunches at work now Player #2 wants retribution. They play a regulation 10-frame game. The winner gets an apology plus some goodies while the loser walks away with a Let's Bowl bowling pack (Comedy Central version) or some goofy dollar store item (syndicated version). The winner then goes up against a professional bowler. The goal is to hit more pins than the pro. To tie or beat the pro, wins the player a huge prize (a snowblower, 70's era automobile, etc).

Overseeing the madness is play-by-play announcer Steve "Chopper" Sedahl and incompetent color commentator (commenting on more than the game at hand) Wally Hotvedt. Ernie Jansen and his famous "MegaJam" create a musical atmosphere while the lovely Queen Pins cheer on our contestants.

Some added quirks in the show include:
• "Inside Bowling": A little vignette that often has nothing to do with the sport of bowling but more often about Chopper and Wally.
• "Grievance In The Gutter": Wally does an in-depth interview with both players about the dispute.
• "Distraction Option": Each player can distract his opponent once with an air horn blast, cymbal crash, etc.
• "Polka Pin"/"Combat Pin": A special headpin added near the 5th frame to help the players win an extra prize (1/4 cow for the "polka pin"; a day on a flight combat simulator for the "combat pin").
• "Super Strike": If one of the players are more than 10 pins less than their opponent, the 9th frame strike is worth double