Let's Make A Deal (1963)

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    • Monday December 30, 1963 (Debut in Color on NBC)
      Season 1-Day 1 Monday DECEMBER 30, 1963. [NOTE: This is the 1st Broadcast of "LET'S MAKE A DEAL!" on NBC-TV In Living Color in Season 1 and broadcast at 2:00-2:25pm.]
    • 1976-1977 season
      1976-1977 season
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      The 1971-1972 saw the birth of a highly-successful syndicated edition of LMaD. Airing twice a week, the show went on to be a six-season hit in prime-time access markets. As typical with syndicated versions of game shows, the syndicated LMaD often offered higher-ticket items than the daytime entry and larger "Big Deal of the Day" prize packages. The following is an incomplete prize listing. No zonks are listed. CARSGENERAL MOTORSCadillacChevroletPontiacCHRYSLER CORP.FORD MOTOR CO.AMERICAN MOTORS CO.FOREIGNOTHER TRANSPORTATIONROOMSTRIPSDomesticForeignFURSJEWELRYOTHER PRIZESABCDEFGHI-JKLMNOPQ-RSTU-VWX-Y-Zmoreless
    • Thursday January 16, 1964
      Thursday January 16, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 15
    • Friday January 17, 1964
      Friday January 17, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 16
    • Monday January 20, 1964
      Monday January 20, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 17
    • Tuesday January 21, 1964
      Tuesday January 21, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 18
    • Wednesday January 15, 1964
      Wednesday January 15, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 14
    • Tuesday January 14, 1964
      Tuesday January 14, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 13
    • Monday January 13, 1964
      Monday January 13, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 12
    • Tuesday January 7, 1964
      Tuesday January 7, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 8
    • Wednesday January 8, 1964
      Wednesday January 8, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 9
    • Thursday January 9, 1964
      Thursday January 9, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 10
    • Friday January 10, 1964
      Friday January 10, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 11
    • Wednesday January 22, 1964
      Wednesday January 22, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 19
    • 1963-1964 season
      1963-1964 season
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The pilot episode (which was taped in late 1963), aired on Game Show Network on March 4, 2003 (and was repeated several times). Among the deals: • Monty deals with a woman who ends up with an inexpensive fur coat. Near the end of the show, when Monty announced the Big Deal and the coat's winner, Maggie Guth, opted for the Big Deal, Hall revealed one of the coat's pockets had something in them -- five shares of U.S. Steel stock worth $265 Note: The above mentioned deal often was a trick Monty used in the future when contestants won zonks, to tempt them into keeping them or passing it up for another unknown. Yup, there might be a valuable prize (or perhaps, another zonk, and so on) concealed inside. The U.S. Steel stock prize was fairly modest, even by 1963 standards, but many times, there were such things as car keys, plane tickets to exotic destinations and checks/wads of cash worth thousands of dollars hidden inside those cheap furs, dusty living room couches, broken TVs, etc. • A woman who was offered a 1964 Pontiac Tempest (worth $3,927) if she could correctly identify the numbers on the odometer. She could not and wound up with a kiddie car. • A deal where a couple won a $900 Admiral color console TV (remember, color TV was a novelty in 1963, so that was quite a prize to win). • The Big Deal, a Westinghouse electric kitchen worth $2,005 (won by Joyce Hill, who had given up a $75 prize won earlier).moreless
    • Monday February 3, 1964
      Monday February 3, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 27
    • Tuesday February 4, 1964
      Tuesday February 4, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 28
    • Wednesday February 5, 1964
      Wednesday February 5, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 29
    • Thursday February 6, 1964
      Thursday February 6, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 30
    • Friday February 7, 1964
      Friday February 7, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 31
    • Friday January 31, 1964
      Friday January 31, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 26
    • Thursday January 30, 1964
      Thursday January 30, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 25
    • Thursday January 23, 1964
      Thursday January 23, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 20
    • Friday January 24, 1964
      Friday January 24, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 21
    • Monday January 27, 1964
      Monday January 27, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 22
    • Tuesday January 28, 1964
      Tuesday January 28, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 23
    • Wednesday January 29, 1964
      Wednesday January 29, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 24
    • Monday January 6, 1964
      Monday January 6, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 7
    • Friday January 3, 1964
      Friday January 3, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 6
    • 1971-1972 season
      1971-1972 season
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      The 1971-1972 saw the birth of a highly-successful syndicated edition of LMaD. Airing twice a week, the show went on to be a six-season hit in prime-time access markets. As typical with syndicated versions of game shows, the syndicated LMaD often offered higher-ticket items than the daytime entry and larger "Big Deal of the Day" prize packages. The following is an incomplete prize listing; if more than one price is listed, other models were offered and/or the price changed during the year. No ZONKS are listed (though some were legit prizes that were decidedly less than a perceived better prize and are listed here). CARSGENERAL MOTORSCadillacChevrolet * Vega -- 2 dr. coupe-----$2,090 -- 2 dr. hatchback-----$3,570 -- 2 dr. Kammback wagon-----$3,330 * Nova -- 2 dr. coupe-----$3,648 * Camaro 2 dr. coupe-----$3993, $4,051 $4,238 * Malibu -- 2 dr. convertible-----$4,537 * Monte Carlo 2 dr. HT-----$4,620 * Full-Sized -- Impala 2 dr. convertible-----$5,024 -- Impala 4 dr. HT-----$5,101 -- Kingswood Estate wagon-----$5,571 * Blazer 4X2 SUV-----$4,585 Pontiac * Ventura II -- 2 dr. coupe-----$4,113 * LeMans -- Sport 2 dr. convertible-----$5,287 -- Safari wagon-----$4,533 * Grand Prix LJ 2 dr. HT-----$6,094 CHRYSLER CORP.Chrysler Newport Royal -- 2 dr. HT-----$5,256 DodgePlymouth Cricket -- 4 dr. sedan-----$2,904 -- 4 dr. wagon-----$3,346 Satellite -- Sebring 2 dr. HT-----$4,340, $4,373 Duster -- 2 dr. HT-----$3,648 Fury -- III 2 dr. HT-----$4,662 FORD MOTOR CO.Mercury Marquis Brougham -- 4 dr. HT-----$5,999, $6,131 AMERICAN MOTORS CO.FOREIGNOpel -- 1900 2 dr. coupe-----$2,794 Renault -- 10 4 dr. sedan-----$2,193 -- 12 4 dr. sedan-----$2,875 Triumph -- 2 dr. roadster-----$6,935 OTHER TRANSPORTATIONBoatsNOTE: All include a trailer and engine) Bass Boat-----$2,285 Motorboat-----$4,894, $5,012 Runabout-----$2,285 Trailers Camping Trailer-----$3,604 Travel Trailer-----$4,050, $4,609, $6,375 Campers and Motorhomes Dodge D-350 Adventurer Sport pickup w/Camper-----$9,386 Winnebago 28 ft. Motorhome-----$9,039 Other All-Terrain Vehicle-----$1,395 ROOMSBedroom Canopy Bedroom-----$789 King-Sized Bedroom-----$2,866 Dining Room Modern-----$880 Home Workshop (1)-----$935 (w/table saw, vise, power tools and rack) Kitchen (1)-----$1,285, $1,847 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, gas double-oven range and dishwasher) (2)-----$1,370 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, electric double-oven range and dishwasher) (3)-----$1,568 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, gas double-oven range and trash compactor) (4)-----$2,025 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, electric double-oven range, dishwasher and washer/dryer) Living Room Broyhill-----$1,921 Contemporary-----$1,422 (w/sofa, pair of round chairs, etegere and coffee/end tables) Sonny James suite-----$1,307 8-piece-----$1,839 TRIPSDomestic Hawaii-----$985, $1,786, $1,824, $1,859 Foreign AROUND THE WORLD-----$9,350 (five stops at contestant's choice; $5,000) Bermuda Islands-----$1,646 Cancun/Mexico City-----$2,400 European Tour-----$6,504 Mexican Cruise-----$1,450 Mexico City-----$1,122 Paradise Island, Bahamas-----$1,475 Rome, Italy-----$4,558 FURS Chinchilla Fur-----$5,000 Fashion Furs, Pair-----$2,000 Leather/Mink-----$1,495 Mink Coat-----$2,500, $3,000 Mink Sable-----$4,000 JEWELRY His/Her Sport Watches-----$99 Man's Bouliva Watch-----$50 Man's Gold Watch-----$1,600 REAL ESTATE Modular Lodge-----$6,558 GIFT CERTIFICATES A&W Restaurant-----$50 Baskin-Robbins-----$50 Big Boy-----$50 Tastee-Freez-----$100 OTHER PRIZESA Air Conditioner -- Portable-----$100 -- Room-----$230, $250 Alarm Clock, Digital-----$20, $21 Antenna, Color TV-----$75 B Banjos-----$120 Bath Soaps-----$75 Bedspreads and Towels-----$306 C Candy -- Chocolate Bars (Chunky)-----$9 -- Mallo Cups (5 cases)-----$12 Carpeting -- 40 sq. yds.-----$360 -- 80 sq. yds.-----$519 China Service for 8-----$698 China/Flatware-----$200 Clutch Purses (3)-----$26 Cookware-----$37, $45, $58 Cosmetics, Mary Kay-----$125 D Dinette/Refreshment Center-----$1,045, $1,109, $1,366 Dishwasher-----$293, $295 Dolls, set of six-----$30 E Electric Blanket-----$28 Electric Kettle-----$30 Electric Perculator-----$33 Electric Shaver-----$30 Encyclopedias (World Book)-----$226 Entertainment Console-----$1,000 (w/TV, stereo tuner, turntable, 8-track tape player and speakers) Environmental Music System-----$710 (incl. master unit, 8-track tapes (easy listening) and framed photo speaker) F Food Freezer-----$371, $378 Floor Tile -- 144 sq. yds. (Flinkote)-----$144 -- Kitchen-----$72 Food Savers-----$88 Frozen Personal Pizzas-----$25 Frozen Waffles-----$50 G Gas Barbecue-----$280 Gasoline, 1000 gal. (Phillips 66)-----$350 Golf Clubs, His/Hers-----$885 H Hair Curlers-----$28 Hair Curlers/Dryer-----$71 Hallmark Gift Pakcage-----$100 (stationery, cards and writing set) Hams, Canned Hickory-Smoked-----$70, $85 Handyman Tool Set-----$130 Hedge Trimmer-----$40 I-JKL Lawn Sprinkler-----$11 Lawn Tractor, Electric-----$1,544 Leather Accessories-----$39, $43, $50 Leather Cosmetic Case-----$40 Leisure Wear, His/Hers-----$400 Linens (sheets, pillowcases and towels)-----$224 Lingerie, Women's-----$100 Luggage -- 6-pc.-----$260 -- Casual-----$88 -- Fashion-----$313 -- Ladies'-----$218 -- Womens'-----$313 M Men's Slacks-----$100 Microwave Oven-----$300, $450 NOP Paint, 10 gal. house and wall-----$80 Patio Furniture, 7-pc.-----$1,226, $1,404 Perfume Gift Collection-----$28 Personal Care Products-----$60 Piano -- Baby Grand-----$2,565 -- Console-----$935, $1,650, $1,700 Pipes, Tobacco (set of 6)-----$69 Pool Table-----$1,895 Popcorn Popper------$16 Power Tool Assortment-----$250 Q-R Range -- Double-Oven Gas-----$495, $599, $660, $765 Recliner -- His/Hers-----$520, $564 -- Low-Back-----$520 Refrigerator-----$387 Refrigerator/Freezer -- Conventional Top/Bottom-----$495 -- Side-by-Side-----$789, $790 S Seating Group (sofette and 2 chairs)-----$1,062 Sewing Machine-----$399 Shoes for the Family (Mother Goose)-----$108 Skin Care Products-----$100 Small Kitchen Appliances-----$109, $124 Soft Drinks -- Dad's Root Beer-----$50 -- Orange Crush-----$50 -- RC Cola-----$50 Stereo -- AM/FM Tuner-----$390 -- Console-----$295, $490 -- Stereo/Phonograph-----$549 T Televisions -- Console Color-----$600, $649, $670, $850 -- Portable Color-----$360 Tote Bag-----$28 Trash Compactor-----$230, $300 Tricycles, Pair of-----$28 U-V Vacuum Cleaner, Upright-----$129 W Wall Paneling/Coverings -- Brick (Z-Brick)-----$276 -- Spanish Oak-----$150, $195, $205 -- Vinyl Coverings-----$277 -- Wood-----$200 Washer/Dryer -- Side-by-Side-----$518, $570, $600, $619 -- Stacked-----$500 Women's Casual Wear-----$250 Women's Wardrobe (dresses and pantsuits)-----$500 X-Y-Zmoreless
    • 1972-1973 season
      1972-1973 season
      Season 10 - Episode 1
    • 1973-1974 season
      1973-1974 season
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      The 1973-1974 season employed minor set changes, including new carpeting on the stairs (a reddish-brown color with metal facings) and a new "LMAD" stone inscription. Also, there were new graphics on the stage and "Jay Tray" boxes. A prize listing follows. This is incomplete, and does NOT include ZONKS. If two prices are listed, it usually means the price fluctuated during the season. CARS (Note: All prices shown are for 1974 models) GENERAL MOTORSBuick * Apollo 2 dr.------------$4,641 * Regal 2 dr.-------------$5,486 * Electra 225 2 dr.-------$7,585 Cadillac * Coupe DeVille----------$10,123 Chevrolet * Vega -- Kammback wagon--------$4,169 * Laguna S3 2 dr.---------$5,393 * Monte Carlo 2 dr.-------$6,319 * Full-Sized series -- Impala 2 dr. HT-------$5,419 -- Caprice Estate wagon--$6,036 Pontiac * Ventura II 2 dr.--------$4,361 * Grand Am 2 dr.----------$5,636 * Firebird 2 dr.----------$4,807 * Grand Prix SJ 2 dr.-----$6,922 FOREIGNOpel * Manta Rally 2 dr.-------$4,386 OTHER TRANSPORTATIONTrailers * Camping Trailer---------$3,739 * Tent Trailer------------$2,116 * Travel Trailer----------$2,762, $4,070 Boats * Sailboat w/trailer--------$695 * Sailboats, His/Hers car-top----$511 ROOMSBedroom * Colonial Bedroom--------$1,678 * Mosaic Bedroom----------$1,345 (w/queen-sized bed with mosaic blankets and sheets, chest, hutch w/mirror and nightstand) Kitchen * (1)---------------------$2,260 (w/3 dr. side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, electric double oven range, diswasher and washer/dryer) * (2)---------------------$2,470 (w/refrigerator/freezer, electric double oven range, diswasher, trash compactor, washer/dryer and room air conditioner) Living Room * Casual Plaid------------$1,562 * Contemporary------------$1,724 TRIPSDomestic * Hawaii--------------------$895 Foreign * AROUND THE WORLD-------$10,199 (5 stops anywhere, incl. $5,000 spending cash) * Lima, Peru--------------$1,994, $4,098 * Rome, Italy-------------$3,492 * South American Cruise, 24-day-----$6,879 * Vienna, Austria---------$2,999 FURS * Fox, Full-Length--------$4,500 * Fox, Fun Fur--------------$650 * Labrador/Fox Fun--------$2,250 * Mink, Full-Length-------$4,000 * Shadow Mink, Full-length----$2,500 JEWELRY * Diamond/Gold Watch------$1,000 * Gold/Diamond Brooch and Earrings---------$900 * Men's Sport Watch----------$50 * Sarah Coventry Costume Jewelry-----------$100 GIFT CERTIFICATES * Dairy Queen------------------$50 Other PrizesA * Air Conditioner -- Central system---------$1,200 * Alarm Clock, Digital---------$48 B * Basketball Starter Kit-------$49 (incl. basketball, basketball shoes and hoop w/backboard) * Bicycle, 10-speed-----------$205 * Books, Library of Grosset-Dunlap----$118 C * Calculator, Hand-Held---------$50 * Camera and Slide Projector---$770 * Candies, Tootsie Roll---------$50 * Car Wax, Turtle Wax-----------$50 * Carpeting -- 40 sq. yds.---------------$280 -- 100 sq. yds.--------------$650 * Clocks, Collection of--------$212 * Clock Radio, AM/FM------------$ * Coffee Maker------------------$ * Cookware----------------------$25, $55 D * Dinette Set/Refreshment Center---$1,491 E * Electric Blanket--------------$ * Electric Broiler/Skillet------$47 * Electric Shaver---------------$50 * Encyclopedia, World Book-----$244 * Entertainment Console------$1,000, $1,095 F * Flatware, Sterling Silver--$2,151 * Floor Tile, Vinyl-------------$61 * Food Center------------------$107 (incl. mixer, blender and processor) * Fragrances/After-Bath Lotions-----$27 * Freezer----------------------$370 * Frozen Pies (Mrs. Smith's)----$25 G * Game Room Table and Chairs---$1,391 * Gas Barbecue-----------------$295, $367, $481 * Gold Coin, 1907 $20 (uncirculated)-----$4,950 * Grape Drink, Welch's----------$25 H * Hams, Canned------------------$70 I-J * Iron, Mini Travel-Style-------$20 KL * Lawn Mower -- Push and Riding models----$424 -- Riding--------------------$480 * Leather Accessories-----------$50 * Leather Handbag---------------$29 * Leather Jackets, His/Hers--$1,690 * Leather Loveseat and Recliners-----$840 * Leather Seating Duo--------$1,631 (w/loveseat and sofa) * Leather Seating Group, 3-piece--------------$915 (w/couch and pair of wing chairs) * Linens-----------------$100, $224 (sheets, pillowcases and towels) * Loungers, Pair of Plaid------$575 * Luggage -- 6-pc.---------------------$450, $642 -- Men's/Women's-------------$555, $607 -- Women's-------------------$200 M * Men's & Women's Wardrobe---$1,000 * Men's Slacks (Haggar)--------$100 * Men's Suit-------------------$160 NO * Organ, Electric----------------$871, $1,300 * Oriental Rug-------------------$795 * Outdoor Furniture--------------$847 P * Paint, 10-gal. house & wall----$150, $180 * Pantihose, Hanes----------------$36 * Patio Furniture--------------$1,141 * Pedal Cars, pair---------------$750 * Personal Care Products----------$79 * Piano, Console---------------$1,375 * Pool Table-------------------$1,695 * Portable AM/FM Cassette Radio--$ * Portable Bar Set---------------$ Q-R * Range -- Electric--------------------$799, $850 -- Electric Double-Oven--------$700, $730 -- Microwave Electric--------$1,000 * Recliner -- One-------------------------$180 -- His/Hers--------------------$780 * Records, LPs -- Epic/CBS popular music------$120 -- Motown----------------------$100 * Refrigerator-------------------$395 * Refrigerator/Freezer --Standard---------------------$810, $819 --3-dr., w/AM/FM tape player---$675, $800 * Roller Skates, four pair-------$176 S * Shampoos, Prell-----------------$25 * Shoes, Wardrobe of, Mother Goose-----$125 * Skin Care Products--------------$50 * Small Kitchen Appliances-------$217 * Soft Drinks, case -- Root Beer Hires-------------------------$10 Frostie-----------------------$25 -- Shasta------------------------$50 * Stationery Gift Pkg., Hallmark---$88 * Stereos -- AM/FM w/phonograph----------$ -- Component-------------------$460, $510 -- Console-------------------$1,044 -- Quadraphonic----------------$530 * Steaks (Iowa Beef Council)-----$700 * Stoneware, 91-pc.--------------$792 * Swimwear-----------------------$150 * Swivel Chair/Desk--------------$830 T * Telephone Answering Machine----$140 * Televisions -- 19-in. Color, Portable------$320 -- 25-in. Color, Console-------$730 -- Color TV/Stereo Console-----$649 * Tires, Radial------------------$374 * Trash Compactor----------------$260 * Traveler's Checks------------$1,000 * Tuxedo-------------------------$183 U-V * Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight-----$36 * Vanity, Lighted Bathroom-------$887 * Video Game System, Magnavox Odessey----$ W * Wall Paneling -- Wood------------------------$250 -- Z-Brick---------------------$277, $476 * Washer/Dryer-------------------$615, $690 X-Y-Z * Yard Waste Blower, Vacuum------$260moreless
    • 1974-1975 season
      1974-1975 season
      Season 12 - Episode 1
    • 1970-1971 season
      1970-1971 season
      Season 8 - Episode 1
    • 1969-1970 season
      1969-1970 season
      Season 7 - Episode 1
    • 1968-1969 season
      1968-1969 season
      Season 6 - Episode 1
    • 1964-1965 season
      1964-1965 season
      Season 2 - Episode 1
    • 1965-1966 season
      1965-1966 season
      Season 3 - Episode 1
    • 1966-1967 season
      1966-1967 season
      Season 4 - Episode 1
    • 1967-1968 season
      1967-1968 season
      Season 5 - Episode 1
    • 1975-1976 season
      1975-1976 season
      Season 13 - Episode 1
    • 1980-1981 season
      1980-1981 season
      Season 15 - Episode 1
    • 2003-Episode 5
      2003-Episode 5
      Season 19 - Episode 5
    • Tuesday December 31, 1963
      Tuesday December 31, 1963
      Season 1 - Episode 3
    • Wednesday January 1, 1964 (Preempted for NCAA Football)
    • Thursday January 2, 1964
      Thursday January 2, 1964
      Season 1 - Episode 5
    • 2003-Episode 4
      2003-Episode 4
      Season 19 - Episode 4
    • 2003-Episode 3
      2003-Episode 3
      Season 19 - Episode 3
      The original deal-maker himself, Monty Hall, make a cameo appearance for the third episode. He dealed with a contestant who, in 1976, lost a show-record three cars in one episode! More on that later. The recurring deal this time, played several times throughout the show, had current dealer Billy Bush asking contestants to choose from two envelopes, one which held either $100 and a prize or $500; the other one containing an amount that had either one less or one more zero in it. Whatever envelope the contestant chose, Billy first revealed the one having the $100 and prize or $500 and asked if they wanted to trade the "sure thing" for the unknown. Whatever the contestant chose, they got. The first time, Kimberly (dressed as a gypsy) chose the blue envelope, which had $500 in it. She traded for Billy's taupe envelope and won $5,000! * Deal 1 -- In this deal, Billy announced that he would pay a contestant a certain amount per pound for the item concealed behind the audience box; or they could take what was behind the curtain, the only clue given being that it weight a certain amount. The deal went thusly: -- Chris (dressed like he was dancing at a discotecque) was offered $5 per pound for the mystery item in the audience box, or a 1,000-pound prize behind the curtain. Chris chooses the curtain. The audience box reveals Vance dressed as a 320-pound sumo wrestler, meaning Chris gave up $1,600 ... for a rowboat that had run aground (along with some seaweed). -- Fred (a cowboy) could take $10 per pound for the mystery audience box item or the curtain concealing a 2,000-pound item. Fred follows Chris' lead and takes the curtain, giving up not one but two sumo wrestlers (Vance and some other actor) whose combined weight was said to be 660 pounds. Instead of $6,600, Fred went away with an SUV ... a squished utility vehicle! --Lauren (dressed like she could have auditioned for "That 70s Show") tries to salvage this deal, where she could take a curtain whose prize paid off at $20 per pound, or the audience gift box which had 75 pounds. Alas, Lauren also chooses the curtain. She passes up 75 pounds (as in UK pounds), which translated into a trip to England (worth $4,350). Lauren was stuck with 12 pounds of fish, worth $240 (meaning she fared a little better, but not much). * Deal 2 -- Jason (an Elvis impersonator) and Sebastian (drressed a la the Austrailian outback) in a football-themed deal. The deal was controlled by the contestant who came closer to guessing how many cross-stictches there were in a regulation NFL football. Sebastian correctly guessed there were fewer than 12 cross-stitches (Jason's guess); there are eight. Sebastian could take a Dominos ham and pineapple pizza (with a prize concealed beneath it) or pass it to Jason and take the curtain. Sebastian gives the pizza to Jason and opts for the curtain. Jason can keep the pizza and the unknown prize or take a sure $700. Jason takes the $700, only to pass up a trip to Hawaii (worth $3,640). Sebastian, meanwhile, wins a recliner and 42-inch flat-screen plasma color TV (worth $7,150). But, as we well know by now, this deal ain't over yet! A pre-taped video of Jerry Rice (of the Super Bowl runners-up Oakland Raiders) offers Sebastian a chance to pass up the TV and recliner for "a behind-the-scenes NFL football experience." Sebastian declines and keeps his TV and recliner, and wisely so ... all he would have won is a one-day spot on the Raiders' scrimmage squad (ergo, a tackling dummy). Perhaps that prize would be good for a dyed-in-the-wool NFL fantasy camp participant (and the NFL would have had to pay Sebastian as well), but given the foul mood the Raiders are likely still in, Sebastian made the right move! * Recurring deal time again, where this time, a pretty girl named Angie (dressed in a colorful turtleneck and a scarf, perhaps as a skiier) chooses the green envelope. Billy reveals his to contain the $500, and Angie can trade or keep hers. She keeps hers and wins just $50. * Deal 3 -- Kel and Niki (a recently married couple, she's dressed as a portable TV, he's portraying a remote control) could win a 2003 BMW Mini Cooper 2 dr. coupe (worth $23,325). The couple participate in a memory-type game where -- to win the car and the prizes -- they had to guess, in reverse order, six prizes introduced by Dr. Gadget. Those prizes, in the introduced order, are: -- Electric toothbrush ($50) -- Web TV ($3,495) -- George Foreman roaster ($120) -- Juiceman smoothie machine ($299) -- Ultra-convection oven (approx. $250, value was unstated) -- $1,000 cash. Kel must guess the prizes, and Niki decides if they will continue (each time risking their accumulated winnings) or stop; an incorrect guess stops the game and bankrupts the couple. Kel does well for the first two, but then fumbles the car and prizes away when he blurts out the Web TV (at first he struggled to even make a guess, and only afterward did he know he had guessed wrong). The couple get to keep the $1,000 as a consolation gift, however. * Deal 4 -- Kayte (a majorette, and yes, that's the right spelling) can win a $17,000-plus prize package by playing a "Spin the Bottle"-type game. The prizes include: -- A trip to China ($3,250). -- Gateway computer and one-year AOL service ($2,600) -- Snowboards ($4,000) -- Maid Service for a Year ($5,200; Vance dressed as a maid) -- Outdoor pool table ($3,200; Vance models said item) -- Mystery cash. Kayte spins the "bottle" (which serves as the pointer on the roulette wheel); whereever the bottle lands, that's what she wins. But each time she lands on a space, that prize is removed and a "zonk" space appears. Meaning, on subsequent spins, she faces increased odds that she could land on a "zonk" space, thus losing everything she had won to that point. Her run goes thusly: -- Spin 1: Lands on the snowboards. Continues -- Spin 2: Lands on pool table. Continues. -- Spin 3: Lands on "zonk," ending the game. As a consolation, Kayte can spin again; if it lands on Mystery Cash, she wins the unknown amount. By God, she does and wins $5,000! * Deal 5 -- The highlight deal of the night. To promote the deal, Billy shows a 1976 clip of LMaD contestant Karen Hollingshead, who passed up three new cars in one show (all Chevrolets -- a Vega Estate wagon, a Camaro sport coupe and a Chevette hatchback) en route to a measley (by comparison) $800. Karen (now of Columbus, Ohio) is re-introduced to the crowd; like in 1976, she's dressed as a cop. Also introduced: original Deal host Monty Hall! Monty offers Karen $800 or one of two curtains (Nos. 1 and 3). She takes Curtain No. 3, giving up $800 and ... would you believe it ... a 2003 Madza 6 sedan (worth $22,325). Billy doubles over in laughter as Karen LOSES HER FOURTH CAR on LMaD. But guess what? Karen sticks with Curtain No. 3 (passing up a last chance $800) for ... you'll never guess ... L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D Keep scrolling ... L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D Boy, is this good or what ... L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D Scroll just little ways further (I tell you, you'll never believe it) L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D L M A D drumroll please ... L M A D L M A D L M A D A WRECKED 1976 CHEVROLET CAMARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Billy has fallen down laughing by this point. Alas, Karen's a great sport and Monty lets her keep the $800, plus gives her an extra $500 for $1,300 total! A great deal, to be sure. * The final recurring deal is played, where Ace (a sailor) takes the envelope containing $100 and a slip of paper representing a Gateway computer). He can keep it or take Billy's envelope containing either $1 or $10,000. Ace trades ... himself into $10,000! * Big Deal of the Night, worth $51,099. Ace (soon to be married; his fiancee was with him) keeps his $10,000. Sebastian and Kimberly trade their prizes in to go for the Big Deal. Sebastian chooses Door 1, Kimberly chooses Door 3. Nobody takes Door 2, which conceals a trip to Ireland and cash, worth $20,760. Kimberly trades into a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer and a 13-karat diamond and gold ring (from ShopNBC.com) worth $11,399. Meaning Sebastian wins the Big Deal!!! He takes home a Vespa motor scooter, trips to Italy and Germany, a 2003 Mercedes C230 coupe and $7,500 gas credit ... all worth $51,099!!!moreless
    • 2003-Episode 2
      2003-Episode 2
      Season 19 - Episode 2
      * Deal 1 -- In the opening deal, Bush chose a man named Steven (LNU), who had a hard-boiled egg in his possession. Steven was offered an eventual $1,500 for the egg, or he could take what was behind the curtain. Steven chose the curtain, which concealed a Honda personal watercraft worth $10,800. * Deal 2 -- Two unknowns (prize or cash). Bush chose Brian, David and Robin (a pretty blonde dressed as a housemaid). The deal went thusly: -- Brian could take either the curtain (which contained "land transportation") or an envelope containing an unannounced sum of cash. Brian took the envelope, which contained $2,500. Behind the curtain ... Vance (wearing a sombrero) riding a donkey! Vance: "Does this hat make my ass look big?" -- David was offered either sea transportation or an envelope containing an unannounces sum of cash. He passed up $150 for luggage and a Caribbean cruise worth $8,970. -- Robin was offered a curtain concealing either one of the two previous prizes or an envelope containing one of the two cash amounts. Robin did not fare as well as Brian or David; she chose the curtain which concealed the donkey. Yup, she should have taken the envelope which had $2,500 inside! * Deal 3 -- Jonathan was asked to throw a ball, and would be paid $10 for each 1 m.p.h. he could throw it. Or, he could take the unknown item inside the box (which had something to do with the nightlife). Poor Jonathan would have been a loser either way -- he badly misthrew the ball (it hit the top of the large screen and riccocheted into the studio), and the box had a cage full of bats. * Deal 4 -- Newlyweds Paul and Ashley could win a 2003 Jeep Wrangler SE (worth $19,875) if they correctly chose which purse held the keys to the Jeep. We're introduced to Ellie, a chimp wearing a green turtleneck sweater and a black hat. Billy puts the keys inside Ellie's pocketbook, and Ellie is taken backstage. Then, Ellie comes out ... uh, which one is Ellie? Three chimps, identically dressed and each bearing a pocketbook, come out; it was up to Paul and Ashley to decide which Ellie had the pocketbook with the keys. They chose the center chimp. After Billy reveals the contents of the right chimp's pocketbook (a photo of Vance inside) came the moment of truth -- and the center chimp's pocketbook had ... the keys! Paul and Ashley won. The left chimp's pocketbook, BTW, held a banana inside. * Deal 5 -- Vincent (dressed like a nerd and definitely playing the part) is given an ATM card and invited to the LMaD ATM machine. He can continue to withdraw cash, stopping at any time or risking his winnings on the chance that a red "BUST" slip would come out, bankrupting the contestant. The deal went thusly: --Draw 1: $500. Continues. --Draw 2: $800 (total $1,300). Continues. --Draw 3: $20 (total $1,320). Continues. --Draw 4: $100 (total $1,420). Continues. --Draw 5: $1,000 (total $2,420). Continues. --Draw 6: $50 (total $2,470). At this point, Vincent (who has gone "ca-ching!" every time Billy pushes the ATM button to reveal the next cash prize) is offered the chance to quit with his winnings, spend it on an unknown hidden behind the curtain or continue drawing from the ATM. That should have been a clue to Vincent, but he wanted to go back to the ATM (guess he liked saying "ca-ching!"). There was no more money this time; just the "BUST" slip. Vincent passed up a 50-inch color plasma flat screen TV worth $13,000. At least Vince was a good sport, and one of the great players. --Deal 6: Wearing money. David, Danny and Orin are invited to play. In turn, Vance and two of the models come out wearing trenchcoats concealing various clothing items with dollar bills attached. Each model showed a bill that gave a clue. The deal went thusly. -- Orin can choose the brunette female model's "money" attire or the curtain; the model showed a $1 bill. Orin chose the curtain and won a home theater system (a color TV, a DVD player and an MP3 player) worth $2,000. The model's dress was made of 600 $1 bills, good for $600. -- David could choose Vance's cash attire (he showed a $10 bill) or the home theater system. David chose Vance's clothing, and won $6,000 as a result (a tank top made of 600 $10 bills). -- Danny could take the home theater system or the sexy blonde model's clothing. She showed a $20 bill. Danny preferred sex appeal and that was a bad thing this time; she wore a bikini with three $20 bills attached, good for $60. * Deal 7 -- Roderick and Masherri (sp.?) participate in a pitcher's duel with Pittsburgh Pirates pitching gem Matt Hurges. Masherri had to guess who would throw faster -- Hurges with his off hand, or her husband Roderick, with a correct guess worth $2,500. Roderick threw 42 m.p.h. (not that bad), while Matt threw 29 m.p.h. Masherri chose Hurges; too bad. * Deal 8 -- Aaron played a Fear Factor-type game. Aaron (dressed as a Hawaiian and sounding very nasally) was shown three prizes -- a notebook computer, a trip to Las Vegas and a new car ... the 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle). Aaron -- who was escorted to a table with six holes (two per prize) -- had to decide whether the correct price for each prize was higher or lower than the announced value. Then, he had to stick his hand in the appropriate hole, and whatever he pulled out would announce whether he won that prize. He could quit at any time or risk it on the chance he had guessed incorrectly with the next prize. The deal went as such: --Computer (announced at $799) -- He guessed higher. If correct, he'd pull out a computer mouse; if not, he'd stick his hand in a cage containing live mice. He was correct. --Las Vegas (announced at $2,600) -- He guessed lower. If correct, he'd pull out dice; if not, he would stick his hand in a cage containing snakes. He guessed right. --Car (announced at $19,790) -- He guessed lower. If correct, he'd pull out the keys; if not, a bunch of larvae would be swarming all over his hand. Not this time; he pulled out the keys and won everything! * The Big Deal of the Night was worth $50,992. Steven and David gave back their prizes to go for the Big Deal. Steven chooses Door 2, while David goes for Door 1. --Door 3 (which nobody chose) concealed an Elvis Presley prize package -- Elvis memorabilia; a trip to Memphis, Tenn. (and touring the various sites, including Graceland); and a mint-condition pink 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille hardtop sedan. Total value: $23,461. -- Door 2 -- Steven won a trip to Jamacia, a Bushnel optical gift package (a telescope, binoculars, night vision binoculars and a range finder) and $2,500 cash. Total value: $10,539 (so he went down a couple hundred dollars, but Steven wasn't complaining). -- Door 1 -- David went home with the Big Deal. His package included a 30-pc. cookware set; a new General Electric kitchen (with a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, a gas range with overhead microwave oven, a wall oven, a dishwasher and trash compactor); and a European vacation (where he could take cooking lessons). With an additional $11,000 spending money, the total value of the deal was worth $50,992!moreless
    • 1984-1985 season
      1984-1985 season
      Season 16 - Episode 1
    • 1985-1986 season
      1985-1986 season
      Season 17 - Episode 1
    • 1990-1991 NBC run
      1990-1991 NBC run
      Season 18 - Episode 1
    • 2003- Episode 1
      2003- Episode 1
      Season 19 - Episode 1
      Deal 1 -- Three female contestants were paired with one of three men, each wearing a different outfit (a Scottish kilt, a toga and a grass skirt). Host Bush asked offered each contestant, in turn, $500 in exchange for an unknown item (said to have something to do with the unannounced prize) concealed beneath each costume (i.e., below the waist). The contestant having to grope for said item. Two of the prizes -- beneath the kilt and toga -- were zonks, while the grass skirt led to a trip to Hawaii. • Deal 2 -- A blank check game, where the contestant was presented a $5 check and had four unrevealed spaces (containing either a zero, which could increase the value of the check up to $50,000). The contestant could quit at any time or risk their accumulated winnings that the next space uncovered was an X, which ends the deal and all winnings forfeited. At $5,000, Bush offered the contestant a chance to spend his winnings on a curtain. After the contestant quit with $5,000, he was shown the Chrysler PT Cruiser that was behind the curtain. BTW, the last uncovered space on the check was an X. • Deal 3 -- Five contestants were each given one share of Dealco stock, whose initial value was $500 and fluctuated during the show. The first update indicated the stock rose in value to $800. Each individual contestant could quit at any point and take the cash value of their stock, or hold on to it on the chance that the stock's value would decrease. Update later. • Deal 4 -- A group of five contestants (all college co-eds) were given a chance to win a trip for 10 to Jamacia (worth $26,600) by correctly lining up the prices of five grocery items in ascending order of price. Each contestant represented one product. The group got four of the items correct, but the last item was out of place, so they lost out on the trip (and an $2,500 offer to cancel the deal before the last reveal), but they won $500 for playing the deal. • Stock update -- The value of the stock went down to $400. • Deal 5 -- A contestant was shown a box of candy and asked if he wanted to keep it or pass it to the next player. One contestant won a pair of electric scooters worth $7,800, while the cash amount was eventually announced at $2,900. Yes, there were zonks in this deal as well. • Deal 6 -- Two married couples played. Three women each claimed to be fluent in a foreign language; the couples each could pick one. The first woman revealed she was from a nearby bar, while the other two women represented trips to Finland and the Fiji Islands. The Finland trip was won, while the other couple took a $900 cash buyout before the reveal. • Stock Update -- Worth $1,500 at the close of trading, which each contestant received. All five contestants eventually gave up their winnings on a curtain, which concealed a car that was about to be junked. • Big Deal of the Night -- worth $56,800 (wow!!!). The $5,000 winner (dressed as a pimp) and the woman who won the electric scooters elected to play. The least-expensive deal (a trip to New York and other prizes worth about $8,000) went unclaimed, while the woman won an Aspen skiing trip and other goodies worth more than $26,000. The Big Deal winner took home a plasma color TV, jewelry from Overstock.com and a BMW Z3 roadster.moreless
    • 40-Minute Pilot
      40-Minute Pilot
      Season 0 - Episode 1
      The pilot that "launched a million zonks," as Monty Hall put it in 2003, included a trick. A covered wagon appeared to be a zonk, but the next contestant Monty talked to was a representative of Knotts Berry Farm. He offered to give the contestant who gave away the covered wagon a considerable amount of money. But at least someone won the Big Deal, worth $2,000.moreless
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