Let's Make A Deal (1963) - Season 9

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • 1971-1972 season
    1971-1972 season
    Episode 1
    The 1971-1972 saw the birth of a highly-successful syndicated edition of LMaD. Airing twice a week, the show went on to be a six-season hit in prime-time access markets. As typical with syndicated versions of game shows, the syndicated LMaD often offered higher-ticket items than the daytime entry and larger "Big Deal of the Day" prize packages. The following is an incomplete prize listing; if more than one price is listed, other models were offered and/or the price changed during the year. No ZONKS are listed (though some were legit prizes that were decidedly less than a perceived better prize and are listed here). CARS GENERAL MOTORS Cadillac Chevrolet * Vega -- 2 dr. coupe-----$2,090 -- 2 dr. hatchback-----$3,570 -- 2 dr. Kammback wagon-----$3,330 * Nova -- 2 dr. coupe-----$3,648 * Camaro 2 dr. coupe-----$3993, $4,051 $4,238 * Malibu -- 2 dr. convertible-----$4,537 * Monte Carlo 2 dr. HT-----$4,620 * Full-Sized -- Impala 2 dr. convertible-----$5,024 -- Impala 4 dr. HT-----$5,101 -- Kingswood Estate wagon-----$5,571 * Blazer 4X2 SUV-----$4,585 Pontiac * Ventura II -- 2 dr. coupe-----$4,113 * LeMans -- Sport 2 dr. convertible-----$5,287 -- Safari wagon-----$4,533 * Grand Prix LJ 2 dr. HT-----$6,094 CHRYSLER CORP. Chrysler Newport Royal -- 2 dr. HT-----$5,256 Dodge Plymouth Cricket -- 4 dr. sedan-----$2,904 -- 4 dr. wagon-----$3,346 Satellite -- Sebring 2 dr. HT-----$4,340, $4,373 Duster -- 2 dr. HT-----$3,648 Fury -- III 2 dr. HT-----$4,662 FORD MOTOR CO. Mercury Marquis Brougham -- 4 dr. HT-----$5,999, $6,131 AMERICAN MOTORS CO. FOREIGN Opel -- 1900 2 dr. coupe-----$2,794 Renault -- 10 4 dr. sedan-----$2,193 -- 12 4 dr. sedan-----$2,875 Triumph -- 2 dr. roadster-----$6,935 OTHER TRANSPORTATION Boats NOTE: All include a trailer and engine) Bass Boat-----$2,285 Motorboat-----$4,894, $5,012 Runabout-----$2,285 Trailers Camping Trailer-----$3,604 Travel Trailer-----$4,050, $4,609, $6,375 Campers and Motorhomes Dodge D-350 Adventurer Sport pickup w/Camper-----$9,386 Winnebago 28 ft. Motorhome-----$9,039 Other All-Terrain Vehicle-----$1,395 ROOMS Bedroom Canopy Bedroom-----$789 King-Sized Bedroom-----$2,866 Dining Room Modern-----$880 Home Workshop (1)-----$935 (w/table saw, vise, power tools and rack) Kitchen (1)-----$1,285, $1,847 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, gas double-oven range and dishwasher) (2)-----$1,370 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, electric double-oven range and dishwasher) (3)-----$1,568 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, gas double-oven range and trash compactor) (4)-----$2,025 (w/side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, electric double-oven range, dishwasher and washer/dryer) Living Room Broyhill-----$1,921 Contemporary-----$1,422 (w/sofa, pair of round chairs, etegere and coffee/end tables) Sonny James suite-----$1,307 8-piece-----$1,839 TRIPS Domestic Hawaii-----$985, $1,786, $1,824, $1,859 Foreign AROUND THE WORLD-----$9,350 (five stops at contestant's choice; $5,000) Bermuda Islands-----$1,646 Cancun/Mexico City-----$2,400 European Tour-----$6,504 Mexican Cruise-----$1,450 Mexico City-----$1,122 Paradise Island, Bahamas-----$1,475 Rome, Italy-----$4,558 FURS Chinchilla Fur-----$5,000 Fashion Furs, Pair-----$2,000 Leather/Mink-----$1,495 Mink Coat-----$2,500, $3,000 Mink Sable-----$4,000 JEWELRY His/Her Sport Watches-----$99 Man's Bouliva Watch-----$50 Man's Gold Watch-----$1,600 REAL ESTATE Modular Lodge-----$6,558 GIFT CERTIFICATES A&W Restaurant-----$50 Baskin-Robbins-----$50 Big Boy-----$50 Tastee-Freez-----$100 OTHER PRIZES A Air Conditioner -- Portable-----$100 -- Room-----$230, $250 Alarm Clock, Digital-----$20, $21 Antenna, Color TV-----$75 B Banjos-----$120 Bath Soaps-----$75 Bedspreads and Towels-----$306 C Candy -- Chocolate Bars (Chunky)-----$9 -- Mallo Cups (5 cases)-----$12 Carpeting -- 40 sq. yds.-----$360 -- 80 sq. yds.-----$519 China Service for 8-----$698 China/Flatware-----$200 Clutch Purses (3)-----$26 Cookware-----$37, $45, $58 Cosmetics, Mary Kay-----$125 D Dinette/Refreshment Center-----$1,045, $1,109, $1,366 Dishwasher-----$293, $295 Dolls, set of six-----$30 E Electric Blanket-----$28 Electric Kettle-----$30 Electric Perculator-----$33 Electric Shaver-----$30 Encyclopedias (World Book)-----$226 Entertainment Console-----$1,000 (w/TV, stereo tuner, turntable, 8-track tape player and speakers) Environmental Music System-----$710 (incl. master unit, 8-track tapes (easy listening) and framed photo speaker) F Food Freezer-----$371, $378 Floor Tile -- 144 sq. yds. (Flinkote)-----$144 -- Kitchen-----$72 Food Savers-----$88 Frozen Personal Pizzas-----$25 Frozen Waffles-----$50 G Gas Barbecue-----$280 Gasoline, 1000 gal. (Phillips 66)-----$350 Golf Clubs, His/Hers-----$885 H Hair Curlers-----$28 Hair Curlers/Dryer-----$71 Hallmark Gift Pakcage-----$100 (stationery, cards and writing set) Hams, Canned Hickory-Smoked-----$70, $85 Handyman Tool Set-----$130 Hedge Trimmer-----$40 I-J K L Lawn Sprinkler-----$11 Lawn Tractor, Electric-----$1,544 Leather Accessories-----$39, $43, $50 Leather Cosmetic Case-----$40 Leisure Wear, His/Hers-----$400 Linens (sheets, pillowcases and towels)-----$224 Lingerie, Women's-----$100 Luggage -- 6-pc.-----$260 -- Casual-----$88 -- Fashion-----$313 -- Ladies'-----$218 -- Womens'-----$313 M Men's Slacks-----$100 Microwave Oven-----$300, $450 N O P Paint, 10 gal. house and wall-----$80 Patio Furniture, 7-pc.-----$1,226, $1,404 Perfume Gift Collection-----$28 Personal Care Products-----$60 Piano -- Baby Grand-----$2,565 -- Console-----$935, $1,650, $1,700 Pipes, Tobacco (set of 6)-----$69 Pool Table-----$1,895 Popcorn Popper------$16 Power Tool Assortment-----$250 Q-R Range -- Double-Oven Gas-----$495, $599, $660, $765 Recliner -- His/Hers-----$520, $564 -- Low-Back-----$520 Refrigerator-----$387 Refrigerator/Freezer -- Conventional Top/Bottom-----$495 -- Side-by-Side-----$789, $790 S Seating Group (sofette and 2 chairs)-----$1,062 Sewing Machine-----$399 Shoes for the Family (Mother Goose)-----$108 Skin Care Products-----$100 Small Kitchen Appliances-----$109, $124 Soft Drinks -- Dad's Root Beer-----$50 -- Orange Crush-----$50 -- RC Cola-----$50 Stereo -- AM/FM Tuner-----$390 -- Console-----$295, $490 -- Stereo/Phonograph-----$549 T Televisions -- Console Color-----$600, $649, $670, $850 -- Portable Color-----$360 Tote Bag-----$28 Trash Compactor-----$230, $300 Tricycles, Pair of-----$28 U-V Vacuum Cleaner, Upright-----$129 W Wall Paneling/Coverings -- Brick (Z-Brick)-----$276 -- Spanish Oak-----$150, $195, $205 -- Vinyl Coverings-----$277 -- Wood-----$200 Washer/Dryer -- Side-by-Side-----$518, $570, $600, $619 -- Stacked-----$500 Women's Casual Wear-----$250 Women's Wardrobe (dresses and pantsuits)-----$500 X-Y-Zmoreless