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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 20131119 : Episode 5042

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This show is a new take on the classic where audience members dress in crazy costumes to win big prizes and cash by making deals with the host, Wayne Brady.


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    News Briefs: BBC America Orders Another Season of Ripper Street

    Plus: The Following is strong in its second week, ABC orders a pilot based on a Disneyland ride, and Jeff Zucker fires a lot of CNN.


    Celebrity High-Five: Wayne Brady's 5 Favorite TV Shows

    We chatted with the Let's Make A Deal's host in anticipation of the game show's upcoming 500th episode, and asked him to name his five favorite TV shows.

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    • Let's make a deal is a scam!

      I was there I watched everything. I saw staff talking to all the people that actually got picked before we left the facility. These are paid actors. If they do 3 shows a day at 150 audience members. That means they have 450 potential suckers to buy there $20 pictures. Netting them over 8 grand a day. Its that simple because of its popularity people want to have something showing they went. It was obvious they were paid actors when were asked to redo certain shots over again. It reminds me pyramid scheme companies where you come to here the rah rah just to sell you on the experience. All there staff members are paid to convince you That you might win. They preplaced all the people that were actually picked. Only go for the experience you won't be picked.moreless
    • A little research doesn't hurt

      Before you accuse of Wayne being racist, please know that he doesn't actually pick these contestants. The people selected are picked beforehand when they are waiting in line to get into the studio. The staff picks them so if you're going to call someone racist blame the staff. Anyways, I do enjoy the show even though they are kind of annoying sometimes.
    • YOU WHITES are the racist ones

      WHY OH WHY cant a white person see a black person doing something and not bring up the fact that he is BLACK!? this is why black people, when applying for JOBS get passed over as well. they wont see the see a BLACK applicant.

      NONE OF YOU will dare bring up Montie Hall, that rarely had a black on the show at will say "well those were the times. Well TODAY is TODAY. deal with it.

      Also, as a youth I noticed how the contestants would get excited and Montie wouldnt LET A BLACK woman get would actually RUN!! JUMP! LEAP away! he just did it on the tv channel Buzr, showing old episodes of the show. it is OBVIOUS he was doing that. He even JOKED about how fast he is getting in jumping back. YET AFTER THE BLACK lady left the stage, he didnt seem to mind the white women jumping on him.

      Listen, white people. STOP COMPLAINING about every little STILL run the police, the judges, the lawyer world, the way Juries are created, the tv industry, the record industry, the cable industry, the job opportunities, the Union, the banks, and housing, the tax assessor office, and other countries being bullied by the USA armies. You just need to deal with black singin and a dancin'. Thats where blacks have ALWAYS been just shut up and let it you cant stand even seeing blacks playing the joker and entertainment for you!?!?! Maybe you'd rather we just do things like pretend to cook the popeyes Chicken for you in thats it. Then we all need to get off your people can remain) and we need to stop doing crime (and your people can continue), and we need to stop killing others (while you people fight for your gun rights) we need to get off the crack (while you can remain on meth and weed)moreless

      LET'S MAKE THE PRODUCERS HAPPY AND JUST MOVE THE SHOW TO BET!!! 3/1/16 Come on CBS, this show is part of the problem. 4 black contestants and 6 white contestants, is that ANYWHERE close to %'s in the US?? Big deal comes down to 2 contestants tie, 1 black, 1 white, Who did he choose?? The black, AGAIN! THIS IS A RACIST SHOW!!!!!! GET THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR!!! 2/24/16 he's at again, 3 black, 3 white and 2 Asian contestants. Not only is he racist, he's also sexist. Only one male chosen. On 2/23/16 Wayne has a choice on who's to be in the "Big Deal", no coin flip, no pick the highest card, nothing Wayne just picks between a white man and a black woman. Who did he pick? The black woman Can we get this racist show of the air?? On 2/17, 2/18 and 2/19 the first contestant was a black woman. On 2-15-16 Wayne called a contestant his adopted "WHITE" son. How is this not a racist statement??Somewhere between 30 and 50% of the contestants chosen are black. In the population of the United States only 16% are black. So why are so many blacks chosen, racism, plain and simple. LET'S RENAME THE SHOW to "BLACKWOMAN FIRST CONTESTANT'moreless
    • Show needs to be retired

      Wayne Brady proves how racist he is... can always tell car or big money is involved when he picks a black person, so they are involved in the big deal at the end, only took like 2 weeks to realize it, he doesn't even hide it. One poor white girl, didn't matter which way she picked both options were zonk's, show is so messed up.

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