Let's Make A Deal

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Let's Make A Deal
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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 20131119 : Episode 5042

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This show is a new take on the classic where audience members dress in crazy costumes to win big prizes and cash by making deals with the host, Wayne Brady.

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  • host is a racist

    bad show, too much help to only black participant, just wacth the 5/20/2015 show and you will understand.
  • Some Contestants Actors?

    I have watched before and i am watching it now, some of contestants they seem to act a little too good, its a little to perfect, do they pay some actors to pretend their contestants?
  • Very Disappointed. Will never return or watch on tv again.

    We visited here in August and were very excited until we got there and found out how it really worked. You have to go through an interview process before you even go in. While we were waiting for the recording to begin, we were all informed that the contestants have all been chosen. They make it look like they randomly choose you during the show but that is wrong. Apparently they watch you prior to the show and you won't get picked unless you rant and rave like an idiot. Another thing, people tell you that you are chosen for your costume, that is false because I had everyone there complimenting me about my costume. Had I known the truth, I would not have wasted my time or money making the costume. This is a show that tells you how you have to act. You can't be yourself to be chosen as a contestant. That is just wrong.moreless
  • To Zonk or No Zonk

    If you win a zonk on the show, do you get to keep it or does the contestant get consolation prize or $$$$? Zonks are much more mechanical/technical since the early days with Monty Hall. Thank you. :)
  • we also exit and watch your show, we give you ratings

    you only pick black and white people

    I see latin and asian people in the audience and you avoid them. why? they are human too

    I just read a review they say you don't pick black people, i don't know what show they are watching,because I watch it everyday and that's all you pick blacks and whites. No latino or asians


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