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  • where are they?

    your show is in Los Angeles but 99% of people that are called up are white and black. Mexican Americans don't exist in Los Angels ? am a Mexican American from South Texas and I noticed this and I count all the black and white contestants on the show and no Mexican Americans. Is the host RACIST? I really believe he is. He is choosing his own people to give them prizes and whites cause he is sucking up to them to keep his job. if there are no Mexican Americans in the audiance, it's because you all don't choose ARE ALMOST NON THE AUDIENCE AND ESPECIALLY AS CONTESTANTS.
  • Wow did you just see that...

    Today im watch the show and the gold rush game just Robbed the player, tv caught it though there was only one zonk he could have won the car cause someone didn't put the other zonk tv i tell ya ,at least wait till commercial comes on.... Smdh

  • Let's make a black deal

    I believe Wayne Brady believe she's being fair. But when you pick a segment of the population whose only 14% more than 50% of the time is that fair? Too bad we can't get Monty Hall back and get some fairness. Shame on you when Brady. you can't say anything either you would be called a racist if you did.
  • Father daughter day

    I usually think the person who picks the contestants does a good job of picking a diverse group of contestants, but not today. There was only one white father /daughter couple compared to 5 black ones. I wish race had nothing to do with it, but choices like this can't help but make people think about it. Be aware people are watching the show to be entertained not to see a show with an agenda.
  • Prizes in Let's make a deal

    What type of prizes do you won there? A guy is selling me sunglasses Tory Burch that he says he got in the show, he received a box with several items of Tory Burch without tag, but i don't know if that is a type of prize they give to the participants or he is scamming me.
  • Don't do that Wayne!

    I guess we have to get a white post to be fair. Wayne black people only represent 14% of the population. Be fair.
  • Extremely racist and shameful

    Wayne picks way too many black contestants. Today i watched him pick 6 audience members. Of those, 3 were black and 2 were white (blacks make up 14% of America's population, yet it is not uncommon to see Wayne pick mostly black contestants). He also gives people of color better chances at winning cars. Most zonks are given to whites. Is it any wonder that most contestants who get to pick the big deal of the day are black women? I have noticed that the audience is getting much darker also. I can only assume that whites are realizing that they are wasting their time getting in line. The show isn't at all subtle about its favoritism towards blacks.

    In addition, the program is more like a reality show with contestants dancing for a couple of minutes like fools every time Wayne interviews them and subsequently plays a music rift.

    Today was the last time i watch this joke of a game show. It is no longer entertaining. At least most other game shows are subtle about their favoritism towards blacks, except for Family Feud, which is also hosted by a black American.

  • Racist host!

    This show is so racist it's unwatchable. Black favoratism is over the top. Would love to see a new host or will never watch the show again.
  • Not a show for white people

    Missing the old host and formatting. This show is highly prejudice against white contestants. Blacks make up at most 17% of the US population in 2017 and even smaller % of the contestants waiting to be called yet, the blacks are called to be a contestant above and beyond that. Brady's ego is jaw is not to tv what he values himself to be. Stopped watching.....
  • Need New Host - Monty Hall I'm sure was disappointed to see what his fun show became-

    Wayne Brady has become too self serving - please remember that this show should be fun and entertaining and not all about you but about the contestants - please leave your social comments at the door and enough with the stupid skits with idiot Jonathan - you are ruining the show and will end up like the NFL - no viewers.....
  • Wayne

    Wayne Brady what do you have against your own color. During the whole hour on the show you might call 1 black. That why i have stop watching it. This show is for whites only. You are a discussing black man.
  • women

    Wayne Brady is a great host and a very talented man. I do not know who or how they select the contestants but who ever it is should be fired. Mostly women and especially black women are selected. Many Hispanics are also selected. Very few white men are selected. Some people are selected that do not even dress up. I enjoy the show because it is wonderful to see the joy it brings people. I just wish it wasn't so racist. I would like to see someone (in college) do a study on this and you would see the stats for yourself. Someone that would not be biased or manipulate the data.
  • Curious about how they pick the players

    I love love Wayne the B but I don't see to many people of color or ethnic groups picked out to play I didn't want to make it a RACE thing but I watch it everyday and I must say it sways to a majority of one group of people all the time an hour long show and maybe 2 or 3 others maybe picked to play just saying switch it up
  • Won on LMAD

    I'm not sure what show some of you are watching. My husband and I were on the show in September 2014. Not only are we white Americans, but so we're most of, if not all, of the remaining contestants that day. Wayne and Jonathan couldn't have been nicer. And no, we are not paid actors.

    Oh, did I mention that my husband won a car? Yep. The show aired in February 2015, and we were driving our new Ford Fusion six weeks later. Our license plate is TY LMAD.
  • Disgusting

    I have never really watched this show and after today I won't. While sitting in a waiting room at a hospital I turned TV on and this show was young lady was called down on the said to the host I want to give you she place a lei over his head and said I want to lei took him by surprise, but the way he handled it was even worse. The other guy assistant had one on and gave the host another one to put on the young lady in which he said I want to Lei other assistant said something back to the host and the host said Oh know she wants mine cause it's bigger,,,,I find this disgusting to have on tv and the producers should take action by this what you call host of this show....
  • Racist show

    Beeing at home in between jobs sometimes the TV is on CBS and I kind of watch the show. I started noticing the people that was called was mostly black. At that point I started looking at the audience and surprise surprise is something like 90% white and Hispanic. As a host Wayne is very poor overall but seems like he also has a racist agenda. Any non black people really don't bother dress like a dummy because you'll not have your 5 minutes of fame. This is a racist show.
  • Choices

    I just have a suggestion for Wayne Brady. I feel it would be nice if you picked people who took the time and created/wore a good costume. A costume that you know what they are. Other than that, I enjoy watching the show.

    Thank you
  • Let's make a deal is a scam!

    I was there I watched everything. I saw staff talking to all the people that actually got picked before we left the facility. These are paid actors. If they do 3 shows a day at 150 audience members. That means they have 450 potential suckers to buy there $20 pictures. Netting them over 8 grand a day. Its that simple because of its popularity people want to have something showing they went. It was obvious they were paid actors when were asked to redo certain shots over again. It reminds me pyramid scheme companies where you come to here the rah rah just to sell you on the experience. All there staff members are paid to convince you That you might win. They preplaced all the people that were actually picked. Only go for the experience you won't be picked.
  • A little research doesn't hurt

    Before you accuse of Wayne being racist, please know that he doesn't actually pick these contestants. The people selected are picked beforehand when they are waiting in line to get into the studio. The staff picks them so if you're going to call someone racist blame the staff. Anyways, I do enjoy the show even though they are kind of annoying sometimes.
  • YOU WHITES are the racist ones

    WHY OH WHY cant a white person see a black person doing something and not bring up the fact that he is BLACK!? this is why black people, when applying for JOBS get passed over as well. they wont see the see a BLACK applicant.

    NONE OF YOU will dare bring up Montie Hall, that rarely had a black on the show at will say "well those were the times. Well TODAY is TODAY. deal with it.

    Also, as a youth I noticed how the contestants would get excited and Montie wouldnt LET A BLACK woman get would actually RUN!! JUMP! LEAP away! he just did it on the tv channel Buzr, showing old episodes of the show. it is OBVIOUS he was doing that. He even JOKED about how fast he is getting in jumping back. YET AFTER THE BLACK lady left the stage, he didnt seem to mind the white women jumping on him.

    Listen, white people. STOP COMPLAINING about every little STILL run the police, the judges, the lawyer world, the way Juries are created, the tv industry, the record industry, the cable industry, the job opportunities, the Union, the banks, and housing, the tax assessor office, and other countries being bullied by the USA armies. You just need to deal with black singin and a dancin'. Thats where blacks have ALWAYS been just shut up and let it you cant stand even seeing blacks playing the joker and entertainment for you!?!?! Maybe you'd rather we just do things like pretend to cook the popeyes Chicken for you in thats it. Then we all need to get off your people can remain) and we need to stop doing crime (and your people can continue), and we need to stop killing others (while you people fight for your gun rights) we need to get off the crack (while you can remain on meth and weed)

    LET'S MAKE THE PRODUCERS HAPPY AND JUST MOVE THE SHOW TO BET!!! 3/1/16 Come on CBS, this show is part of the problem. 4 black contestants and 6 white contestants, is that ANYWHERE close to %'s in the US?? Big deal comes down to 2 contestants tie, 1 black, 1 white, Who did he choose?? The black, AGAIN! THIS IS A RACIST SHOW!!!!!! GET THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR!!! 2/24/16 he's at again, 3 black, 3 white and 2 Asian contestants. Not only is he racist, he's also sexist. Only one male chosen. On 2/23/16 Wayne has a choice on who's to be in the "Big Deal", no coin flip, no pick the highest card, nothing Wayne just picks between a white man and a black woman. Who did he pick? The black woman Can we get this racist show of the air?? On 2/17, 2/18 and 2/19 the first contestant was a black woman. On 2-15-16 Wayne called a contestant his adopted "WHITE" son. How is this not a racist statement??Somewhere between 30 and 50% of the contestants chosen are black. In the population of the United States only 16% are black. So why are so many blacks chosen, racism, plain and simple. LET'S RENAME THE SHOW to "BLACKWOMAN FIRST CONTESTANT'
  • Show needs to be retired

    Wayne Brady proves how racist he is... can always tell car or big money is involved when he picks a black person, so they are involved in the big deal at the end, only took like 2 weeks to realize it, he doesn't even hide it. One poor white girl, didn't matter which way she picked both options were zonk's, show is so messed up.
  • let's make a deal

    You really want to know what I think I have been watching the show for 45 years way before Monty Hall with my grandmother now that my grandmother is gone I decided it's time for me to go on the show so I packed up my things and I headed to LA to be on the show saved up enough money 3000 dollars to drive up there and get a motel and come back well my money should have been spent somewhere else my experience on let's make a deal was less than I expected trying to get on there is the most ridiculous scenario I have ever been on there's a lady there that does the interviews and you better damn well have a good job and make lots of money and have a wonderful story to tell are you just out because I was a grandmother and I take care of my grandchildren are the parents work I was not good enough for her so every time she come up to ask me what I like to be on the show and what I like to do and what I do compared to what everybody else does her pen dropped but if you work for an airline fake aerospace company or your engineer you're on the show boom that pens are going she is two faced let me tell you who it was she's a lady that jumps up and down in front of you to make you think that she's just all that she wears a bandana on her head and she's not Caucasian I spent one week there and I got sat in the same chair each and every day maybe twice a day and I'll tell you right now Wayne Brady does not I mean does not pick who he's going to call down to the stage it's the lady out there jumping around asking you all kinds of questions and if you're not good enough for her you might as well say goodbye because you'll never meet way ready and I did this for 5 days straight they need to find somebody else that runs that place because she's got to be screwing somebody that's a horrible thing to say that there's other people I think the same thing so that's my review is not rain Wayne Brady is that person out there that one single person and I will never ever ever in my life time ever go back there again I will never watch the show again because of her I had the most miserable time in my life to be on that show and I'm pretty sure that if I go look at the upcoming shows at a coming up to taping times you will not see me you really wanna know what I think I have been watching the show for 45 years way before monty hall with my grandmother now that my grandmother is gone I decided is time for me to go on the show so I packed up my things and I headed to l a to be on the cell save the pin up money 3000 dollars to drive up there get a motel in come back well my money's to the been spent some world my experience on let's make a deal was class than I expected trying to get on there is the most rediculous scenario I have ever been on there's a lady there that does the interviews and you better damn well have a good job and make like a money and have a wonderful stories tell are you just out because I was a grandmother and I take care my 2 grandchildren weather paris work I was not good enough for her so every time she come up to ask me what I like to be on the show and what I like to do and what I do compared whatever videos does hoping dropped but if you work for a pair of it aerospace company or your turn orange new year you're on the show boo the pentagon he is too faced let me tell you who it was see the lazy jump up and down for you to make you think that she's just all that she was a bandana on ahead this is not caucasian I spent 1 week there and I got that in the same teacher youtube everyday maybe twice a day I'll tell you let know when brady does not I need does not pics too he's going to call them to the stage it's the lady of the double a round asking you all kinds of questions and if you're not good not for her your my little say goodbye to still never meet with brady and I did this for 5 days straight the define somebody else from that place because she's gotta be screwing somebody adorable thing to say that there's a problem think the same thing so that's my review it is not raining when brady is that person up there that 1 single person and I will never ever ever in my life time ever go back there again I will never watch the show again because her I had the most miserable time in my life to be on the show and I'm pretty sure that apply go look above coming so the coming up today be done you will not see me on the stage because your help I will look so that's it don't ever go to michael bennett time don't ever go thanks for nothing
  • host is a racist

    bad show, too much help to only black participant, just wacth the 5/20/2015 show and you will understand.
  • Some Contestants Actors?

    I have watched before and i am watching it now, some of contestants they seem to act a little too good, its a little to perfect, do they pay some actors to pretend their contestants?
  • Very Disappointed. Will never return or watch on tv again.

    We visited here in August and were very excited until we got there and found out how it really worked. You have to go through an interview process before you even go in. While we were waiting for the recording to begin, we were all informed that the contestants have all been chosen. They make it look like they randomly choose you during the show but that is wrong. Apparently they watch you prior to the show and you won't get picked unless you rant and rave like an idiot. Another thing, people tell you that you are chosen for your costume, that is false because I had everyone there complimenting me about my costume. Had I known the truth, I would not have wasted my time or money making the costume. This is a show that tells you how you have to act. You can't be yourself to be chosen as a contestant. That is just wrong.
  • To Zonk or No Zonk

    If you win a zonk on the show, do you get to keep it or does the contestant get consolation prize or $$$$? Zonks are much more mechanical/technical since the early days with Monty Hall. Thank you. :)
  • we also exit and watch your show, we give you ratings

    you only pick black and white people

    I see latin and asian people in the audience and you avoid them. why? they are human too

    I just read a review they say you don't pick black people, i don't know what show they are watching,because I watch it everyday and that's all you pick blacks and whites. No latino or asians

  • Broadcast in HD

    How about getting into the 21st century and start broadcasting in HD.
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