Let's Make A Deal

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  • Contestants dressed in costumes barter for the better deal, most often only a guessing game. The real losers get "zonk" prizes, everyone else walks away with a few hundred dollars up to a brand new car. The end of the show features the Big Deal.

    All of the best elements of the old show were removed. The zonk prizes are no fun - the old show often had oversized childrens toys or furniture. The host is not funny and the show bogs down under his discomfort. The Big Deal only has one person playing, not two as with the old show. This show has zero chemistry and just never builds. The set ups are awkward. This show doesn't build to a climax. Most winners don't even want to try for the Big Deal. A very disappointing return. Soap fans must be angry!

    Just watched the show for 4-23-13 at 3:00 EDT. We were totally dismayed and discusted when the contestant was not awarded the car in her contest. She had the winning key and was trying to open the lock as the buzzer went off and . said oh I am soooo sorry but you failed to open the lock in time (even though she did actually open the lock. Then, He offered her a measly $100.00 because he felt sooo bad for a bunch of crap.

  • we also exit and watch your show, we give you ratings

    you only pick black and white people

    I see latin and asian people in the audience and you avoid them. why? they are human too

    I just read a review they say you don't pick black people, i don't know what show they are watching,because I watch it everyday and that's all you pick blacks and whites. No latino or asians

  • Picking people in the audience!!!!

    Why dont he pick African American.. I watched the show three days in a row and not 1 Black was picked in the audience. And why dont you go to the back of Studio and pick someone or on the sides in the back they would like to play Love the show but it does need a few changes
  • host is a racist

    bad show, too much help to only black participant, just wacth the 5/20/2015 show and you will understand.
  • Very Disappointed. Will never return or watch on tv again.

    We visited here in August and were very excited until we got there and found out how it really worked. You have to go through an interview process before you even go in. While we were waiting for the recording to begin, we were all informed that the contestants have all been chosen. They make it look like they randomly choose you during the show but that is wrong. Apparently they watch you prior to the show and you won't get picked unless you rant and rave like an idiot. Another thing, people tell you that you are chosen for your costume, that is false because I had everyone there complimenting me about my costume. Had I known the truth, I would not have wasted my time or money making the costume. This is a show that tells you how you have to act. You can't be yourself to be chosen as a contestant. That is just wrong.

    I tuned to see Wayne Brady say A parent should never homeschool their own child or children! This upset me because living in Ohio where schools are so far beyond! And bullying runs rampant! I feel my son through K-12 has a better education than going to the local schools! It makes me never want to watch him again! I used to love him but I will not watch again for all of us out here making sure our kids get the education they deserve! .
  • Some Contestants Actors?

    I have watched before and i am watching it now, some of contestants they seem to act a little too good, its a little to perfect, do they pay some actors to pretend their contestants?
  • "LETS MAKE A DEAL" is most appropriate.

    The programme is both educative and entertaining.Educative in that it uderscores the old adage "A bird

    in the hand is worth thousands of birds in the bush" and also the fact that " Life is all but taking of risk"

    Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum make it most entertaining by their efficient and awesome performances.

    However my problem is the way contestants are sellected.For every one male contestant selected is six

    ladies selected.Take a preview of previous programmes aired and have a look at the faces of the male


    Why not adopt "The Price is Right " system of selecting contestants?

    Thanks and God bless.

    Micahel Ihekire.

  • couples show

    I would love to join to come to a show to participate in a couples show.
  • Let the buyer beware

    One of the most bland yet climactic game shows that I ever watched. Eh, I`ve sen worst.
  • Contestants

    Why does Wayne always get to pick the contestants? I think it should be an online pool or Random like the price is right. Wayne picks who he wants and likes...............
  • To Zonk or No Zonk

    If you win a zonk on the show, do you get to keep it or does the contestant get consolation prize or $$$$? Zonks are much more mechanical/technical since the early days with Monty Hall. Thank you. :)
  • Broadcast in HD

    How about getting into the 21st century and start broadcasting in HD.
  • family day

    i will like to know how the people are chosen,. i found it mind boggling that Wayne did not pick one african american family and it was obvious that they were a minority on this show. i believe in equal opportunity and being fair to all people. I mean you picked like 7 to 8 families... really... wow. not happy with the picks today still love the show though.

    dont get me wrong i like you wayne, a lot in fact but that was not cool... gave you a 5, still liked the show.
  • It's been a 15 year wait, but worth it.

    For 15 years, The Price Is Right was the lone network game show, when NBC yanked Caesar's Challenge was gone from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Now 15 years later, CBS rescues game show fans (like the Castaways on Gilligan's Island) to have a 2nd network game show. Just like Caesar, it's from Las Vegas.

    Wayne Brady & Johnathan Mangum are the next best team of Monty Hall/Jay Stewart.

    I am surprised that they redid the Big Deal as the Solo Big Deal of the Day. Only 20% of the contestants have won the Big Deal.

    Of course, a male contestant hardly gets picked somethimes (unless it's for a married couple game).

    Soap fans may hate another game show, but game show fans are blessed. The last time a game show followed As The World Turns on CBS was Password.
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