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Tuesday 8:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Nov 23, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • one of the best show i have ever seen

    i dont understand why people hate this show,this is one of best the shows i have ever seen.
  • Bad Show+Game doesn't work

    CN is the least to drop the ball. ON my list,it is the best network. However,this was a ball dropper. I mean,the show looks like an insult to the gaming industry,and to make up,they get a glitchy game that doesn't work.
  • Just a way to Mock MMO Gamers

    Keep in mind I barely saw the movie but just enough to know this was terrible. I am a World of Warcraft player and what I saw at the time was a way to make fun of us. All it was about was a bunch of kids who fought against characters from the game world who came to the real world. The characters acted really clumsy and it felt like a lame version of Power Rangers.
  • This show sucks

    No review for this because it sucks.
  • This is just an insult to gamers all around the world.

    I may not be an online gamer, but I still think this show is degrading in uninteresting to us gamers. I mean, a LIVE ACTION SHOW ON A CARTOON CHANNEL??? Luckily for us, we don't have to worry about this crap anymore because Stewart Snyder got FIRED!!! WOOHOO!
  • Dull. It falls flat on its back just during the trailers

    What a sleezy and poorly timed show. It feels like it`s outdated and not in the good way. I just think CN needs to stop doing live action shows for a while. I mean, it`s called CARTOON Network so why do they even bother making live action shows despite the title? No scence at that.

    Dear cartoon network, please make more shows like adventure time and regular show, don't make any more shitty live action shows ! These kind of shitty shows belong on the disney channel.

    So this show is basically about some horny teens playing horny video games, but then the horny characters from the horny games come to life. Yaaawwwwwn, BOOOOOOORING!!

    So what do I think of this show? Isn't it obvious by now - I HATE IT!!!! IT'S JUST A DULL AND STUPID SHOW!!!!! The show does have it's moments, but those moments are very very few and very very very very VERY far in between.

    Cartoon network, please cancel this show along with all the other live action shows. Nobody likes them. Also cancel johnny test, almost naked animals and ben 10 :omniverse. Nobody likes them either. .
  • What... the... FUCK?

    I hate this show almost as much as I hate the amazing world of gumball. This show has no creativity. They just recycled the average rumor of a video game and put it into TV. What sort of crap is THAT?
  • I've seen this before

    I really hated this show. I found nothing really to enjoy in it. The characters are generic at best. The story lines have been passed down throughout shows. I have seen half these plots from my babysitters a vampire only done better. And I think that show is bad. But now I have this imitator with worse jokes and a terrible script. Now to all the people reading this who like my babysitters a vampire. Thats your feeling towards the show but you can't tell me that this is good. 95% of the jokes in this fall flat. There was no sense of danger like a live action action show should have. Even if one of these characters died(it would never happen) I would feel nothing for them because I just don't care for the characters ion this. THere all annoying in the way that they just say your the jock your the nerds and the geek references are terrible. This week I've been watching a lot of tv to review but this show has been by far the worst. To the shows credit they have good CGI sometimes. But it's nothing you haven't seen before. This show is full of things you've seen done better.

    Edit: It got a third season great now we can expect a clone of the clone.
  • this just plains sucks.

    i would rather get the pecking order by mr popo while playing superman on the n64 while listening to justin beiber. nuff said.
  • Horrible show

    I remember this show, from a few months ago. I'd always see the commercials for it, and honestly, after watching the show, I never want to go back to it again. The visuals and acting are horrible. They butcher internet memes and it just comes off as unfunny. I'm glad that they took off this show that is a huge insult to gamers as myself. My overall score is 1.0. I am sad that I cannot make it .5 or even 0, because that's what this stupid show deserves. Let it rest in the past, and never let it resurrect again.
  • this show is, without a doubt, the worst show i've ever watched in my entire life

    note: this review is a long one, because i am taking the fans back to the past to enjoy some cartoon network shows that are from the 90s until 2009 before the main review of this show.

    a warning to all of the cartoon network fans:

    cartoon network became the best of all time in the 90's until 2004 because of dexter, dee dee, the ed boys, a man named johnny bravo who attempts to get a girl, a cowardly dog who lives in the middle of nowhere, a cow and a chicken who can talk, along with the idiotic baboon and a smart weasel, the cute and lovable superhero girls who fight crime in townsville, the five 10 year old kids who fight adults, and an idiot boy with the big nose who are friends with the grim reaper and an evil girl named mandy. as of 2004, it was a little disappointing the network revamped it's logo until they've revamped it again in the late 2000s, until 2009 is the day that cartoon network had a big decay. they've aired live action shows without transferring them to nickelodeon or disney.

    ok, now for the main review.

    this show is not a cartoon, like the other reviewers said. it is filled with god-awful jokes, frequent bullying, and annoying segments i have ever seen. like the others commented with a negative review, it should have been moved to nick or disney, because live action shows should not be on cartoon network. here are the rules that cartoon network should have been followed:

    1: the shows should be all cartoon.

    2: CGI is okay.

    3: no live action shows, because cartoon network is all cartoon.

    and concluding my review, please stay away from this show at all costs.

  • Offensive

    Offensive to gamers. Nuff said. Unfortunently 1 is the lowest I can rate it.
  • Review for Level Up

    This show is not good at all. Its weird to begin with. The actors for the show are horrible, its stupid, and iis making fun of gamers. Im a gamer and this show should be cancel. The overall for this horrible show is that it it.
  • Level Down!

    Stop insulting gamers, Cartoon Network and cancel this shit already!

    I thought that this channel was called CARTOON Network. I have never watched this show, but from promos, it looks horrible. Get it together, Cartoon Network. RIP Cartoon Network 1992-2008.
  • Disney Channel type Live-Action franchise comes to CN

    Level Up is another Live-action show on CN about a group of kids that play video games. Before I'll say anything I'll say I try my best to be professional and explain why I think the series isn't that good.

    Now there was an acquired live-action show similar to this that aired on CN back in 2006. It was called Zixx: Level One, It had a premise similar to this, A live-action show with bunch of kids play in a video games. It had 3D graphics. That itself had a premise similar to an animated series Code Lyoko. Now I don't want to get mad and get on top of this by saying it copies this or that, but the idea has been used before.

    Now the show is created by one of the producers of Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. This explains why the acting can be rather cheesy and the "random" humor. Now some may like stuff like that. I feel like Live-action shows, especially Disney style Live-action shows don't belong on Cartoon Network.

    CN has really tried their best to get a live-action show popular on their channel. I'm honestly surprised that Cartoon Network would have a movie and an online game to boost the franchise and the ratings are still nowhere close to their Monday night comedies. From looking at the ratings information it's not popular with kids or adults. The people who made the show could have pitched it to a different channel where it could have been popular and off of Cartoon Network where it is an annoyance.
  • I hate it

    Okay everyone has there opinion, so heres mine be patient, to kids who like it keep watching it cause you wont know how me and other 90's kids feel until you guys are our age, now yes I change the channel when this show comes on cause in my opinion this show is tasteless, I'm just waiting until its gone.
  • I thought this was called CARTOON network.

    *sigh* we want the 90's back and cartoon network keeps going like /watch?v=gvdf5n-zI14
  • A Fun Show for Kids

    I don't quite get why everyone is so negative about this show, I really enjoy it! Its quirky, silly and a whole lot of fun. Its a perfect show for young kids and I think that is who Cartoon Network is intending this show to be for.

    As for it not being a cartoon, all of the kids channels have been going towards more live action programming and why not Cartoon Network?

    I say give it a shot. Actually watch it. And just enjoy this zany comedy about out of this world madness!
  • Nope.

    You know that show Big Bang Theory, about those people obsessed with comics and video games? Yeah, great show! So how 'bout we take that same concept, take all the humor out of it, add a ridiculous plot about video game villains escaping into the real world, force the cast to perform ridiculous emotion, and make a show out of our new found crap? And now we have Level Up. Yeah, it's not a good show by any stretch. Not even mediocre. It just plain sucks. I mean this might be the dumbest show I've ever seen! It completely disgraces the entire community of gamers out there who thought this show might be a remotely fun tribute to them. It just makes them seem like bumbling douche-bags. Well done Level Up, you managed to fail even your target audience.
  • Terrible show

    This show is a piece of shit, pardon my french, but it needs to be said about this horrible disgrace of a show. one thing about it is, it's about people who play waaaaay too many video games and fight video game monsters, and their called nerds. I know a bunch of kids who play on football teams at my high school who play a lot of video games. it's terrible. and plus, it's live action and it's on CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!! it's on the wrong channel. It doesn't belong on CARTOON NETWORK cause it's not a cartoon. the only reason it's not getting canceled is because kids today are stupid enough to watch this crap. if it aired on Nickelodeon or Disney channel, that would be fine, it would still be terrible, but at least it would be on a channel where they don't claim they only show cartoons. I wonder, do the people who work there today do drugs? cause they claim they're the place for cartoons, but they air live action shows. sure, level up is the only live action show on cartoon network today, but it's terrible and needs to be canceled ASAP so they can be CARTOON NETWORK again. Don't bother watching Level Up, it's sucks ass.
  • Pretty bad

    Never thought how easy it was to get on television these days as a writer amirite?
  • tv just isn't what is supposed to be

    after reading most of the reviews i decided to watch 3 episodes of this show, being an avid gamer one would think i would like this show right? Well... no this show really hopped on the big bang theory bandwagon by taking a popular part of nerd culture and using it as a plot for a show which just doesn't work. It doesn't work because a lot of these plots just felt like a bunch of executives in a room saying "ok so what do we know about nerds? MMORPGs? Yes! and has anyone played one? no. Its fine lets just use that one episode of south park as a template. What else? socially inept? LOVE IT. anything else? internet memes. PREFECT. but sir which ones do we use? Doesn't matter whatever makes me money." Now for those saying "oh its a kids show meaning you as a teen shouldn't like it." well that shouldn't matter, kid shows if done well enough can appeal to everyone and cartoon network has had a wonderful track record of shows that did this like Batman, Superman, Samurai Jack, Megas XLR,Sym-bionic Titan, and recently Adventure Time and Regular Show. This show basically shows that if you have a beloved fan base to your network they expect a certain area of quality and if your going to try and stem out your programming beyond its original purpose give it the same level of quality your other shows have. This means don't talk down to your viewers and CERTAINLY do not jump on the band wagon (i realize im contradicting myself by giving a negative review but i actually explained why this show doesn't work through multiple reasons and examples, thank you.)
  • Level up sucks

    Ouch cartoonnetwork what were you thinking get rid of this show this is Horrible who agrees cn needs to get Rid of this show it so uncool and makes us look bad I can't stand the acting its so bad I could throw up when you Watch this Rember get a bag and barf in it because this show is Horrible who agrees
  • Horrible

    There was series from Jetix that was basically the same shit. I don't rememver the name, but it was way cooler than this
  • This is what we get?

    I'm upset that this show even exists. I'm a very young video game designer and this is what I have to rant- I MEAN say about this.

    Basically the show consists of ghetto internet meme jokes, and the horrendous visual 3D effects. The internet jokes are usually unfunny rip-offs of rage, fail, LOL (Laughing Out Loud), and more. And the visual effects are unbelievable, as in bad.

    One sample of their "jokes" are, "Total epic failure" said in a corny monotone voice. What made the joke bad was too much was added onto it. The "Tot Honestly it was so bad, it was laughable.

    On another note, the effects are so cheesy! Just because you add a small blur effect and a few glossy glares onto your 3D model doesn't mean they're good. The animations aren't convincing at all.

    Seriously Cartoon Network? What is this... this... crap? And... you are still making more of it even when well over half of your audience doesn't want to be treated as if they're mentally challenged 6 year olds?
  • not great, but not terrible

    i hate the movie, but the series is so much better. i do agree that this shouldnt be on CARTOON network. they should really add some more jokes in here, there are only like two or three episodes that i actually like, the rest are ok. even though some of the stuff in there is horrible, i still find it enjoyable to watch and i still look foward to new episodes
  • One level down for being the ONLY Cartoon Network live action show right now

    Four very different high school teenagers battle trolls, ghouls and a dark leader of them named Maldark in a video game that goes haywire and releases the battle into the real world. Ugh...this show sucks like dogs do. As I put in my introit is one level down for the being the only live action show on cN. Once its gone I hope the network is back to its good days so that the people can like it more than they do in the last few years.To be honest, its looks interest for a plot but its fail to do so due to being Cartoon Network. I would rather see the negative comments of Regular Show (idiots btw) than to see this.Nickeldoen could have picked it by. it looks suitable on that channel and then Cartoon network is back to its good days (even though it still has the terrible MAD, the annoying orange, and the now mediocre and overrated Adventure Time) if this show is taken off on Cn. Overall, another disgrace to the channel.1/10
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